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  1. I've got a Trick Shot + Qira + Deadman's Switch Bossk, Jabba + Feedback Array Slaver & Vizago + Contraband Cybernetics Slaver list I'm planning on bringing to my next game. I mostly wanted to play around with illicits. Bossk starts with Deadman's Switch to lower his point value, but gets the cybernetics passed to him to he can sit on a comfy cloud that he's Qira'd for 4 red dice / 2 green dice with a blank>evade conversion. Illicits can then be passed around based on who needs it, if one of them needs a red maneuver in the next turn they can get the cybernetics (which'll be resupplied by Jabba for as long as he lasts), whoever looks like they're going to die first can get Deadman's switch and dive into the enemy and dare them to shoot, and if any of them get an ace on their rear, Feedback Array and a 0 maneuver might help to shake them off. I expect it'll be fun jank, probably not really viable though.
  2. It's a bit pricey, but I've been wanting to try out Miranda + Han gunner + either ProTorps or Barrage Rockets, with optional PerCo. While shields are up, you get a I7 3 dice shot followed by I4 3-4 dice shot, and when they're down you get to regenerate a shield, get a 1 die shot (might do a bit of extra damage against 0-1 agility ships) and still get the I4 ordnance shot.
  3. I've used it a couple times using Moralo with title & docked Kaato, neither went very well though. I'd probably recommend getting it regardless of viability, at the very least you can use it for casual play or experimenting. Odds are it'll end up costing less points or get upgrades that make it more effective too. Maybe it'll get its 3rd Crew slot back without losing the Gunner and there'll be some super party bus Bossk or Moralo that'll tear things up, or Latts will get Weapons Engineer to really mess around with Target Locks. I got 3 new YV-666s myself in preparation for Epic (I'm planning on running 4 TacScrambler Slavers as heavy guns / tanky meatshields for Drea + swarm to hide behind)
  4. As a Scum player, the thing I'm hoping for most are Illicits. Right now everything feels too dependent on specialized builds, and it seems like Rebel Han is making better use of Illicits than Scum is. With no new ships on the horizon (not that Scum needs more), without card packs we'll be stuck with what we've got for a long time. I personally would love having 2.0-ified Scavenger Crane, Hot-shot Blaster & Glitterstim. I'm all for extra pilots though, especially Star Viper pilots. I would love to have Thweek back. Take away Shadowed so he doesn't just become 'Star Viper ace' and step on Guri's toes, and give him 1 non recurring charge and Mimicked to let him play around with whatever's on the field that isn't a generic or force user. Like grabbing Jendon's ability to give everyone locks T1, or getting Grievous' "Outmaneuver" rerolls, or Sabine's free pre-repositioning. Getting generic I4 Black Sun Vigos or Xizor's niece Savan would be nice luxuries, or anyone else they can think of to put into the Viper's pilot seat. Atleast 1 new pilot for each of the ships stuck with only 3 pilots would be nice too. At the very least, bringing Eaden Vrill & Commander Kenkirk back for the YT-2400 & Decimator.
  5. Enigami

    FFG Live Pics 4-30

    I'd forgotten that, that means 6/7 factions can use it then! Also means Scum has access to Genius + EPB, I wonder what can be done with that... I'm assuming there'll be abilities that interact with the "fused" state of bombs too, otherwise they could've just used charge tokens like how Autopilot Drone works.
  6. Enigami

    FFG Live Pics 4-30

    I didn't include them since their reloads are red, don't have the rules on hand so assumed the EPB required white reload. Is that not the case?
  7. Enigami

