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  1. So over the past few weeks my 3d-printer was working hard on models (from Skullforge mostly, those are amazing) for IA to get me some homemade expansions. Since my creativity on cards/abilities is somewhat limited I wanted to ask you for suggestions on how to implement the following characters to IA: Dr. Aphra: Synergies with 0-0-0 and BT-1 Rogue One: Should work together Jyn Erso Baze Malbus Chirrut Imwe Cassian Andor K-2SO Bodhi Rook Inferno Squad: I made their cards already but they only work as a full squad with Seyn Marana and Admiral Versio. I‘d like to have them work with only the characters named below. Iden Versio Gideon Hask Del Meeko ID10 Seeker Droid I‘m looking forward to see your creativity at work!
  2. Just printed me Dr. Aphra to use in the game. I‘d post a pic but the forum only lets me post files smaller than 0.02MB. So take this link instead. Next up her command card
  3. Good thing i got a 3d printer and your card editor @Bitterman. Never ending content incoming Looking at it that way it‘s not only bad: i can now freely create whoever i want however i want without the danger of ever have to put down a potentially great idea for an official release
  4. So in other words: The game is dead. They are not telling us this because then nobody would buy anything for it anymore.
  5. You know, what beginning to be the thing that bugs me the most is the fact that it would be so very easy for them to stop all these wild speculations and discussions once and for all: - We, FGG, decided for whatever reason to stop developing the game. OR (much prefered) - We, FGG, want to inform our invested fans that there is still more physical content coming (not what, not when, it would be enough to say we‘ll get more). At this point I really don‘t care what the reasons for the lack of communication are. They are 100% aware of what‘s going on here in the forums, which for me makes it even harder to understand.
  6. Totally the same for me. If they add those republic gun ships i WILL get it 100%. Grievous also looks ridiculously cool, pain to paint though i guess lol. Also the minis are a bit larger than IA but since in IA the minis grew quite a bit over the years the difference isn‘t that much anymore
  7. And with Weiss we have another vehicle general already. I‘m all in for Inferno Squad as a counter to Spectre also for skirmish
  8. I'm using different scenic bases I made myself (very easy with the right paints, some small stones and scenery bushes). I also crafted some props like pipes or scrap parts from left-over green-stuff (very easy too). For example I gave one group of stormtroopers a Mos Eisley scrap yard themed base and another an Endor forest themed one. Takes maybe 15 minute per base and looks far better than plain gray imo
  9. You might wanna consider the fact that they decided to go without it for the armada prizes too and there will be more in that game for sure
  10. what gives me hope though is the fact that in the prices for the winner are flights to the 2020 worlds included, which means one more year of competitive play guaranteed, making it highly likely give us something more
  11. Agree. It‘s at least suspicious that they put something like this on it. Scouts for imperials (what imperial unique though? Still hoping for inferno squad) and there are a lot of options for scum
  12. A lot. My gaming store offers a painting service charging about $40-60 per miniature and i can‘t imagine he makes lots of profits from it because it‘s so time consuming.
  13. Agree, bring us Mara Jade and stuff like that (i liked Rogue One though :P), but Yoda should still have priority over EU stuff
  14. Not Mel’s but still somewhat on topic: Just got me the Professor Moxi (it’s really Dr. Aphra) file from Skullforge on shapeways.com to try on a friend‘s 3d printer (it‘s actually an industrial printer so I‘m very optimistic). Would you guys be interested in the result?
  15. Or just a Inferno Squad style special forces team that hunts down important rebel targets. One of which could even be Yoda so win-win
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