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  1. Got a command card that will pair great with my saber tank and couldn't be happier with all the cool stuff coming out. Excited to see what the cheap clone commander can do for my tank list.
  2. A phase 2 helmet and phase 1 helmet was shown for the engineer clone so I would assume that they will all have this option.
  3. Really hopeful for the cheap clone commander and maybe a command card that can help out the saber tank as it's one of my favorite units to run.
  4. The main upside of phase 2's is for 2 measly points you get an additional courage and reliable 1 making them very effective. The usual loudout for them is Z-6 and some training with overwatch and offensive push being the popular options.
  5. Yes I took aayla to try and keep suppression off the phase 1's with inspire 2. Padme also gets a built in comms relay so all of her cards and rex's 2 pip can all issue orders to the tank.
  6. With the soon release of padme(hopefully) I have been brewing once more trying to add her to a tank list as a token generator and an easy way to keep feeding orders to the tank. So far the list looks somthing like this. Any feedback on this list to make it better and how do you guys plan on running padme? 791/800 Clone Captain Rex (90 + 12 = 102)--Aggressive Tactics (10), Recon Intel (2)R2-D2 (35 + 0 = 35)Padme Amidala (90 + 0 = 90)Phase I Clone Troopers (52 + 25 = 77)--Z-6 Phase I Trooper (25)Phase I Clone Troopers (52 + 25 = 77)--Z-6 Phase I Trooper (25)Phase I Clone Troopers (52 + 30 = 82)--DC-15 Phase I Trooper (30) Phase I Clone Troopers (52 + 30 = 82)--DC-15 Phase I Trooper (30)Phase I Clone Troopers (52 + 0 = 52)TX-130 Saber-Class Fighter Tank (170 + 24 = 194)--Aayla Secura (5), TX-130 Twin Laser Turret (14), Linked Targeting Array (5) Commands: Call Me Captain (1), Our Fate is in Your Hands (1), Take That, Clankers! (2), Aggressive Negotiations (2), Were Not Programmed (3), Diplomatic Cover (3), Standing Orders (4)Deployments: Major Offensive, The Long March, Hemmed In, Roll OutObjectives: Hostage Exchange, Payload, Key Positions, Intercept the TransmissionsConditions: Clear Conditions, Fortified Positions, Supply Drop, Minefield
  7. Agreed. With rex it allows you to sit around 9 activations rather than 7 which let's you compete against higher activation lists.
  8. It used to allow him to get a free focus from his boost and follow up with a target lock. A rule change killed this interaction so now there is no reason to take it.
  9. Hello all I was looking for recommendations on where to get terrain for a home legion table as well as how much terrain should normally go on a legion table. Thanks!!
  10. I was messing around with list builder trying to mash together a good build for the tank and friends and ended up coming up with this. I wanted to know what feedback if any you would have for this list. Thanks! 798/800 Clone Captain Rex (90 + 12 = 102) --Aggressive Tactics (10), Recon Intel (2) R2-D2 (35 + 0 = 35) Phase I Clone Troopers (52 + 25 = 77) --Z-6 Phase I Trooper (25) Phase I Clone Troopers (52 + 25 = 77) --Z-6 Phase I Trooper (25) Phase I Clone Troopers (52 + 25 = 77) --Z-6 Phase I Trooper (25) Phase I Clone Troopers (52 + 25 = 77) --Z-6 Phase I Trooper (25) Phase I Clone Troopers (52 + 25 = 77) --Z-6 Phase I Trooper (25) Phase I Clone Troopers (52 + 25 = 77) --Z-6 Phase I Trooper (25) TX-130 Saber-Class Fighter Tank (170 + 29 = 199) --Veteran Clone Pilot (7), TX-130 Twin Laser Turret (14), High-Energy Shells (8)
  11. Played this list at a tournament today and placed 5th out of 22 people. Seemed like a solid list to me.
  12. I just got to put some of these tips to use last night at my local gaming store. Played against obiwan anakin and ric. Some notable things that happened blocking ships, predicting the aces dials, splitting the formation into 2 and 2 and slow rolling in the beginning. Ended up pulling out a win. Thanks to everyone for the ideas and tips!!
  13. So I normally play list that joust with high hull and low ps ships and I've been running into trouble against aces specifically 3 high ps aces. Does anyone have some tips to deal with these kinds of lists?
  14. I've been having trouble against aces with fin and friends. Any tips to help deal with aces?
  15. Ended up playing fin with the perceptive copilot and optics. Played 2 solid games and ended up winning both. Alot of people are taken off guard by fins durability/firepower. So far having a blast with the list.
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