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  1. Seeing as the heavy slot is the one most frequently left vacant, sales are likely to be fairly low for whatever unit they release. Especially compared to Corps units or even some Supports.
  2. For the most part though, "small, elite units" frequently have higher saves than 5+, which is what any of the Resistance troops seen so far would have (white die with surge defense). Additionally, it seems the GAR is angling for the "smaller army, better units" angle, between extensive synergies, good army and decent shooting on the first Corps unit.
  3. That also highly unlikely given Disney doesn't seem to want to touch that era, or let any new licensees explore that time period.
  4. Well, Hondo basically works for whomever is most advantageous/potentially profitable for him at any given moment... So that's kind of like being truly neutral?
  5. Random thought: do we have confirmation that it is still the First Order? I'm just wondering if Hux might have broken off and be leading the "First Order" while Kylo leads "The New Sith Empire" or something. I mean, I doubt it, but it wouldn't be the weirdest thing to happen.
  6. @That Blasted Samophlange no agruement from me on having it be the Shadow Syndicate rather than a true catch-all. I also understand how mishmash factions can break a game. It's related to why I hope we don't get truly neutral mercenaries, since if the unit is good/fills a particular role that is otherwise not in the game (jump infantry for instance), then there is less diversity among all armies. @TauntaunScout I like your suggestion, but it is probably unlikely due to FFG trying to stick to canon units as much as possible, and Hondo being the only individual/unit shown to be truly neutral.
  7. That might be the answer for movement. It certainly isn't a bad one. The AT-AT would still delpoy such that their front edge is roughly at the halfway point of a 3' or 6" short of halfway on a 4' unless long March is the only deployment used, provided the allowance in Epic of big vehicles not having to fit in the deployment zone. As to the direct AT-TE vs AT-AT encounter, it's important to remember that would be roughly equivalent to a WW1 tank fighting against an early WW2 tank. Generally, those encounters did not go well for the WW1 tank, since the WW2 tank had decades of technology and applied lessons learned from WW1. That particular AT-TE likely hadn't seen a proper maintenance facility for 20ish years, which would further reduce effectiveness. Even then, we see the AT-TE survive at least one direct hit from the AT-AT's main weapon, more than can be said for any other target shown in canon. (Also of note, that scene used a specially created "early GCW" version of the AT-AT so they would be larger than the AT-TE). Iirc, the AT-AT canonically can destroy another AT-AT without much difficulty. The aura of invulnerability is probably partially due to propaganda, partly the Rebels never really being shown with access to heavier duty ground weapons. But that's also part of the story, plucky underdogs fighting for justice and everything good, much like the CIS being able to destroy the AT-TE and LAAT being story motivated. If they couldn't, there wouldn't be as much dramatic tension.
  8. I recall that conversation, which is why I went off the Legends, smaller measurements 😛 I'd contend that the AT-TE and AT-AT were facing vastly different weapons though in the main examples seen. The AT-TE was facing weapons designed to defeat that kind of armored vehicle (roughly equivalent tanks, and later in the Clone Wars anti-tank weapons specifically designed to defeat the AT-TE), whereas the AT-ATs in ESB are being shot with light anti-tank weapons. Even there, the AT-ATs die rather quickly once the Rebels start using non-standard tactics. Regardless, getting the "feel" right is a significant hurdle, especially since many players (myself included) would be disappointed if the AT-AT couldn't be tripped by a tow cable armed T-47, which makes balancing the unit an interesting proposition. Given the relative sizes of some of the vehicles in question, adding a half inch to deployment zones wouldn't be sufficient to fit the vehicles in without changing the deployment rules. The AT-AT is three times the length of the Occupier (and that same distance tall), which already doesn't fit in a Range 1 deployment zone. I don't remember the exact numbers, but iirc the numbers on one of the variant AT-ATs works out such that the in scale model would be between Range 2 and Range 3 long and about the same again tall ( 12-18 inches or 30.48-45.72 cm). The movement (as written front to back) would also be INSANE on these vehicles, even at speed 1, so even more rules that would require a re-write. I think we MIGHT see these vehicles in an "epic" format, but also wouldn't be surprised if FFG never gets around to stating them out or making models.
