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  1. Will there be more compilations like First Scroll?
  2. I was just wondering if First Scroll was a stand alone compilation or if FFG would release others for each storyline (First Scroll covers the Core Set period). Was there any indication that they would make more?
  3. Oh my... I have the same problem. Always trying to create family decks (Utaku deck, Matsu deck,...) or themed decks (Phoenix novella deck, Imperial deck,...), so I know your frustration. First, keep playing with those decks. You will get good with them and eventually win. Also, they are decks people are not expecting, so you have the surprise on your side. Secondly, on the Taka deck, the problem I think is that we don't have that much sacrifice cards that would make it great (together with Yasuki Broker!). But it will increase - there will be a new cycle and a whole clan pack for Crab, hopefully some new sacrifices. If their new stronghold has a sacrifice action (it is probable, I think), then your deck will be perfect.
  4. I don't think there is. MAYBE "Try Again Tomorrow" is referencing the meeting between Yasuki Taka and Kakita Yoshi. However both clans have cards that are linked: "Storied Defeat" and "Magnificent Triumph". I think they might be a reference to a story moment that is yet to come.
  5. I had an idea that Kolat cards could be cards that really mess with the meta and rules, but that they are not favorable to any particular player (although the player who puts it into his deck would probably know how to play around it). Also, I'm using the sect names after the Clan Wars in the OL5R, as I think they are more interesting. I'm just assuming that in the new L5R, they could have changed these titles to be used before the Clan Wars as well. *Master Chrysanthemum Unique Neutral Dinasty character - cost 4 3 MIL / 4 POL / 0 Glory Kolat. The Imperial Favor cannot be claimed Forced Reaction: When this character is played or put into play - the controller of the Imperial Favor discards it. *Master Coin Unique Neutral Dinasty character - cost 3 2 MIL / 4 POL / 0 Glory Kolat. Players do not gain one fate for passing first during the dinasty phase. Forced Reaction: At the end of the conflict phase - each player loses 1 fate. *Master Jade Unique Neutral Dinasty character - cost 3 2 MIL / 2 POL / 0 Glory Kolat. Ring effects are not resolved when they are claimed. During the fate phase do not place fate on unclaimed rings. *Master Steel Unique Neutral Dinasty character - cost 3 3 MIL / 0 POL / 0 Glory Kolat. Each player may choose to declare 2 MIL conflicts or 2 POL conflicts (instead of 1 MIL conflict and one political conflict). Forced Reaction: When a player loses a conflict as an attacking player - that player loses 2 honor. (Unlimited) *Master Lotus Unique Neutral Dinasty character - cost 3 Kolat. 3 MIL / 1 POL / 0 Glory During the regroup phase, each player must discard each faceup card on his or her provinces. During the dinasty phase, each player only turns up two facedown dynasty card in each of his or her provinces faceup. *Master Silk Unique Neutral Dinasty character - cost 3 Kolat. 2 MIL / 2 POL / 0 Glory During the draw phase, each player may not select a number higher than 2 during the honor bid. Forced Reaction: At the beginning of the fate phase - each player chooses and discard one card from his or her hand.
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