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  1. apparently, I was wrong about one thing... in Fallout 3, while Fawkes does suggest he is female in his dialogues, the creators admitted that was a mistake and they clearly intended for Fawkes to be a male
  2. is there a rules discussion forum for these games? I don't see them on the list. I know they are from back in like, 2010 or something, but the games do say "FFG" on them and they have the logo. . .
  3. I'm gonna reply again and admit that I'm actually wrong. I was trying to interpret the spirit of the idea of how when you level up, because it should take longer to level up again, that you pause the xp gains in the middle. however there actually IS a specific spot in the rules book that actually specifies the exact procedure. on page 14 of the blue covered "rules reference" book, under the header for "XP" it says "when a survivor gains multiple XP, he or she moves the peg for ALL gained xp, THEN performs the steps for each level gained during the process" so, I was wrong. you allply all the xp first, and then apply the level ups, which could cause you to level up slightly faster. which IMO is not really that game breaking, since you are limited on the xp you might gain each turn, it's not likely that you will level up more than once or twice, and you might skip maybe 1-2 holes maximum.
  4. actually, after google searching and I finding out what vault 68 and (its counterpart) 69 are, I suspect that it is a misprint.... which leads to another question. If they do a reprint and fix this mistake in the future, do you think the copies with the misprint might be worth more to a collector? that is, if this game somehow becomes a collector's item?
  5. not to beat a dead horse...and please don't take this the wrong way. I'm not deliberately being antagonistic but I play a lot of board games with a lot of different people at a local venue, so i often end up at tables with people I never played with before. I constantly end up in this kind of discussion because there is ALMOST ALWAYS someone at the table who tries to twist the contextual meaning of a card to fit their interpretation. like they will continue to ignore one of the operative words, reading the card verbatim again and again while "conveniently" leaving out that one word so that it changes the meaning to fit how they think it should works, despite me repeatedly hammering it into them that they left out a word and then they get agitated, telling me to stop repeating it, but then every time they go to read they continue to ignore the wording. I'm not saying that YOU are one of those players just that the operative words there are "discard" "to do" (this thing) granted, fistful of caps says "discard this card, then gain 3 caps", so I acknowledge, that card might not be a good parallel, I'll admit, I did not notice it says "event" at the top of the card. I just was always playing it that way, that when you draw it, you discard it, then take the caps. but addictiol says "during your turn, you may discard this card to lose addicted" it says "discard to lose addicted" it doesn't lay out any other special conditions like "it must be in your inventory before you discard it at the time you choose to discard it to lose addicted" let's break this down first it says "during your turn" at the time you pick it up, it is still your turn, so why shouldn't this condition be considered to be met? it is during my turn. then it say "you may", meaning that you have the option to discard it at any time during your turn, not "at the beginning of your turn" like the faction agenda cards say, just "during your turn, you may" "discard it to lose addicted" which implies a cause and effect,that when you discard it, you lose addicted. that the "effect" is "caused" by the act of "discarding" it. why should it be ruled that just because you are unable to add it to your inventory first before you discarded it, that now you can't apply the effect. you "discarded it during your turn" so you ought to get to "do the thing" so, as far as I'm concerned, you met ALL the conditions written on the card to get the full effect. p.s. I do agree with your logic, that if everyone at the table can come to an agreement on how something should work, even if it is the wrong interpretation, as long as everyone agrees and applies it consistently, then it IS fair.
  6. good job, i have no idea how you guys get such delicate detail with such tiny figures. although, my main concern with trying to paint my minis is that i might ruin the collectible value of the game. the game itself is like a work of art and if someone were to buy it from me at a later date, they might not appreciate my interpretation of how the characters should look...
  7. thanks for that, i did not realize that the rad damage was static. I interpreted it as being multiplied per hit, just like the damage, which would actually have been way more brutal than your interpretation, because the way i originalky interpreted it, a person could get REALLY bad rolls and possibly end up taking 6-7 hits and against a level 3 radioactive enemy, that would be instant permadeth elimination.
