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  1. I think that should be Necrothreadery!
  2. On May 26, Amazon Video announced it had picked up the series for a fourth season.
  3. All the negativity is Crabbok's fault! I'm convinced he is some kind of alien vampire. The reason he has so much positivity is that he is able absorb it from everybody else, leaving behind broken husks of negativity! Well, it's a theory hypothesis!
  4. I think you might have misunderstood what we were talking about. I know the unit cannot end up on the obstacle - I wrote, "... and not being allowed to finish on either the obstacle ..." I don't want the unit to be on the obstacle, that would be silly. I was just saying if the unit only had enough movement to land on the obstacle or the enemy then the "teleporting" move couldn't be made and therefore the unit couldn't engage in melee. @nashjaee and I simply imagined the attacking unit at different distances from the target - in his mind the unit was close enough to the enemy to hop over both the barricade and the enemy defending it thus ending in base-to-base contact and therefore in melee, while in my mind the unit was too far away to clear the barricade and the enemy thus ending on the wrong side (i.e. the opposite side to the enemy) of the barricade and not being in melee. Sorry if I wasn't clear.
  5. Apologies, I misunderstood you. Yes, you're correct about "teleporting" troopers (yet another rule I don't like - I guess I think too "literally" for this game). I was just imagining the attacking unit starting further away and not being allowed to finish on either the obstacle or the enemy minis at the end of its move.
  6. You didn't read what I wrote. "Lining up trooper units behind ..." would make hopping directly over the obstacle impossible. But what the hey, if it makes sense to you ...
  7. So lining up trooper units behind a wall (regardless of how low it is) or a line of barricades makes those units immune to melee attacks. That certainly is "abstract".
  8. It's not kinda dumb ... it's totally stupid! (IMO!!) ?
  9. From the existing portrayal of the Stormtrooper Corps in the films (who are always acting in concert with the Imperial Navy), I would say it is more like the difference between the US Marine Corps and the US Army.
  10. Finals Lists : https://intelsweep.wordpress.com/2018/05/04/the-overnight-report-the-top-cut/ But I don't know (though I would like to know) the objectives.
  11. By virtue of being second player in a tied match.
  12. The very concept of the Rieekan was broken from the beginning. At least with Demolisher it doesn't get to move-then-shoot after it has been destroyed!!! The problem is Rieekan combined with a really powerful/critical activation.
  13. Do you remember Crusade from 1999, featuring Peter Woodward as Galen? Well, according to that character, "There is always hope. Only because it's the one thing that no one has figured out how to kill yet." But what he had no way of knowing was that FFG is working to that very end - to kill hope. They have their top people working on it! And after years of development they are ready to test the prototype - its codename is "Something Big"!! I guess it works!
  14. Cue for a Rolling Stones song! "I says, Hey! Thrawn! Get off of my Lawn."
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