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  1. I've just played 1 game. But my CR-90 cleaned up the Raider. Was able to get a Range 1 broadside. 5 dice primary followed up by 4 3 dice point defense batteries. I"m not sure if Turbolaser batteries are worth it in a CR-90. You already get Range 4 primaries.
  2. I agree. I think every four months would be much better than twice a year.
  3. So does precision shot apply similar to reinforce? The attacker must be completely in the specified arc? Or just as long as any part of the attacker is in the arc it applies?
  4. So FFG shouldn't do something because it makes some people jealous?! Good God, grow up! I just wasted 30 minutes of my life reading this stupid thread. It was like train wreck. I couldn't turn away.
  5. The way you fly it depends on what you are facing. I've got two main openings. One that after the first turn I have a 2x2 block and a more spread out formation. Use Heff as your blocker. Make sure Benthic doesn't get blocked and protect your Leia carrier. Its a damage race against most list. Against aces you have to spread your arcs out more to pressure them..
  6. Take R3 off Thayne and give Wedge Swarm tactics.
  7. Ahh, reroll the reroll. That’s what I missed.
  8. What is the rationale for both the title and Jyn Eros?
  9. You are correct sir. The only “real” Han. Rebel Han.
  10. I like it. When I first started it up the bottom half of the scores were cut off. After fiddling a little bit I figured out it was because I had my “text size” larger under display preferences. I’m on iPhone. So maybe increase your window size for larger dynamic text.
  11. I like torrents. If your opponent ignores them they are a PITA with blocking and plinking. If your opponent goes after them then congrats, your opponent got 25 points while your late game ship is still undamaged and doing its’ thing.
  12. 1. Pick a faction. 2. Pick a competitive list within that faction. 3. Play that list 20 times. It’s ok to make small changes to the list. I found that when I dialed down on a faction I got a lot better. Then repeat with a different list or different faction. I see too many new people jumping from list to list so they never figure anything out. And.... its ok to not get arc on somebody....as long as your not getting shot at. Sometime the best move doesn’t get you a shot.
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