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  1. Caimheul1313

    Going to NOVA? Post your army WIMPS!

    ... Wouldn't it be better to post these AFTER NOVA, especially since the Command Hands are hidden information from your opponent?
  2. Caimheul1313

    What will be the first "Huge" based expansion

    Huge is a base size already in the game, it's the "official term" for the base used by the AT-ST and T-47. AT-AT is a bit problematic in both size (in scale) and power for Legion. For many reasons, I doubt the AT-AT will be added, but I could be wrong.
  3. In the meanwhile, it might be useful to ask about any particulars you don't really understand about the rules, or perhaps give more explanation about what you didn't enjoy. It may be something that can be explained or you misunderstood.
  4. The Rules Reference Guide has the specific order for resolving an Attack on page 14. The steps are: Declare Defender Form Attack Pool Declare Additional Defenders Roll Attack Dice Apply Dodge and Cover Modify Attack Dice Roll Defence Dice Modify Defence Dice Compare Results Choose Additional Attack Pool
  5. Caimheul1313

    Clones AT-RT

    Fiar point on stability, I didn't realize it was that short. Producing a new base is also an added production cost, particularly if they do not have more vehicles that would use that exact same base. Obviously we'll see what units FFG plans on including as they announce them, so far everything has been interesting.
  6. Caimheul1313

    Clones AT-RT

    The analogy to Armada works well to explain. That would be a solution, and as I'm sure you'd admit an added level of complexity, whereas simplicity seems to be FFG's guiding principle in Legion (LoS rules, unit movement are all fairly simple compared to other games). It would possibly necessitate the creation of a new movement tool. Additionally, rules for displacing vehicles should be added. Without the front to back movement, getting over 3D terrain in a single move would be impossible, making a stable placement more difficult for such a top heavy model.
  7. Caimheul1313

    Unit Merging

    So does splitting a unit up in the midst of combat, utilizing enemy weapons (less so in modern combat, but I'm sure happens quite often in rebellions), commandeering enemy vehicles, imperfect knowledge of enemy deployment and movement, weapon malfunctions, aircraft aren't ever affected by the ground under them, cover would be determined individually by weapon (which doesn't really work for the cover rules as written), unbalanced forces, and a whole host of other things that Legion as chooses not to simulate for various reasons. This game is not meant to be a simulation of "real" combat. I've seen the rules for wargames that try to be simulations, they are more akin to textbooks than rule books, with a TON of tables and a single action taking nearly an hour. You asked if it was allowed in the rules, then say you are using house rules... Which is fine, they are your miniatures, use them however you wish. But if you plan to play the game differently than the written rules, then you're play a different game based to some degree on Legion, and the rules become whatever you and your opponent(s) agree on.
  8. Caimheul1313

    Clones AT-RT

    Ah, sorry. Too many AT's being thrown about. A base that large would still have issues, since you can't overlap terrain or other vehicle models. Plus, the movement would be rediculous without different rules, since that model is advancing over 12" on a speed 1 with front to back movement.
  9. Caimheul1313

    Clones AT-RT

    The AT-AT is not 12"x6" in scale. The height and length (roughly 20 meters) of an AT-AT is over twice the height of an AT-ST (9 meters).
  10. However the way you voiced your opinion initially has many hallmarks of a troll post: posting a potentially inflammatory comment ("why do 6 turn games exist with X-wing") with no supporting experiences or opinions just, "I don't like this game." Why didn't you like it? What did you like, if anything? You obviously felt it was important to post your opinion here, so why not take the time to explain your dislike. It could be that someone here can help you better understand the aspect you don't like. In my opinion, to compare Armada, Legion, and X-wing to each other is comparing apples, oranges, and pears. They are all miniature wargames, all special FFG dice in various colours with various symbols, and use movement tools of some kind. But the "type" of wargame is very different. X-wing is a dogfighting wargame, controlling a small group of fighters in tight turns and trying to line up shots on your opponent's minis. Armada is all about capital ships, which should "feel" slow and heavy in movement, lining up broadsides, not nimble like the fighters in X-Wing. Legion is a ground based wargame, focusing on infantry and support vehicles/weapons. Again, the movement and shooting should have a particular "feel" (infantry ignoring facing for shooting, able to move in any direction, vehicles limited to forward and back). The size of the engagements should also be larger to allow for a better representation of a reinforced platoon. Cover and the ability to stay in one place (something that wouldn't feel "right" for nimble fighters dogfighting) means the games can drag on if eliminating your opponent is the only way to win. A turn limit forces players to act semi-aggressively if they want to take the objective and win. Additionally, a turn limit just feels "right" for infantry combat, many historical battles weren't fought to the last man, but rather until one side decided either that it had completed the objective so there was no reason to continue using resources/soldiers on fighting, or that they absolutely could not complete the objective with the soldiers and resources on hand. Saying X-wing should have killed all 6 turn miniature games is, in my mind, akin to saying "Settlers of Catan exists, so I don't understand why other boardgames are being produced." At least that's my take on things.
  11. Caimheul1313


    Dice are mentioned in the text of the article, so it could either be the dice were not available when the images were created, or they chose not to include photos of the dice since they aren't as interesting as the cards.
  12. Caimheul1313

    Battle Cards

    Remember that more factions are coming fairly soon, and both sides don't even have units for every slot yet, so "getting stale" is a bit of a ways off imho. Plus, more special rules keep getting introduced. Attacker/Defender missions can shake things up, but typically involve a combination of deployment zones and objectives to keep things balanced between both sides. With as quickly as models die in Legion, approaching an army in cover is horrible.
  13. Caimheul1313

    Battle Cards

    People choosing to play purposefully unbalanced games are great for experience, help keep the game challenging when an experienced player is facing a less experienced player, and can be quite fun. If a player is surprised by the unbalanced scenario, then that's a different situation. A beginner being stomped because they are still learning the game and have to try to figure out a challenging deployment while trying to learn the basic rules isn't likely to be fun for them.
  14. Caimheul1313

    Battle Cards

    I agree that for competitive play the Battle Decks should continue to be as neutral as possible (similar sized deployment zones, both players scattered if scattering occurs, etc). Deployments that give a massive benefit to one side can be incredibly difficult and miserable for one player while the other gets an easy win based on the selected Objectives. Yes, the opponent has a chance to remove them, but there are enough oddball deployments to leave a player with no good options. Surrounded with Intercept the transmissions gives one player an objective at the start of the game, and puts them closer to the other two objectives for instance. Now, I am super surprised that Fortified Positions was not included with a couple other cards in the barricades expansion pack, that would have been a perfect fit, and feels very balanced to me. The conditions from Take the Hill seem fine, since they are applied equally. The objectives don't seem to bad either, but the deployments for Take the hill are designed with "Skirmish" Legion in mind, on a 3'x3' with a modified Force Org chart.
  15. Caimheul1313

    preorder cancelled.

    Amazon is terrible for FFG preorder prediction. The sellers can't list product for presale on amazon without a sale date, so they make one up, planning to update when the official release is announced. Some sellers on Amazon also randomly go away.