  8. the game would end eventually, because whenever you completely cycle through the agenda cards and have to reshuffle them, the factions move forward. so even if you stall, the game will end, and if nobody has themrequired influence when that happens, everyone loses
  9. it says in the rulebook somewhere, that if you have to “draw and fight” a monster and lose, it is considered a “fail”condition. although, i guess that does not answer the question here, as you drew arrows. the way i’m seeing it, those things you are pointing to are not “conditions” but “results”, everything in those “results” happens regardless. so if you “lose” the fight on the left, you still stage quest 004 and you still become vilified and and you still trash that card. now what further compounds the one in the left is that YOU are not fighting that monster, the person you sent it after is fighting it and if they lose to it, that has no impact on you. and then on the card on the right, you would get the loot, then add 002, then become vilified, then draw and fight, then trash the card regardless. however...now i’m looking at option 1 on the left, it says “rush in and kill the critters” and im the results it says draw and fight, then get loot, then become idolized. and it looks to me that the intent is that you have to “win” the fight to claim the loot. so now I dunno. umless maybe it is like, the critter attacks and if you lose, it goes away and then you still get the stuff? because in the rules book it says that when you draw and fight, the enemy always disappears afterward, even if you lose, it does not stay on the board. of course if you get killed by it, you are gonna possibly lose the loot anyway...
  10. from the blue covered rules reference, it says “if you draw loot cards in excess of your limit, you must discard down to your limit” addictol says “you may discard this card to lose the addicted trait” the operative word here is “discard”. i would interpret that as meaning that when you pick up the addictol, you “discard” it, which would also mean you apply its effect. I’m pretty sure that the intent here is not for you to get hopelessly, permanently addicted beyond redemption, just by virtue of not having enough backpack space to hold the addictol for the 2 seconds it takes to draw a puff from the inhaler... it’s not like the chem bottles are glued to your hands like cursed items in D&D preventing you from picking other stuff up and handling it. again, yeah, i’m interpreting the “spirit” of it. in the video games, addiction is easily cured by the use of addictol or a doctor visit. it is impossible to become permanently addicted in the video game. although, i do concede that there is the whole storyline with Cait, where she actually IS hopelessly addicted and the only way to cure her is to bring her to this experimental machine that might kill her and you can use it on her to cure her addiction, but for the most part, i believe it was in the “spirit”of the item to allow you to use it on pickup without having to “add it to your inventory first” just like with the fistful of caps, which is not an “item” per se, as you are instructed to immediately “discard” it and apply the effect which is to give you 3 caps. if you are going to rule that a player must first add the addictol to their inventory first in order to then “discard” it to apply it’s effect, then you must be consistent across the board and require a player to have an empty inventory slot to first place the fistful of caps in, before they can discard it to gain the 3 caps. meaning that if they have 3 items, they have to either throw an item away or throw the caps away which makes no sense...
  11. eviltwin61878

    vault 68?

    i noticed that on Preston Garvey’s card, it says “if there is not a vault 68 or 109 deck, keep this card when it unexhausts” but i see no vault 68 deck, nor do i see a vault 68 on any hex. is this placeholder text for a future expansion?
  12. I assumed that it would bump up your xp to the first empty peg, as if you had “just leveled up”. which would mean the optimal time to use this perk it is at the exact moment you picked it up, because you most likely would be at only the first or second peg. although, I myself would probably try to grab the perk early in the game and then sit in it for a while, so that way, i can level up a couple of times while it is still easy to level up and then use it at a more optimal time...with the added bonus that it keeps the perk out of the hands of your opponents... as for my interpretation, I’ve mentikned before, the “spirit” of the power and in the video game, the swift learner perk is picked at the moment you level up, and then it instantly levels you up again. another example might be to look at a tabletop rpg such as 5th edition D&D at certain levels, you can use “downtime days” to bump yourself up a level, into the next “tier” of play, essentially skipping having to play through that level. the main purpose of this is to “catch up” if you missed a session and your party jumped ahead of you. one such level is level 4. when you reach level 4 can spend your “downtime” to level up to 5. when it happens, you automatically gain “just enough “ xp to bring you to level 5, no more, no less. i.e. you need 2700 to reach lvl 4, and 6500 to be lvl 5. if you have 3350 xp and decide to “catch up”, it would bump you up exactly to 6500 xp, “just enough” to reach level 5 its similar to 2nd edition when an undead enemy hit you with an attack that could cause “level drain” your xp would drop to the minimum you needed to be the previous level, like if you were level 5 and had 35,000 xp and got drained down to level 4, and level 4 needed exactly 16,000 xp, your xp would be reset to that amount. which would be horrible if you were must about to reach level 6 and were only a few hundred xp away and the got hit with level drain, you would drop all the way back down to the start of level 4 again...which is why I never used level drain attacks when i was the DM... although, i suppose i could be wrong about the “spirit interpretation “, i was wrong before
  13. not to be nitpicky, but how did this happen? because quest 19 is for the fallout 4 scenario while quest 98 is for the fallout 3 scenario... unless i’m missing something? i assumed that quest 98 was worded such, so that 9 times out of 10, “the bomb” would end up on the settlement of Megaton. although, i guess if they intended it to be on Megaton, they would have said Megaton? i guess the same quests can pop up in different scenarios?
