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  1. Big Heavy has always been able to handle squads. It’s just how you build and fly. I took 4th at my first ever regional flying Double ISD, 2 Gozanti, Mauler and a Jumpmaster with Motti. QLTs, Cluster Bombs, flack, Kallus, and Mauler can put out some hurt. Wasn’t going to win me anything, but it was resilient and decent against most stuff. 28 hull is just hard to chew through. The tools are there. And I don’t say this to brag, but rather to say that Motti ISDs are just absurdly resilient. Be willing to fly without ECMs. Learn when to que repairs.
  2. @JJs Juggernaut Just trying to figure out the Raddus side of things: what helped you determine whether to Put the 75 aside vs the 30? I saw in one of your posts that that was a key decision for the list match to match.
  3. That’s an interesting line of thought. In theory that should work with most squad lists against her. Provided you have something that can threaten an ISD
  4. @BrobaFett, that’s a really interesting and effective looking list. I’m a bit disappointed that you never flew against Sloane though. It always seems that non Sloane lists that aren’t utilizing Ruthless Strategist have issues with her from a furball perspective. Is that just a weak matchup for the list, or do you have some tactics for that?
  5. So, using Raiders for objective play? With a substantial bid, naturally.
  6. Not necessarily. For example, a Darth Dart like CaribbeanNinja used at Worlds creates a credible threat that can be used to impact that. They are nimble, and cheap. Depending on the situation, potentially forfeiting 50 points to eliminate a Bail or Price on Turn 3 is well worth it.
  7. Yeah, but a Vader boarding team kinda kicks those to the curb.
  8. You last first with it to double tap. Then you last first an ACM Kuat to kill something dead
  9. Well, I’m looking at running a HIE Raider and ACM Kuat with Screed. I can reliably dummy 6 activations, which seems like a lot for a fully loaded Kuat. A HIE double tap from a Raider followed by a Kuat is about as effective for whaling as it gets
  10. As we all start moving forward into store championship season, people will be looking to modify fleets. How do you think the meta has shifted as far as being able to pull off a last first? How many activations are required to do it? It seems that 3 and 4 ship fleets are coming to the fore, but a Strategic Advisor turns those into faked 4 and 5 activations. What are your thoughts and feelings on the matter?
  11. I’ve actually just moved to Gadsden and have gotten a guy in Bham into the game. So there is some support there
  12. Very true. But I like to think of them as more of a whaling ship than anything else.
  13. Lordy. HIE Dcaps Raider 2 and an ACM Kuat can kill a Star Destroyer in 3 activations. He will enjoy it! Even easier to make happen with Screed. And it can be done before the ISD even is able to fire if you use 4 activations.
  14. Thanks to @Snipafist, I’ve gotten better with Raiders. But they require a couple different things. 1. You need activation advantage. You must position your Raiders such that they can go whaling by activating after something has come into range. Second, you need a substantive bid. If you can pull a double or triple tap with a Raider, it’s extremely cost effective. This is actually substantially easier with the 2 than the 1 for obvious reasons. This lets you use your defense tokens at Range while still being able to hurt something up close. And a D-Cap, HIE Raider that double taps is pretty darn scary. its a very challenging ship to fly, and made more difficult by things like the Cymoon. But it CAN hit like a ton of bricks.
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