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  1. Caimheul1313

    Release date?

    I can also find listings from different websites of varying level of dependability stating September 30 (cardhaus) and October (Boardgame geek) as release dates, and I will point out that the listing on Miniature Market is an "Estimated" release date, not sure what they are using to estimate the availability. The FFG Spanish site is mostly useful for stuff with simultaneous releases, like Legion, so the accuracy there is based on whether or not Asmodee pushed for simultaneous worldwide release on Heroes. Personally, I would also love a December release, but I suspect January might be more likely.
  2. Caimheul1313

    Do we still have list building choices?

    I have previously used standby to allow a full squad of Fleet Troopers to kill Luke after he finished with the couple of surviving members of the squad he charged the previous turn. I've also seen it used against Speeder bikes in order to shoot at them once they move into range from their compulsory move.
  3. Caimheul1313

    Potential Heavy Trooper Units?

    I will point out that the infantry aren't dragging around the 1.4 FD really anywhere. 😛 But good point about the planily accessible crew (although the driver the AT-RT is just asking to be shot off...). I could see that, alongside Commando Droids, but who knows what FFG has up their sleeves.
  4. Caimheul1313

    Article up on the Personel expansions

    Unless they add something to the RRG, the added droid minis will have the same stats/equipment/weapons/ etc as the rest of the squad. What is visible of their cards is that you add a miniature to the unit, and the special rules for having that miniature in the unit.
  5. Caimheul1313

    Article up on the Personel expansions

    So? We don't see a LOT of things in the released media, such as wookies fighting on the side of the Rebellion (besides Chewie), so by your logic Wookie Warriors shouldn't be in the game at all. Nor do we ever see an AT-ST with a mortar outside of IA (as far as I'm aware). MHD-19 or any of the astromech droids from the Old Republic franchise can be armed and readily use their weapons. Add a bit of code into any medical droid and they can learn to shoot, the manipulator arms should easily be able to handle any standard blaster. If a B-1 battle droid can be reprogrammed into a butler, I bet a medical droid can pick up a blaster. Given how much armament was packed into an astromech chassis for BT-1, seems like there'd be enough space for some kind of blaster or rifle in there without loss of functionality.
  6. Caimheul1313

    Article up on the Personel expansions

    Your previous post seemed to indicate that the keyword "Droid" would indicate the model was non-combative. Edit: And why does any droid model besides C3-P0 need to be a non-combatant? This also opens things up further to complaints about the Rebel Radio operative model being armed with a pistol but adding rifle fire. The ranged combat dice are an abstraction, as is the added model having the same wounds, courage value, keywords, etc. intended to streamline the game, not 100% accurately depict the Star Wars Universe.
  7. Caimheul1313

    Do we still have list building choices?

    @ScummyRebel It depends. If the Droid army has Armoured Infantry or some other "shield" effect that is best dealt with through Impact (I'm thinking Droidekas), or is vulnerable to Ion tokens then the Z-6 might not be the best option for Rebel Troopers, which changes the meta slightly. The GAR is more than likely more red dice infantry, but potentially better accuracy/more range 3 dice, leading to more expensive (and effective) Corps units. There is also the slim possibility of "Scum" being added. I agree that activation/trooper "spam" is likely to continue to be the overarching meta without Objectives that punish such a build, but having new factions with new strengths and weaknesses ahs to possibility of changing the predominant builds. @Zrob314 I know locally we've used the Legion battlefield condition cards in BA, nothing to stop you from trying out your activation method alteration locally. Sounds interesting.
  8. Caimheul1313

    Article up on the Personel expansions

    Spanish FFG site has Chewie and the Wookies warriors tentatively scheduled for November, Palpatine and Guards November 23rd, and Emplacements October 26th. US release has typically been the day before the listed Spanish release date, with one exception I think.
  9. Caimheul1313

    Article up on the Personel expansions

    Nothing says an astromech droid CAN'T have a ranged weapon built into it, or a 2-1B have rudimentary combat programming. Especially if they are being deployed into a combat zone. FFG already has the character of MHD-19 in IA, an armed medical droid, and the astromechs in KoTOR are armed with blasters, so the precedence exists in Legends at least.
  10. Caimheul1313

    Do we still have list building choices?

    Ah, okay, was making sure you weren't meaning passing on choosing an objective to eliminate. The main reason that I see large number of activations is so prevalent seems to have a little less to do with activations, since the larger army has less control over activations (if I put all of my non-corps units tokens face up, then I have complete control over what units I activate, and when they activate), and more to do with that every objective cares about unit leaders. The more unit leaders you have, the easier you can absorb losses and still have leaders to claim objectives/score points. I'd have to play with that a few times to see if it makes a difference. Delaying activations allows your opponent to build up suppression on your units, even if they aren't killing them. One of the other miniatures game I play frequently is Bolt Action, where all units have an order die, and both players put their dice in a single bag. Dice are then drawn blindly, and the player whose die is drawn activates one of their units until all dice are resolved, and a somewhat similar pinning mechanic. The army with more activations will always have an advantage just by virtue of having more units that can take objectives, and losing a unit either temporarily from suppression or "permanently" from destruction. Delaying when you move your units just changes when their activation advantage comes into play in my experience from BA. How much cover are you typically playing with? The tables at my FLGS tend to be well covered with terrain, allowing for maneuvering without losing cover. Having played a couple games with little cover (due to setting up the table later/quickly), I could see where in that sort of situation moving first leaves your units exposed. Warhammer STILL has IGYG. Kill Team works quite a bit differently though, only IGYG in the movement phase, then individually alternating shooting/combat.
  11. Caimheul1313

    Do we still have list building choices?

    Out of curiosity, what do you mean by "pass mechanic?" Just want to make sure I fully understand what you mean before commenting. As to the meta, I'd imagine that the upcoming introduction of additional factions has the greatest potential of shaking things up more than single unit releases.
  12. Caimheul1313

    is this game dead?

    I don't think it is fair to call a board game "dead" unless it is entirely out of print. Especially since there isn't a "competitive scene" that needs updates to keep the game from getting stale, unlike miniature wargames or TCG/LCGs.
  13. Caimheul1313

    Do we still have list building choices?

    Well, the new Support units are also troops, so it allows for taking supports AND having lots of troops. At some point in the future, FFG may even release a heavy option that is a trooper.
  14. Caimheul1313

    Ewebs and FD turrets are shipping!

    For a more accurate estimate, from the spanish FFG site (http://www.fantasyflightgames.es/en_desarrollo): E-webs on the same date.
  15. Caimheul1313

    Upcoming release/dates

    Well, you never know when the terrorists known as the "Rebel Alliance" will resort to chemical weapons... 😛