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  1. 8 Snapshot Colossus Station Mechanics. 40 Hull, 16-32 Red Dice, all with Disarm-removable SLAM sounds like a winner to me. If not that, then probably Viper spam or Drea + Mooks spam.
  2. I used to have fun using Freighter Captain as an ionizing blocker with 4-LOM + Static Discharge Vanes, but 4-LOM + SDV + Ion Cannon Nom Lumb I think completely outclasses it nowadays as it is cheaper, can ionize large bases more easily, and ionize 2 ships by itself without too much difficulty. Right now Freighter Captain and L3-37 feel overcosted next to the cheaper and improved Cannon Jumpmasters. I personally would utilize Han as support first and offense second, either with just Mag Pulse as mentioned by others, or Hotshot Gunner with 4-LOM + SDV (prevent use of a focus/calculate token, strip it, then if there's an enemy small base at Range 1, ionize it), Trick Shot and/or title as optional upgrades. A Lando build I've always wanted to try but have yet to is a Jabba-netics build with Han Gunner, Concussion Missiles, Title and either Trick Shot or Outmaneuver. It's a bit pricey at about 80 points, but for 5 turns you always have Focus, have a completely open dial, can plow through Debris without much worry, can boost freely without paying for Engine Upgrade, and get to pummel the enemy with double modded Concussion Missiles or boosted primary shots.
  3. Seconded. Don't forget about Brilliant Evasion and Stealth Device. Below is the math behind 10 focused 3-dice primary attacks against a Luke with Brilliant Evasion + Stealth Device + Evade Token. Odds are in favor of Luke surviving.
  4. Har har. Adapted to sensible game mechanics, those could actually work. Something like: "After you perform a maneuver, if there is an enemy ship in your rear arc, you may perform a boost action, treating it as red" or "After you perform a maneuver, you may suffer 1 damage to perform a boost action" Or they could just use T-70 Poe's ability.
  5. Not everyone, the StarViper pilots I asked for would likely all be in the I3-I4 range, and Scum YT-2400 would come mostly with low initiative pilots outside of Dash, and there wouldn't be any force users for either the Viper or 2400. I think the problem with everybody wanting aces or force users is everyone here understands that competitively, force-less named pilots at I4 or lower tend to be on the bottom end of competitive viability. How many Garvens or Jeks do you see compared to generics, Wedges, Lukes and Thanes? Or Turrs vs. Soontirs? Zertiks and Veds vs. Maareks and Vaders? People want viable pilots for ships they love, and I5+ or force practically guarantees that. Otherwise they have to hope the pilot is aggressively costed or has a strong enough ability to make up for middling initiative. I4 can be pretty nice when the meta has lots of I3s, but paying for I4 can easily be wasted if the other side brings all low initiative generics or I5+ aces, and that uncertainty and potential waste will make players question their value.
  6. I'll take all the StarVipers they can give me. Thweek, Savan, Black Sun Vigos, or anything else they can think of. Getting more pilots for the Kimogila, Scum Z-95 or Scum Y-Wing would be nice, but a Scum YT-2400 would be my second pick. Scum would be able to utilize it far better than Rebels could, with Han gunner providing the action economy the Rebel YTs lack, 4-LOM shutting down green tokens and making that potentially double modded 4-dice primary REALLY hurt, and would have the option to run SDV alongside 4-LOM to deal with high initiative ships that dare to dash into Range 1. Dash and Leebo were smugglers and wouldn't be out of place in Scum, Eaden Vrill could make a comeback, and there's new canon characters that they could use to add more canon pilots and titles.
  7. If it's cheap enough, perhaps Y-Wing R2-D2 might use it as a budget VTG? Linked rotate into Focus could be kind of handy especially on a pilot that can't Focus normally, and R2's calculate from its pilot ability gives the primary attack a mod and lets it hold on to the Focus token for the Ghost Company bonus turret attack.
  8. I thought it was odd that First Order was getting a new ship while Resistance was being left out, so it makes a lot of sense that the Resistance was getting an Aces pack instead. Heroes of the Resistance 2.0 - Electric Boogaloo seems super likely to get the Resistance YT-1300 in 2.0. Poe and Lando pilots with Wedge gunner provides plenty of new star power, and brings Rey, Han, Chewie and C-3PO into Hyperspace. And with triple Resistance YT-1300s being legal, those that have a converted 1.0 Resistance Falcon (like myself) would have a reason to want more than 1.