    FFG Live Pics 4-30

    Electro Proton Bomb isn't faction-locked! Only the K-Wing, TIE Bomber, TIE Punisher, Andrasta (Firespray), Star Fortress and Hyena can equip it, but that still leaves 5/7 factions capable of deploying it. Considering the fuse making it very avoidable, the inability to inflict lethal damage, and the cost of a Device & Mod slot just to equip it, I really hope it isn't expensive, unless it's meant for Epic only. Scum, Rebels & Empire seem like the best alternative factions for it. Sabine K-Wing, Skilled Bombardier Deathfire, Tragedy Simulator Punisher or Andrasta Emon with Nym all look like fun homes for the EPB. EPB Boba(Crew) Andrasta + Nym in Epic is what I'm most looking forward to, you deploy Andrasta somewhere past the middle of the board and drop the EPB, have Nym hold it there, and now the opponent has a big fat disruptive bomb sitting right in their flight path.
  8. In addition to a base model, I think it'd make sense to have 1 of the 3 Falcons always in Hyperspace as well. Your list of base models (plus TIE/sf or /fo for First Order, you missed them) + one of Rebel/Resistance/Scum YT-1300 would pretty much cover all the most iconic ships of Star Wars.
  9. If you're going to bring a single Vulture as filler alongside two Infiltrators, why not Butter Bot (DFS-311)? With either K2-B4 or Kraken, that calculate token passing will be pretty handy. K2-B4 lets Butter Bot boost defense for whoever is being targeted, or with Kraken on one of the Infiltrators you can pass to the other Infiltrator (assuming it isn't O-66) which can't calculate and hold on to it, letting you set up all of your ships with an extra Calculate in time for combat, and can save you Force tokens to spend on force abilities. Downside of Kraken though is that if you want DFS-311 to have grappling struts you'll have to drop the DRK-Probe Droids to fit either O-66+Dooku or Heightened Perception Dooku alongside Maul. Put Kraken on Maul if O-66 is the pilot of Infiltrator #2 since it'd be better if Maul were able to get his own Calculate on turn 1 (plus Hate+Palp makes Maul unattractive to shoot at), but if Dooku takes the pilot seat, putting Scimitar + Kraken on his ship can help keep Kraken alive with the I7 recloaking. Sith Infiltrator - •Count Dooku - 84 •Count Dooku - Darth Tyranus (61) Heightened Perception (3) •Kraken (10) •Scimitar (4) Sith Infiltrator - •Darth Maul - 90 •Darth Maul - Sith Assassin (65) Perceptive Copilot (8) •Chancellor Palpatine (14) Hate (3) Vulture-class Droid Fighter - •DFS-311 - 31 •DFS-311 - Pinpoint Protocols (26) Energy-Shell Charges (4) Grappling Struts (3) Total: 199/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder This is a variant I've been wanting to fly myself when I have $$$ to get Separatists
  10. Without a really strong errata or 0 cost upgrade to fix them, they should be cheaper. As torpedo ships, ProTorp Y-wings beat them with their cost being low enough to bring 4 of and still have plenty of room for upgrades, with many upsides and the only downsides being one less shield and one less green die. As turret ships, Y-wings again beat them in cost and effectiveness, except they can double tap with VTG, optionally with Ion Cannons. Worse, Y-Wings can equip both ProTorps AND VTG Ion Cannon and still be 5 pts cheaper than a ProTorp Scout. The only real upsides to the JumpMaster is being a bit tougher and having an I6 pilot. Swarm Tactics Dengar + Swarm Tactics ProTorps Manaroo + ProTorps Scout with optional Munitions Failsafes and IG-88D on Manaroo or L3-37 on whoever for a fat I6 alpha strike list is about the best I can think of to try to make them work without it being done better by other ships. All JumpMaster pilots should be reduced in cost by 5, as that at least puts Contracted Scouts at the same price as an Ion VTG Y-Wing (which would still better than the Scout), and brings the other Jump pilots to a more attractive price, and is just above the threshold that would allow 5 JumpMaster spam. Edit: A second illicit slot combined with the -5 cost would be great too. BumpMaster Manaroo with Feedback Array + Deadman's Switch + Electronic Baffle for 50 pts would be fun. Lock her on T1, cause bumps, pass Focus tokens, and then when she's down to 1 HP, baffle the lock on her to turn her into a bomb.
  11. I think you'd want Kraken on Maul with 2x Infiltrators. That lets both Maul and O-66 load up on and hold on to a Calculate token on turn 1, almost like adding +1 Force to both but without messing with Dooku's ability if you need to spend it.
  12. Oh, I think I had seen that thread and then forgot about it. Yeah, I expect Graz would be too squishy, but it was an interesting idea to make the opponent wary about chasing after Moralo/Kaa'to and procing his ability. I'd prefer having Concussion Missiles on Kaa'to for this kind of list though, if you're sinking 112+pts into a combo it better be packing a punch, and Ion Missiles kinda limits Kaa'to's potential damage especially once shields are down. I'm leaning Kimogila + VTG Ion Y-wing or Surveyor (MTG) + Plutt (Quad) + L3-37 (EC) with TacOff for my own variant of the list.
  13. I am loving this concept! I was hoping there would be something worthwhile to fly using Hound's Tooth + docked Z-95 that isn't Nashtah Pup but my mind was stuck on a Feedback Binarye that I ultimately decided was way too costly to work. But Moralo + a docked missile Z is too fun of an idea to pass up, even if it might not be the most competitive. Even better, I think this is the first thing I've seen Kaa'to Leeachos might actually work well with! Kaa'to can get a Target Lock, steal a focus off of PerCo Moralo, then launch double modded missiles into the enemy. Then when the heat turns up on him, he can retreat to Moralo for a while, then have Moralo bus him to a prime location for another engagement. I'm thinking Moralo + PerCo + Title + Docked Concussions Kaato, with either a set of ZZQ, double Scurgg or Kimogila + VTG Ion Y to round out the list, thoughts?
  14. His and Sabines' attacks, they're both I3. But yeah, Asajj doesn't benefit from the jam.
  15. Funny, that looks very similar to a 2x Lancer list I made (but can't fly, don't have a second Lancer yet), including the Seevor wingmate. Only thing I can think of is maybe downgrading the Shield Upgrades to Hull Upgrades to give Seevor Trick Shot, but that's it.
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