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  1. Hi again, Now I apply the rule that "Hero" in the combat list on the App, can be an hero, a stone, a skeleton etc... However, I use Astarra as Geomancer and I'd like to know if I can use her ability "For 1 movement cost, move to an adjacent space to a hero within 3 spaces" on Stones, Skeleton etc... So to avoid any confusion, are familiars also equal value target to heroes outside combat as they are in combat? Thanks for your feedback.
  2. Hi all, We've just started the Kindred Fire campaign and I'd like to know if we buy now extensions with quests and add them in the App, will the extra quests pop up in our current campaign? Otherwise, how can we play these extra quests? Do we have to make new heroes, each time we start a new campaign or quest? Thanks for your replies.
  3. Hi, Yesterday we played a party and there were 3 heroes in the group. 1. The App asked us to put on the map "the Group of Priest of Bones" as shown. 1 white circle "Priest Priest of Bones" icon poped up on the right of the screen. 2. I looked at the back of the "Priest of Bones" card to check the number of Priest in this group and it was supposed to be only 1 red "Priest of Bones" as there were 3 heroes. 3. Then the App asked to perform attacks for minor Priests & Major Priests. So we were confused on the number & colors of the Priests. The way we understand the rules for number of Monsters, is: 1. Quests & Campaign rules prevail over the monsters limitations indicated on cards. For example Apps says: Install 1 major Cave Spider & 3 minor Cave Spiders without taking in account monsters limitations. In that case, we don't look at the back of the card. 2. Apps says: Install the group of Cave Spiders as shown. In that case, we look at the back of the card to know the number & color of Spiders to install, depending on the number of heroes in the group. Could someone tell us how many "Priest of Bones" we were suppose to install yesterday, please? Thanks for your replies.
  4. Hi there, Can we apply Mana Weave to the attacks of the Summoned Stones (Geomancer)? Thanks for your replies.
  5. Hi there, Can (how) we sell "with the App" stuff like potions (50 gold written on the card) found during the quests? Thanks for the replies.
  6. Hi all, We recently start playing RtL (with the App) and I've got one question regarding Heroic Feat similar to the one on Elder Mok's card: => Use at the start of your turn to look at the overlord's hand of Overlord cards. The overlord discards 1 card of your choice. How do we play such feat with the App? Thanks for your reply.
  7. Hi all, We just started the game few days ago, I'm the one in charge of managing the App & monstres attacks when it comes to make a choice. In several occasions, some monsters could: 1. Attack the skeleton invoked by the Necro (Player). or 2. Move & attack a Hero (Player). As in the monster combat list, it's always mentioned Hero as priority target and I don't consider a skeleton (from player) as a Hero, I always made the choice 2. My friends doesn't agree with my interpretation and say that the skeleton could be considered as a target equal to a Hero in the combat list. I told them that the Overload or a real DM would probably not be that stupid... if He/Her was really in charge of the monsters, He/Her would always try to kill a Hero (player) first rather than a skeleton (from player), when it comes to make a choice. Even when my Hero went down after being attacked by several monsters following choice 2, I continued to apply my rule. The only rare occasions when I made Choice 1, is when monsters could not reach a location where it could attack a Hero. So, I'd like to know if I'm wrong in my way to play the monsters, in this game. Thanks for your feedback.
  8. Hi all, My friends & I started RTL yesterday with the tutorial... and some spiders poped up with something like: 1. Come close to the closest hero. 2. Attack the hero. 3. Retreat if closer than 2 or less to a hero. As monsters are supposed to do only 2 actions if there's no mention doing more than 2, the spiders moved and attacked the closest hero. However, one of us suggested that "Retreat" could probably not be counted as an action. So we decided that the spider would retreat 1 space away from the hero. I've got 2 questions about retreat: 1. Did the spider have to retreat or not? 2. In case of a monster has to retreat and the number of (retreat) spaces is not mentioned, how many cases, it should retreat? Thanks for your replies.
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