  9. An AT-AT would sell, where's that model? It's about the same size as the AT-TE. If FFG started releasing products that don't have the right "feel" then people are more likely to complain and stop buying the game. And don't say people would still buy the models when Bandai makes cheaper versions of the models ($29 MSRP Bandai vs $50 MSRP for roughly the same scale of ATST). Releasing broken, poorly thought out units just to get a model into the game is a good way to lose money and kill a game, especially since FFG doesn't release updates very frequently. And changing the scale will make the units look "wrong" next to each other. How much have people complained about the E-Web only having Snowtroopers? How many more would complain about an AT-AT that was too fragile? Or an AT-TE that was way too small? The canon length is 3 times the length of the Occupier tank, so that's not a little bit of shrinkage. The LAAT/I in Legends (which has a shorter measurement) is still over twice the length of the Occupier.
  10. Standing it then becomes really wide though since the tentacles are about 2/3rds the length. That would make for a really great scenery piece though, especially for a scenario game. There might be some CAD designs for 3d printing?somewhere?
  11. To be honest, I would like to be able to field Hondo and his crew of pirates, but if I can't that's not going to make me stop playing the game. Mostly, I just want the models for a reasonablish price and in scale with the rest of Legion's miniatures. I do agree with a subfaction approach with some small overlap, it prevents some of the odd team ups. I'd also be fine with FFG limiting Legion to just the factions traditionally represented as militarily inclined. But they've already included one faction of criminals and disparate factions fighting for a common goal, including some pacifists, what's one more 😛. .
  12. It does when Disney is the one holding the license. FFG hasn't broken scale for Legion yet, they may not be allowed to depending on the license agreement.
  13. The Trident-class assault ship is a starship with a listed canon length of 88.71 meters. Which is a bit large for table top. But I'm not sure if there's a version of it that is significantly smaller.... It is a cool design though, so hopefully they can make it work.
  14. Because people can't leave a planet in a ship? We see the Rebel alliance flee the Hoth base despite an Imperial blockade. Saw operated for 17 years against the Empire on various planets, only dying due to deciding not to try to escape from the destruction caused by a shot by the Death Star. If you can't leave, you disappear into the native populace. Criminals wouldn't (necessarily) care about reprisals on civilians. If attacking planetside didn't work, then the rebellion would have been crushed incredibly quickly. And Legion is nothing but constant fights held on a battlefield smaller than a football field. 😛 If Legion can have Palpatine walking around shooting lighting out of his hands at people, there's space for Hondo to be leading a band of weequay pirates against anybody. Where in canon do we see the AT-RT being used by Rebels? A single mobile game, so that's as much credence for a criminal tank, if not more. How often in canon do we see any of the Rebel infantry units fighting alongside each other? The only Imperial ones we see fighting on the same battlefield are the Shoretroopers, Stormtroopers, and Deathtroopers. I don't recall seeing the Imperial Guards wading into battle alongside generic Imperial officer #7, yet Legion completely allows this. You can have Corps units of thugs, weequay pirates, or enforcer droids, Special Forces Gamorillian guards, generic bounty hunters/mercenaries, or Mandalorian jump troops, tame Rancor as a Heavy in addition to the tank, swoop bike Support, and probably more stuff I'm missing from comics/video games/etc. Canonically, Han Solo lead a unit of Pathfinders on Endor, yet the box we have to represent those troops is labeled as "Commandos" with different stats than those representing the Pathfinders on Scarif (who apparently where also accompanied by some Commandos). So... we'll see. I'm not trying to say FFG HAS to release scum, just that a criminal/scum faction would work for Legion. I'd also rather see them as a separate faction than some completely neutral unit that can be taken by any faction (with the sole exception of Hondo).
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