  9. For fun I decided to see if you could fly a Vari-A-Ball list for real, and it actually fits together! Sadly not the actual pilots you have therethough. The generics for the 6 add up to 190 points total, which left me a little bit of room for upgrades, and went with Passive Sensors on the x1 and Proximity Mines on the /sa. It actually looks passable as a list and fun to boot, I think I'll take it to my next game. Thanks for inspiring a new list for me to fly! https://raithos.github.io/?f=Galactic Empire&d=v8ZsZ200Z202XWWY178X240WWY208XWWWW70WWY182XWY213XWWY229X&sn=Vari-A-Ball Squadron&obs=
  10. When you have two rounds of 2 of your opponent's 3 ships unable to avoid eating 2 bomblets each round 😄 TrajSim Bomblet Paige can be brutal if your opponent can't avoid the double bomblet launch, and the StarFortress in general is the tankiest ride for Holdo and her new cloak passing shenanigans the Fireball has enabled. If you haven't used Holdo on a StarFortress, you might want to try it. Reloading and shooting in the same turn, shedding stress to remain in place and being cloaked until just before your turn to shoot is fun.
  11. From one Scum player to another... absolutely get one. The jank is strong in this one. I'm not a fan of the Swarm Tactics lists because of the range 1 requirement pressuring your ships to be even closer and predictable, particularly when it's on an arc dodger that would rather not baby sit an I1 that's going to have a clear range 1 bubble that the Swarm Tactics carrier needs to be in. I personally would rather have a loose range 2 bubble that only needs any ship in range 2 to work with rather than needing a specific ship at range 1. I was able to get a game with Paige, Zizi, Tallisan and Yeager. The enemy brought a tanky Assaj and Maul+Sabine combo with Serissu adding defensive rerolls on top, but unfortunately for my opponent bombs don't care about defense dice. Worse, unfortunate maneuvering lead to both Lancers eating double stacked bomblets twice, inflicting massive damage despite their defenses. Holdo was great, playing hot potato with the Cloak token to either make one of my aces super dodgy or sacrifice Paige's shot to better withstand all the enemy guns pointed at her, or simply managing Focus/Stress tokens. Following the Bomblets inflicting massive damage, my ships pretty quickly finished off the opposition while only yielding half points from Yeager very late into the game. A very successful first showing for Holdo jank, and even without the cloaking trick, I now strongly believe any StarFortress without Holdo is built wrong. Being able to park the StarFortress continually (which led to me nailing both Lancers with a total of 4 bomblets each over 2 turns without hitting my own bombs), ditch Disarm tokens to reload AND shoot, and exploit cloak to reinforce its defenses is too good to pass up. Of course, in time the aluminum fall can or space couch might prove to be more efficient carriers than the StarFortress, but at the moment I'm greatly enjoying the newly armed and fully operational bombing station.
  12. I dunno about Vennie, Vennie is I2 and only has Ronith Blario for an ally I2 turret ship. Vennie wants turret arcs, but the cloak shenanigans wants the cloaker to shoot after all the opponent's ships or for as many of your ships as possible to be the same initiative so you can constantly pass the cloak token back and forth without anyone having to be disarmed during engagement. Vennie + Colossus Mechanic + Ronith + Lieutenant Bastion or Finn all fit with plenty of points to spare and are all I2, though Ronith would be the only one to provide Vennie's bonus focus on defense. Might work out? Paige though looks pretty great. Paige can already TrajSim double bomblets and spend a shield to recover both without taking an action or disarm token, Holdo adds a cloak token to the mix that can make Paige an absolute jousting monster. Paige + Yeager + Talli + Zizi can squeeze together with some upgrades, and has pros to both having and not having initiative. If they have I5s and you have initiative, you engage first, and if the token is in the right spot at the time, you can have a ship that's in the most danger take their shot and be given the cloak right before they get shot at. If you don't, then you move second and your aces get to react to your opponents I5s. This lessens the need for a bid, so spending all 200 points can be perfectly fine. Paige + Yeager + Rey can work similarly, with Paige and Rey taking turns being nigh-indestructible juggernauts. Of course, cloak juggling doesn't require a StarFortress, so you can opt for builds that ditch it entirely. You could team Cloaking Yeager with Rey carrying Holdo and Nien or a pair of I5 A-Wings, or Kaz with a bunch of I4s, or Cloaking R1-J5 with 3 Blue Squadrons and a space couch for Holdo, or a Cloaking Mechanic with a Finn/Bastion/Nodin/Ronith salad squad, etc. Edit: I felt like building that I2 salad list, enjoy! Colossus Station Mechanic (26) Cloaking Device (4) Total: 30 Finn (29) Heroic (1) Perceptive Co-pilot (8) Total: 38 Lieutenant Bastion (47) Integrated S-Foils (0) Total: 47 Nodin Chavdri (36) Amilyn Holdo (8) Larma D'Acy (4) R4 Astromech (2) Total: 50 Ronith Blario (34) Heroic (1) Total: 35 List Total: 200 https://raithos.github.io/?f=Resistance&d=v8ZsZ200Z380XWW91WWWY350X172WW54WY254XWW175WWWY352XWWW242W243W5WY388X172WW&sn=Holdo Salad&obs= Finn and Bastion provide the heavy hitting, Mechanic provides the cloak, Ronith can focus on blocking and shooting last to eat up unused Focus tokens, and Nodin gets Larma and R4 to make it possible to stack Stress while still getting an open dial and Coordinate actions, and of course Holdo to juggle the cloak token (among others).
