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  1. Fair enough but Ill try to explain better how I see Aim described in Melee. Going on the offensive doesn't necessarily mean reckless strategy, at least from my experiences. Rather I was suggesting moving away from the concept of a counter attack. Instead im looking at it more like you have read your opponents last move and can 'boost' your attack going on the offensive. The boost increasing your chance to land a telling blow for the round as defined as a sequence of action exchanges between combatants. This is the ebb and flow of combat from a melee point of view. There is a give and take, often set up by a good read or feint where the combatant has the initiative to strike and the defender would be the reckless one to not yield and defend in the sequence.
  2. I believe Favreau and Filoni are genuine fans, and The Mandalorien is going to be a big thing and will be done right. Fans are going to feel the nostalgia and be hooked on this series.
  3. Aim for Melee I haven't thought of that but since mechanically its a boost die to land a telling blow. I describe it as a flurries of fast combinations and strikes. Basically going on the offensive rather than fighting defensively looking for a opening to counter.
  4. me too the builder does not work with firefox I believe
  5. I agree no Rigid. There are light armor categories for what we see in the Oskara art is just that and not representative of gear for Oskara
  6. I agree its a much better fit. Im going to be adding Scoundrel moving forward. Thanks!
  7. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2000-Rhinestones-Crystal-Silver-Flat-Back-Acrylic-Diamond-Gems-1-5mm-to-10mm-NEW-/331209633102?var=540399953332&hash=item4d1da1ed4e:m:m43CrjNo29jtYzxS051g_2Q Its the second tab.
  8. The website link Harker dropped uses a tab where you choose pick millimeter (default was 4 I believe). They then come in range of colors.
  9. Where did the idea for Scoundrel Career swap with Smuggler come from? I rather like it!
  10. For new GMs a good thing to remember is that if even 1 damage gets through and its with critical it removes that minion. It up to GM if npc is killed or unc. regardless of any hp remaining.
  11. Wow you are one talented modder and painter!..btw Ive never modded but I want to try your idea of crystals for engine thrusters so I ask what crystal sizes are the closest fit for small and medium base ships?
  12. This short film has good potential..Filoni should be allowed to make something like this TIE Fighter because there is a a big niche for Star Wars dark and gritty storytelling but no worries the new show Resistance will be good and the kids can watch too.
  13. Id like to see some caps any suggestions and like you said is Master Bounty hunter around 500 xp. That would be very useful. Personally I dont like Unlimited specs advancement either. 3-4 spec seems more than enough for a character concept. Does anyone else not like that? and do you make any kind of limit on how many a player may take? Im trying to stick with 3. With a 4th possible with certain prereqs.first
  14. I thought you dont use manuever to change positions. Highest pilot check moves 1 range and highest speed for the vehicle also moves one range. You use your manuevers for other (manuever actions still).
  15. Easiest way to explain this oversight is the the pistol and carbine are nearly identical in size but are different in weight and the carbine model extra burst capability means it must be fired as a ranged heavy with two hands to be used effectively.
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