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  1. Can confirm timestamped at 1:13:54 straight from the horses mouth. Thanks for the update KBlumhardt, I had not seen this AMA.
  2. I misspoke, I meant missing Impairment tokens. If I recall, there are only enough for 5 or 6 players where as the Improvement tokens have a count equal for 8 players, the games max player count.
  3. I mean I hope they use the forums on this website as to gauge the continued interest in the game. 47,000+ views is crazy for the short amount of time this has been up compared to other posts here. So hopefully this along with hopefully steady sales numbers will be enough to justify even 1 final small box expansion with AOs and the missing condition tokens, additional gates and other preludes or adventure cards in the next year. I for one will continue to purchase any and all expansions for this fantastic game.
  4. Actually, now that you bring this up I would love a LotR Battlelore Edition this would be really cool. I just want it to comes back in a fantasy theme of some sort idc just bring this game back.
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