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  1. Caimheul1313

    Alternate Troops on weapons

    Except since Legion's expansion boxes have exactly the bodies you need for an entire unit, there doesn't seem to be as much parting out of boxes as for other miniature games (at least not on eBay). It's not like 40k where you need 2-3 boxes to make a complete unit, and 2-4 boxes to get all the special weapons you can field in said unit.
  2. Caimheul1313

    Broken Range Ruler

    Sorry was posting quick and forgot the link. That is what I mean, each segment is 1" long, so you buy 6 of them and screw them together to make a 6" ruler. The sell threaded sections and "end caps" which don't have a threaded section. Edit: It's $0.75 a section, so is a little more expensive than the "official" replacement, but much sturdier.
  3. Caimheul1313

    Broken Range Ruler

    Legion isn't unique for using measuring sticks in place of actual measurements. I imagine it also helps a smidge with playing the game in the metric parts of the world, no conversion necessary, just use this tool. Players are allowed to use range rulers that are the same dimensions, so i would think you could get a set of the 1 inch metal measurers that screw together to make range rulers if a tape measure is frowned upon. I use a six inch version from CorSec engineering as a movememt measuring stick for Bolt Action (saves a fair amount of time) Personally, I would get different colors of 1 inch markers for the different sections, or at the very least alternate.
  4. Caimheul1313

    50% cover rule

    Or a ground vehicle.
  5. Caimheul1313

    Are you revealing your command hands?

    WH40k isn't unique in that behavior, I know from experience that Bolt Action tournaments work the same way. It's basically a "trust but verify" sort of thing, the TOs trust that you won't change your army list between rounds, and your opponent verifies. If the initial hands aren't known, then the discard should be to ensure honesty. Otherwise, how can you be sure your opponent didn't play three one-pip cards if you can't look to confirm? Some small slight of hand can change the hidden discard pile if you force your opponent to reveal it (not easy, but possible). The fact that having only one commander means your opponent knows exactly what cards are in your hand is what inclines me towards sharing the initial composition. Operatives in a two commanders list will only obfuscate it further.
  6. Caimheul1313

    Ideas for Imperial Officer/ Rebel Commander

    One speculation that people have made is that Imperial officers might make an appearance as a Personel upgrade, providing an increase to Courage values for the unit to which they are attached. For friendly games, I think what you outlined in your initial post would work well enough initially at least. As you play games with the rules you may find they need slight adjustments, but only play testing will really tell imho.
  7. Caimheul1313

    Customization and Conversions

    Yes, but a discussion about balance is very much off topic for this post about conversions.
  8. Caimheul1313

    So this is in the post....

    Maybe? Depends on the quality of the photos I guess.
  9. Caimheul1313

    So this is in the post....

    Easiest way (of course) would be to somehow preserve the board as it is. I think the main challenge would be keeping an accurate accounting of the location of all the forces on the board. Edit: I suppose a spreadsheet that would record forces, loyalty/suppression, and heroes, but there is some secret information that would need to be recorded in such a way that only one side would see it while setting the game back up.
  10. Caimheul1313

    50% cover rule

    It depends on the LOS. If the LOS from the AT-ST is obscured to ANY part of the model including the base by the barricade, then yes (Edit: if the line from center to center passes through the terrain). If the LOS is unobscured, then no.
  11. Caimheul1313

    What do you think will come out first?

    Well seeing as I imagine both have to go through an approval process overseen by the holder of the IP.... Mansions of madness 3rd edition. Or Runewars 2nd edition.
  12. Caimheul1313

    Missing oportunity?