  14. in the first game I actually played with other people. it was observed that people were getting annoyed by the slow pace of the game. the fact that each player only gets a maximum of 2 actions per turn was frustrating, because like, if one of us wanted to explore a certain ruin, we would frequently find ourselves exactly 3 spaces away and then we would have to use up both of our actions just to get there only to have to wait until the next turn to draw the encounter card. same thing with quests that required a quest action, frequently, we would end up having to wait until the next turn to perform the quest action. another annoyance is something like..the raider camp. I have to spend a movement to get there and there's a raider on it, I have to spend an action to kill the raider, it immediately respawns on the spot upside down and then my turn is over, and then in between the turns, an agenda card activates the raider, flipping him back over and now when it gets back to my turn, I have to spend ANOTHER action to kill the new raider, then spawn yet another raider in upside down, and finally I can encounter the raider camp and draw a card. I see why they did this, it was to try and give the other players a chance to reach a quest objective first and get it before the other player. I know that there is the action boy/girl perk to gain an extra 2 actions but only one person can ever hold that at any given time and it can be tricky to get your hands on it, you have to level up at just the right time and then draw the right letter. one player suggested that it would have been nice if we had more action points or something like the original fallout games where you could have between 1-10 action points depending on what your stats and equipment were. would it break the game if we house ruled it in that everyone gets 3 actions per turn? or maybe that if someone were to have an "A", then it allows them to move 1 extra space per turn? I mean, the BOS Outcast seems to be at a clear disadvantage in this situation, yeah I know that the outcast can spend 1 cap to get their full movement and I guess it is assumed that they will be killing more enemies and therefore getting more loot and therefore getting more caps, but still, +1 movement for having the "A" would be nice. and the other thing is that, we sit there for 4 hours playing the game and then time runs out because the factions reach the bottom of the chart, but we didn't even get through all the storyline quests because it takes too long to cross the map. I know its 'my" game and I can make any house rule I want but I just want to know what ya's think, would it break the game to give everyone more actions or movement points per turn? having 3 actions would get us to quest objectives more quickly and allow us to actually "see" all the content... (someone even suggested not even playing with the faction timer but then I was like...then how do we know when the game ends? I know there are the influence cards and that's how you know who wins but most of them are tied to the faction meter...)
  15. so, the text on most of the "chems" such as Buffout, Mentats and Jet say something to the effect of "exhaust this during a fight or test involving (these 2 special stats) to add 1 hit." that leads to a question later then it says "make an E3 check, if you fail, you become addicted" (which makes sense, I have no confusion here) but first question, after that text, it then says "if you are addicted, you may not discard this and it costs caps to unexhaust" so , does this mean that if I am not addicted, I have to discard this card when I use it? or does it mean that normally, i would have the option to discard it if I had too many cards but if I become addicted and my inventory is full, I have to discard a non-chem card because I'm addicted and refuse to let go of the chems? does it mean that if I am not addicted, I keep the chem card exhausted and then I can unexhaust it for free when I camp, as in, I can use it over and over for free as long as I am not addicted? which leads to another odd question as what if I am addicted and I am already holding 3 chems and I draw another chem, I am now carrying too many cards and must discard one and yet technically not allowed to discard any of them, would I then just pick one and discard it? next question is regarding the text "during a fight or test involving special stats" I understand the tests, because every test always involves one or more special stats but when does a fight involve a special stat? i thought a fight was a fight was a fight. so, does that mean that if you have a weapon with a particular stat, THEN and ONLY THEN, you can use it? example : Buffout says "during a fight involving S or E, you may exhaust this to add 1 hit" when is a fight considered to be such that it "involves S or E"? do I have to be equipped with like, the wastelander's tire iron which has "S" on it in order to use the buffout for that fight? if I'm equipped with the tire iron but I don't have "S" on my character board and am therefore unable to use the reroll with the weapon, am I still allowed to use the Buffout? I guess that would also mean that I would need a weapon that uses "I" like the laser pistol in order to use the mentats in a fight?
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