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  1. Took a bit of a break from modelling to get my models painted. At least an attempt to paint them Core + Scouts and commandos ( and a bit of terrain to boot ) Cheers!
  2. Thanks a bunch for your thoughts, appreciate your pointers As for the poses, I'm got no clue in modelling (Almost got a fail in arts class in school..) so yes, you are totally right int the posing department And for the colors, I've now done a bit of highlighting, but still the lack of detail really makes it hard to get anything nice going. ( well, I like to think they are what people would call tabletop ready...) I mean, they haven't even got faces really, just eye pits 😂 Cheers!
  3. Hello Again! Minor update, Good news: finally started to base my miniatures. Less well news: Running out of bases as my parts have yet to arrive for the printer. Best news: Pictures First squad and second squad Missile launcher trooper Kind of murky basing theme, as my battle-mat I'm making is also going to have a swampy/muddy color. kinda swamps of naboo/gungan forest theme. Maybe some gungans lurking in the swamps? You never know As always, Any feedback welcome
  4. Hello Guys and Gals! Holidays sure are nice, you get a lot of work done. Made some new units, got most of it printed and painted. Unfortunately my 3-D printers nozzle and Bowden-tube are goners, so no more printing for a while while I wait for my replacements... BUT! Pictures Crappy ones (or paintjob , guessing the later) but should be better than the earlier. Still working on my Game-mat so now cool pictures until then New Unit of Naboo soldiers done New blaster-trooper Security Guard Missile-launchers! Got a lot of Terrain done too! Big Barricade Smaller Barricade Legion Barricade Showcase of some more barricades and smaller stuff Opinions more than welcome Cheers!
  5. Simplest colorscheme and model to paint, so even I could make something half decent of it 😁
  6. Howdy! In anticipation for the upcoming release of the Clone Wars era game, I've been dabbling a bit on the 3D modeling side of things to make a bit of a homebrew of a new faction (well, started with GAR and CIS, then went on to the Naboo) The Naboo Security Forces of the Phantom Menace is one of the few factions that has seen big screen action, and is sufficiently fleshed out lore-wise, so it is fitting to have them get the spotlight for a change. The composition of the NSF also works well in a skirmish game setting. Now for some pictures (but remember, one of the first forays into painting minis so C&C more than welcome): Two Security Guard Squads and one Palace Guard Squad First Squad of Naboo Security Guards Second Squad of Naboo Security Guards Royal Palace Guard Seraph Land-Speeder with Pilot and gunner Comparison Gian Speeder WIP Droideka WIP Clone Phase 1 Clone Phase 2 leader B-2 battle droid Pile o' WIPS Crappy Camera, Focus is not what it should be.( And they look better in real life, I promise 😅) Oh and they don't stand up to your sculpts as they are chunky 3d printed ones, but works for me (until I manage to get my sweaty paws on one of those fancy resin printers, then you'll see...) As you can see, bunch of stuff going on. BUT! Nothing yet done stat-wise on game mechanics, AKA no special Unit cards and such done yet, as I don't own Legion (Waiting for the clone wars, or if there's a sale I'll inevitably splurge out the cash for it now..) I have a bit of a problem to proxy them into a game ATM. As I get dice and movement tools printed and get to proxy some cards, I'll start making some custom cards for these as well. If Interested to check out my whole collection of stuff at Thingiverse ( Like the AAC-1 for NSF, or At-TE and AAT and STAP and and and..): https://www.thingiverse.com/Foba/designs Cheers!
  7. Well if the prequel era is released then let's not forget the faction that was prominently featured in the phantom menace, the naboo. 😀 Making a small homebrew faction and units currently to go with the game in anticipation for that, for example the seraph speeder 😁 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3251096
  8. Dunno, have to test and see how it goes
  9. The flak frigate might be the biggest problem here, it has very small pices that might not print, gonna need some editing for to work (and be recognisable) being only 2,54 cm long.
  10. Well scaling to TIs original ships is the way to go then?
  11. As a WS yeah, got that a little wrong. Only thing is that it looks a little out of place with the design, but should be doable. How big are the ships in TI per class?
  12. Well, theres always the possibility of adding the dreadnought (the one they found that is) as, well.. dreadnought and skip the corvette line entirely?
  13. Sounds resonable ?, wondering if not the gunship would look wonky as a destroyer though?
  14. I am actually working on some custom fleets to Eclipse at the moment, but it shouldn't be too hard to convert homeworld models ti Ti. (https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2071343/so-you-want-some-custom-ships) If I undesrstood correctly there are 6 classes of ships in TI? The only one that would be harder to make would be the war sun, depending on if you use corvettes or frigates for the destroyer, and are happy with a heavy cruiser/battleship as a stand-in for the W-S. Otherwise the W-S could be the normal TI sculpt, meaning: HWfighter:Fighter, HWFrigate:destroyer, HWdestroyer:cruiser, HWcarrier:carrier, HWHC/Battleship:drednought. Unfortunatley, only 5 different lines could be made with this, as theres not enough races to go around.
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