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  1. Honestly, at this point I'm only buying the units that excite me owing to what they represent from Star Wars for my "non-competitive play" factions as opposed to buying everything. It's very difficult to keep up with the arms race with multiple factions honestly. As to variant formats, if FFG won't provide but you have an agreeable playgroup, nothing stops you from coming up with your own! I've done that before for historical games, so having different points values, but the side with fewer points deploys in cover and only has to stop the opponent from moving off the other side, or otherwise defend the only objective. Have part of one or both armies held off table in reserve, but then they come on the table from a random table edge. Changing the force org chart so (for instance) the Rebels can only deploy Commanders, Operatives, and Special Forces, while the Imperials have Veers or the generic commander, Corps units, Supports, and Heavy to represent a standard garrison.
  2. If one tank is near the commander, issue order to that tank, then coordinate sends an order out to the B1s with Comms relay, which send that order to the other tank, which hten uses Coordinate to send an order to the commando droids.
  3. Heaven forbid you lose the die to a specific card... Interesting idea, but I think it would have worked better in an all digital format. I agree, competitiveness does help keep the game profitable, but showing up to purely fun events with zero stakes with a "fun" list only to face a bunch of netlisters who are worried about playing optimally isn't much fun. Honestly, I'd really like FFG to release more Operations. They could impose more list building limitations on those to provide interesting, fun games. For instance, same number of points, but different limitations on number of activations, require one side to include a tank (to recreate the scene from Rogue One for instance), or other similar options.
  4. Okay, I'll take your word for it, but I don't recall anything about it at all. Plus I would have expected someone to have pointed to the timestamp/post/email in past discussions regarding sequel stuff being added.
  5. When? I don't recall FFG EVER saying anything officially or unofficially about making stuff for the sequels...
  6. Agreed. Given the current rate of releases, combined with the CW stuff being spaced out by new GCW releases, I wouldn't expect a new faction announcement until next year at the earliest.
  7. Personally, I think CW factions should be at least in a similar state to GCW factions when CW was announced before any new faction announcements. So iirc, around 5 leaders, 2 operatives, 3 corps, 3.5 special forces (strike team I'm counting as half), 3 support, and 2 heavy per faction. Right now, including announcements and leaks, CW has: 3 leaders, 1 operative, 2 corps, 1.5 Special Forces, 2 support, and 1 heavy. That's a fair ways to go still when you account for GCW releases slowing things down. It is possibly FFG could bring out another faction sooner, but personally I doubt it.
  8. Huh, interesting tidbit about Luke and the simulator. Still, I was pointing out how there was an explanation without relying on outside materials. As to the A-Wings... I guess? It was one of the big problems I had with the Rebels show using the A-Wings in the first place. I wish they had used the Z-95 headhunter instead, but eh, they can do what they want, and the A-wing is more recognizable. Clearly all of the A-Wings were in various stages of repair or upgrade to the variant used at Endor, simultaneously on scouting missions, hit and run missions, or something equally convenient during Rogue One/A New Hope.
  9. Caimheul1313

    AAT vs R2D2

    Yes I get that, I'm just not sure how you don't think it is in the "spirit" of the rule. Now, if you could choose which weapon to use in order ensure targeting R2, I'd agree with you there.
  10. Seems like an interesting take on a classic tale, Star Wars version of the classic deserted island tale.
  11. Could you imagine being a combat veterans who got passed over for the farm boy who just walked onto the base? Unless they had wounded pilots, I figured you'd want people with proven track records... Barring of course, someone saying "hey, this farm boy was trained by a Jedi in using the force." Leaving out the part that the training was all of four days of course. With the new canon, the other question is why didn't they have any A-Wings? Sure, they may not be able to fire torpedos, by they could have served as a fighter screen. Apparently some supplemental material has Luke flying in a simulator as a tryout, but believing Leia used her power to get him in the cockpit makes as much sense, and could be supported by the film alone.
  12. The fact that it is a repeat would be part of the point. FFG already has approval for the sculpts of the melee Wookies, has already developed stats, and worked out the points. Switch the symbol on the melee card to Republic, done. Significantly less work, and now the unit can be sold to Republic players and Rebel players. The thing that would "set them apart" is being supported by Clones, or synergy with another Republic only unit (like rifle armed Wookies, or a Commander). Wookiee Warriors could even be set apart by being allowed access to new Heavy options, but only in the Republic list that they share with the ranged Wookies. Warrior Wookies with a Detonate heavy weapon could be interesting. To allow for Wookiee Warriors to be used in both armies, they could put the Republic card in a separate Wookiee unit box, release a Wookiee upgrade box, or just let Republic players use their Rebel card until that unit gets redone in hard plastic, and then put both cards in the new box. I also wasn't trying to say that Gungans would never come, just that I would think Wookies are more likely to be released/announced first. I could see Gungans as an official subfaction later, whereas Wookiee would just be something that is able to be run, but plays best when included with Clones as opposed to run on their own.
  13. Caimheul1313

    AAT vs R2D2

    Why is it not? If the unit ONLY had the one weapon which could only target R2, they would be just as able to target R2.
  14. The whole other model is completely optional, as opposed to using the token per the rules on page 79. Therefore, I would say the intention is the droideka always counts as a walking vehicle, especially as turning into a ball isn't really a "wheeled" vehicle... Still, probably worth sending in here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/contact/rules/ Questions sent in that way often end up in the FAQ, and from there lead to clarifications in the RRG.
  15. Caimheul1313

    AAT vs R2D2

    Correct, that is what I was trying to communicate. And that it is the ONLY other weapon you could select. As with many things in the ruleset, it is very much a corner case, but it does meet the requirements...
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