  13. The StarFortress says otherwise. It has not had a 2.0 re-release yet we have Paige as a pilot. So while card packs will probably favor 2.0 released ships, there's not reason they can't be peppered with new pilots for conversion only ships like the StarFortress. There's also the potential of cross-faction pilots to expand the options for "2.0 releases only". For example, the N-1 could have Leia, Shara Bey or Queen Soruna as Rebel N-1 pilots, or Leema Kai as a First Order pilot with a bomb slot instead of torpedo slot, which would give FO access to bombs while they wait for the FO Bomber to release. As for what I'd want to see most for each faction: Rebels: Either General Merrick X-Wing pilot or Leia N-1 pilot. Imperials: Dark Curse TIE Fighter pilot. He was one of my favorite TIE pilots in 1.0 and I was sad he didn't make the transition. Scum: Thweek, Savan or Black Sun Vigo StarViper pilot. Or anything else they can come up with. I'll take any Viper pilots they give me! If they can't do that, then points drop for the existing I4s would be nice. In no world is Xizor worth as much as an Outmaneuver Assassin, and Dalan is questionable. Resistance: Lando Falcon pilot. 'Nuff said. First Order: Leema Kai N-1 pilot (bomb slot over torpedo) - Bombs for the First Order! Republic: R3-S6 astromech, preferably dirt cheap with a decent benefit but allows your opponent to trigger negative effects through R3. Just a fun flavorful thing. Separatists: Drawing blanks here...
  14. Jarek Yeager (33) Heroic (1) Cloaking Device (4) Kaz's Fireball (2) Total: 40 Zizi Tlo (40) Heroic (1) Crack Shot (1) Advanced Optics (4) Total: 46 Tallissan Lintra (36) Heroic (1) Crack Shot (1) Total: 38 Cobalt Squadron Bomber (52) Trajectory Simulator (6) Amilyn Holdo (8) Proton Bombs (5) Total: 71 List Total: 195 https://raithos.github.io/?f=Resistance&d=v8ZsZ200Z377X172WWW91WWW315Y387X172W116WW186Y240X172W116WWY260X114WW242WWW69WW&sn=Holdo-n%20to%20your%20Cloak%20Tokens&obs= Something I came up with and brought up in the Fireball appreciation thread. The Illicit slot gives the Fireball something Resistance didn't have access to before: cloak tokens. Holdo has the following text: "Before you engage, you may choose another friendly ship at range 1-2. You may transfer to that ship 1 token of a type that ship does not have. That ship may transfer 1 token to you of a type you do not have." My dirty Scum shenanigan senses detected shenanigans. I went through the rules and I did not see anything that prevented a cloak token from being transferred. Which means, there's nothing preventing you passing a cloak token to ANY ship in your Resistance list, all you need is a ship to carry Holdo and another to carry a Cloaking Device (R1-J5 can do both at once). Holdo's ability also triggers before you engage, which means she can relocate cloak or disarm tokens to a ship that has already engaged. All of this together means Yeager can cloak, Holdo can take the cloak token to cloak her bomber, and then when the first round of combat actually happens, she is sitting on a tanky 9 Hull, 3 Shields, 3 Evade fortress that can suddenly ditch her cloak token at I1 AFTER everything has shot to take a shot of her own, and possibly grab an unspent Focus token too if she had to spend her own or she took a Target Lock instead. Good luck alpha-striking that. Or she can just stay cloaked and drop/launch bombs every single turn. And then when she starts running low on bombs, she doesn't even need to stop shooting to reload. She can reload, and at engagement just ditch her disarm and get her hands on a nearby unspent Focus token, shoot, and have another bomb ready for next turn. On top of that, she gets to support her aces by sucking up stress and ion tokens too, and the receiver of the cloak token she ditches gets to abuse it afterwards. Yeager can grab Disabled Power Regulator and abuse Explosion with Wings freely as long as Holdo is nearby to sponge the ion token at engagement. edit: forgot that DPR doesn't repair until the ship performs an Ion maneuver, so you can only delay the ion token with Holdo. Advanced Optics Zizi and Tallissan round out the list, with the former providing the best odds of having an unspent Focus token for Holdo to grab, freeing her ship to take a non-Focus action while still getting to mod its shots (or TL and try to get double mods).
  15. Wait a minute, THAT was what Holdo was doing in TLJ! She needed a long space chase to set up those tokens. No wonder why she didn't tell Poe what she was doing, she didn't want Disney to realize this exploit (and the Hyperspace jump) and patch it before she was done! As a dirty Scum shenanigans player, she has earned my greatest respect. I just realized that the same disarm trading tactics that the Fireball can exploit work for reloading on the StarFortress too. No need to decide whether you want bombs or to shoot this turn, just unload the disarm on somebody else and do both! Then of course there's the other support benefits like eating Ion tokens, being free to pick up unused focus tokens (how does reloading and shooting a modded primary in the same turn sound?), trading Target Locks, and naturally taking stress off of aces.
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