    So FFG actually still hosts the rules for the WHQCG. I'm not linking directly jic, but a google search for "Warhammer quest the card game rules" turned up the pdfs on the FFG website as the top two answers (learn to play and full rules reference). Warning: Very basic description of gameplay follows I don't know how Descent works, my perception is that it is very similar to Mansions of Madness or Imperial Assault, where you move minis around to complete quests with one player controlling the "opposition." So the first major difference is that all the players are working together against the board, and unlike the other games, no app is required to allow that. Instead, decks are prepared to randomize enemies, rooms, and treasures encountered in the course of the quest. Also, the game is entirely based on cards, no miniatures. Each player selects a hero, and takes the four action cards that the hero starts with: Attack, Rest, Explore, and Aid. A turn consists of each player taking a single one of their actions, performing that action by rolling some number of dice to determine success or failure (as detailed on the action card), and then "exhausting" it (turning it sideways). After each player has taken a turn, you resolve an enemy phase, where each player takes turn activating an enemy card that is "readied" (not exhausted). After all enemies have been exhausted, they are then readied and you move on the the Location phase. If there are enough explore tokens (typically earned through Explore actions), then the Location card is discarded and replaced with the next Location in the deck. The players then get another turn. Players cannot use Actions that are exhausted, but one of the four actions will allow you to Ready all of your actions, which differs depending on the hero being played. For instance, the elf's Attack action readies all of her actions, while the Dwarf's Aid is his Ready action.
  13. Caimheul1313

    Missing oportunity?

    I don't think that's true at all. One of the issues with buying a license is finding a company that wants to sell the license and make a lump sum rather than long term profits with little to no risk. FFG is hardly going to say no to licenses the size of Star Wars, because they can easily make their money back during the terms of the license even though there is NO way they could afford to purchase the setting. If the SW license doesn't renew for some reason, then they move onto the next games (and see how they can salvage something from the cancelled games once any delays built into the license agreement expire) but they certainly aren't going to be able to BUY the rights. Rumor has it that the GW license was not renewed by FFG/Asmodee, probably to focus more of their other lines of products, especially the Star Wars license judging by how much that seems to have grown since the ending of the agreement of GW. On the other hand, Netrunner was lost as WotC would not renew. However, they do still have the Android setting (FFG produced a board game called Android in 2008, four years before they obtained the Netrunner license), they just can't produce the Netrunner card game, or (likely) any card games closely resembling it. This could be because WotC say that FFG made Netrunner profitable again and wants to do their own re-release of the game, WotC has some other company interested in purchasing the agreement, or just because WotC/Hasbro (parent corporation of WotC) is starting to view FFG as competition, and wants to take a property away. Regardless, it's not like FFG didn't make a fair amount of money during the length of the license.
  14. Caimheul1313

    I have no move, and I must scream.

    Melee seems a decent way to deal with Emplacements. I'd rather take two black dice on a unit of my choosing than let the emplacements continue to pick units to shoot with 5 dice.
  15. Caimheul1313

    Ideas for Imperial Officer/ Rebel Commander

    @Weezbeez37 Your idea has been discussed at extreme length previously on the boards, hence the quick responses, especially as you seemed to be under the impression that generic commanders were only a matter of time. The developer has stated in an interview that all Commanders are planned to be named characters, and that the first 2-3 years of releases are already planned out. Leia and Veers are likely the closest to a "no-named" commander (for now, future named commanders might resemble "generic" commanders better in future). Just repaint and/or convert the models a bit to suit your taste. Personally, I don't care if the unit has a name on it or not, that's just for purposes of identifying it in the game. My "Snowtroopers" have nothing to do with snow, "Fleet troopers" have nothing to do with any fleets, and my "Leia" isn't even going to be painted up as human. Part of the issue is we don't yet (and my never) have enough information to determine what the points value of various elements of the units are worth. How many points are the effects of a particular command card worth? How many points is a 4 wound model with Courage 2? Any commander option cheaper than Leia or Veers basically becomes an auto-include as they would be an incredibly cheap way to help your Troopers avoid panic, and put more units in range of a model capable of issuing orders. For scenario games, where both sides are using such a generic commander, I think simply using one of the Core units as a commander will be easiest and maintain the current balance of the game best, or use replacement names (Leia's rules to represent Hera, and Veer's rules to represent Thrawn for instance).