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  1. in the older editions I believe the drunken fist style belonged to the Mantis Clan
  2. In another thread its suggested to make it the Zambato. I think this makes a lot of sense as the weapons blade is straight but curved at the striking edge like the Nagamaki and with similar grip, reach, just a different blade geometry. The actual Zambato is nearly the same weapon as a Nodachi and should use the same stats. Nodachi blade is curved all through its edge like a Katana.
  3. More Omamori...cool Kisshoten - Fertility and Beauty Add a skill die set to Success Opportunity when making a Performance or Charm skill check to those who would be considered attracted to your beauty. Also the GM could use a Modifier to conception if such things come into play. I use 2-3 sessions represent a year in game, so that conception modifier is a strong ability.
  4. These are good. Would love to see Drunken Mantis!
  5. Does anyone know where Kinushima Port is supposed to be?
  6. Thanks. Yes I like that idea of making it a quality.
  7. Yes fixed that its 3 threat as Sturm suggested. If you target 2 or more with a Autofire Weapon, increase Difficulty by 1 and gain the quality Ammo Hog. Im thinking of removing the difficulty here but keeping ammo hog. My reasoning is I may have nerfed autofire to much. Thoughts? So it would read like this. Declare Autofire and # of targets, up to 1 for each rank in the Attack Skill. Upgrade the difficulty of the combat check by 1 for each target you declared. If you target 2 or more with a Autofire Weapon gain the Ammo Hog quality. Thoughts?
  8. After a play session Ive determined Autofire is clunky and a bit op. So I ask you guys would this be to much? Also with regards to Jury Rig Im thinking it should not work with autofire. Thoughts please? Autofire (active) Declare Autofire and declare # of targets, up to 1 for each rank of Attack Skill, Gain the Ammo Hog quality, unless the weapon is hooked up to a portable generator. You must target the highest defense target first. Upgrade the difficulty of the combat check by 1 for each target you declared beyond the first. If you hit your target may Spray: Spend 1 Uncancelled Success or 2 Advantage to inflict weapons base damage + any uncancelled successes one additional time to a declared target. Ammo Hog (passive) During combat, Game Masters may make a heavy blaster pistol or Weapon with the Ammo Hog Quality run out of ammunition by spending 3 Threat or a Despair. This is in addition to the standard spending of Despair as discussed on page 218.
  9. Has anyone thought of something better than x5 for this. What about this rule. A Critical Hit delivered by a Planetary Scale Starship Weapons does +50 Critical Injury. Do you use it? Does it result in character deaths and how often?
  10. Does anybody feel like the +10 damage planetary and more importantly the damage divided by ten against vehicles is to much?
  11. Yes fun game, but I think it from a comic originally before EaW. Due to the age we see on the X-wings they couldn't have been prototypes in 1 bby. Guesswork from what sources are available. Tie Line Fighters, I have them rolling out late in 14 bby. I like that the project was mothballed but brought back so for as Incoms X-wing Im thinking maybe rolls out in 4-6 bby around the time rebellion was at the Empires doorstep with the Alliance beginning to acquire them in 1 bby from many sources with intention to mass produce the T65b.
  12. Hmm I was under the impression from everything ive read the x wings were prototypes that were stolen on Fresia and that's the canon, is their something else saying otherwise? The soonest Rebel models might of came out was that year and would of been few in number.
  13. How about? Security The base is being operated in a most unprofessional manner. The listening posts one job to stay hidden while listening in on the Admiral has made the Guards inattentive, LT Sarev is a pushover with his soldiers. just some of the Data that can be found by the infiltrators searching the Offices. Entry I had the PCs be working with other teams one would hit the outside com line and would be the diversion for the rebels to sneak into the "car port". With a difficulty check. Other rebel/resistance teams ensuring the patrol that left to investigate the com line wouldn't be returning. Infiltration The camera/monitor security guys are playing a game of sabbac for Obi's sake when the Rebel Infiltrators walk in stunning them, most of the camera or all of them may be offline, most of the base is so new that most of the security isn't fully operational yet and these matter are complicated as the GM permits further when the com line and main power generator are sabotaged by your rebels. Giant Plot Hole Later when the base is fully operational they can overhear the Admirals report that Dardano has moving on the listening outpost.
  14. Wiki and guess work. this is what I use. 😀. If you got a source or a suggestion for Starship Release Timeline. Lets add to this list! Rebel Alliance Z-95 AF4 Headhunter DP-20 Corellian Gunship Dornean "Braha'tok' Gunship Action Transport Assault Frigate Cr90 'Correllian' Corvette, Alderaan cruiser 20 bby MC 75 Profundity Class 19 bby. MC 80 Liberty-class 18 bby. R22 Spearhead (Phoenix Cell) 18 bby. Auzituck Gunship 11 bby, VCX-100 Freighter 5 bby. YT-2400 Freighter 2 bby, MC 80a Home One-class 2 bby. R-41 Starchaser 2 bby. Z-95 AF4 Heavy 95 2 bby. BTL-S3 Y-wing 1 bby. BTL-A4 Y-wing 1 bby. TX-65 X-Wing 0 bby X4 Incom Gunship (EaW) 0 bby. U-wing, 0 bby. T-65 X-wing 0 aby. A/SF-01 B-wing 2 aby. RZ-1 A-wing 2 aby MC40a Light Cruiser 3 aby, T-65C-A2 X-Wing
  15. I see you sharing all the time so Ya im glad to help my friend and ill think ill use this too. It may need adjustment downwards still during playtesting as lots of players like to fly very fast.
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