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  1. I've decided to go more for vlog than blog when it comes to sharing thoughts, ideas and game play. Though you can find my YouTube Channel on my profile, I thought I'd share the Introduction video (complete with a photo of my Genesys rulebook and dice). Coming up for Genesys: Hollywood Genesys Armed with a collection of fun DVDs that I feel suit the idea of being roleplayed, I'll be talking about how I plan to go about that. Including what will happen if the players, through no fault of their own - it's just the way the dice fall - go off-script. Also what sort of characters players can create for the specific settings. Genesys: Pacific Rim While it will be fun to play as Jaeger pilots, and it is certainly something I'm going to attempt at some point, this is actually more of a survival game. Characters find themselves in a city being attacked by the Kaiju and need to survive, find loved ones and generally try not to get dead. I'm hoping this will combine with the Pacific Rim Extinction board game (currently on Kickstarter), and I'll be sharing how I plan on combining the board game action with a session of roleplaying. There will be other videos, but those are the first two I'm going to make on the topic of Genesys.
  2. First of all, I like it. Sounds like great fun. I'll even admit to answering some of those questions while I was reading. Sounds interesting. Will be great if you can cross some backgrounds. When it comes to the darker sides of their background that comes back to haunt them, perhaps put them in a situation where they have to choose between repeating the mistake or choosing to do the right thing. The twist here is that repeating their evil is rewarded and doing the right thing is punished. This is H E L L after all. On the topic of "home", perhaps have a room where the characters find themselves in their idealised home. Not necessarily their real home, but the ideal. Well behaved children, loving wife/husband, plenty of money in the bank etc. Character must fight against the illusion of his/her paradise or be forever entranced. This could be taken to in another direction, where the cause of the illusion is a siren who is getting ready to attack. Perhaps they have to earn their passage? I can't imagine they'd be walking around with the payment they need. Perhaps have a side adventure where they help an NPC who turns out to be a good and helpful thing that flicks a coin to them to pay the ferryman.
  3. Typed up the next part of my world building and shared to Instagram and Facebook. But here is a copy and paste: World Building Part 2: Population Baharroth will be a world where Aelves are in the majority. Daughters of Khaine occupy the North West of the mainland. Sylvaneth have a large area of forest that crosses the width of the mainland, and fills the only valley that cuts through the mountains. Highborn Aelves have grand palaces on some of the islands that float above the mainland, with their capital linked by bridge to a high mountain. Among some of the small islands in the sea around the mainland live the Idoneth Deepkin. However, there are other races. Within the central mountain range live the few surviving giants, as well as Vhargulfs and Vhargheists among swarms of bats and fell bats. Other monsters hide out among the peaks and caves too. On the Eastern side of the mainland live primitive tribes of Orruks and Grotz, together with monstrous spiders, trolls and squigs. These greenskins are Bonesplitterz and Spiderfangs, having become more feral since the dark times. Most of the humans, who number in the thousands, are to be found under the rule of the Daughters of Khaine. Some are fortunate to live among the Highborn Aelves, but are the exception rather than the rule. Fewer still live among the Sylvaneth Woods, and only permitted at the cost of never using cutting tools, making weapons or creating fire. Duardin number in the hundreds, and can only be found with humans within the territory of the Daughters of Khaine. Highborn Aelves and Sylvaneth have yet to welcome any Duardin into their domains. Ogres number in the dozens, and are similarly confined to within the territory of the Daughters of Khaine. Once I've started fleshing out all of the background I'll have a better idea of the playable races. I'm seriously thinking of doing stats and motivations for Humans, Duardin, Ogres, Aelves, Orruks and Grotz. But for today, that is roughly how I plan to populate Baharroth. I've not gotten into the history just yet, but it is likely that the Elves were going to wipe out Humans and Dwarves with the Ogres. Perhaps a combination of the Highborn and Sylvaneth found such butchery distasteful and stopped the darker Elves from completely eradicating the other races. In my first draft, Humans were extinct in this particular world. Only Ghouls and Skeletons remaining of their once proud cities. Now my ideas point to the Elves simply wanting to remove any trace of Chaos from this world. As such any humans with a knack for magic are swiftly and mercilessly killed. I've yet to decide whether or not to have a dark secret or ancient evil yet to be summoned, but I'm toying with different ideas. I've never played Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying. In fact, I was more into Warhammer 40,000 until recently. I might look at some of that material for inspiration, but I'm looking forward to doing my own thing with Genesys.
  4. I'm about to start collecting Age of Sigmar. In fact I ordered the Age of Sigmar book on the same day I ordered the Genesys core rulebook. While I wait for them to arrive, I have been thinking about the world I'll be gaming in. Today I sat down and drew a very simple map of the world, a world which I am going to name Baharroth. In trying to think of a name, the first name to come to mind was Buh-Harroth. It wasn't until later I found out that there is an Eldar Phoenix Lord by the name of Baharroth. His name means: "Cry of the Wind". This name seemed to fit so I've decided to go with Baharroth. Baharroth is actually a tectonic plate that is floating above clouds. What is beneath the clouds nobody knows, as anyone who sits on the back of a flying creature and goes down never comes back up. As if that wasn't strange enough, the sea which surrounds the mainland and islands falls from the side of the tectonic plate but the depth of the sea remains the same. There's also some floating islands around the mainland, though they aren't visible on the map I've drawn today, that stay in the same position and don't even move in strong winds. Elves, known as Aelves in Age of Sigmar (it's a Games Workshop thing ), are the dominant race of Baharroth. I'm still working on Humans and Duardin (Dwarves), but there won't be many. I'm thinking Humans will number in the thousands and Duardin in the hundreds, and these will be ruled over by the Aelves rather than have any of their own towns, cities or rulers. Ogres might be similarly governed by the Aelves, but like many of the races I'm still in the planning stages and don't want to commit myself too much to any one idea. Humans are one race that have a couple of options, but one constant is that there are enough remaining to be a playable race in Genesys. You can see the pictures on Facebook and/or Instagram, and I have a Genesys collection on Google+ I'm most active, and regular with my ideas, on Instagram which shares my post with Facebook meaning both get the same. My Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/geekstar.tommy.5 My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/geekstartommy/ My Google+ (Genesys Collection): https://plus.google.com/u/0/collection/goU-LF This is work in progress, and I won't always post here while I'm brainstorming ideas or finding inspiration. I'll keep posts here to those moments, like today, when something concrete is added to the world building. Hopefully it won't be long until I have my own Genesys: Age of Sigmar Baharroth supplement on my blog and the games can begin.
  5. I for one welcome any women into the hobby. They are, from my own experience, sadly lacking which is a shame but I just assumed its because they weren't that bothered about playing with games and little plastic toy soldiers. Often when I see women, such as at a games day, they're really just there to treat their man, not because they themselves are interested. At that same games day, I almost jumped out of my skin to find that rarest of gems: the female tabletop miniature gamer. She was the only member of staff there I actually had an intelligent conversation with. Everyone else, or should that be all the males, simply went about their business and acknowledged my presence with a sort of grunt. But she had this big beaming smile and went into enthusiastic conversation about all the miniatures she was standing beside.
  6. Why has nobody mentioned an even more serious matter: that of sexual harassment? Surely touching the female miniature without her expressed permission constitutes gross sexual harassment and shouldn't be allowed. I for one will not touch the female miniature in Fallout until she specifically gives me permission.
  7. Don't worry, I just need to post something somewhere to get moderator approval to join the forums. This looks like a good place for a bunch of nonsensical type so thank you very much.
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