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  1. Error when Torani Kulda's ability is applied.
  2. Bumping doesn't seem to work as expected: (I'm trying to attach a screenshot but the forum says I've used all of my attachment space. I'm trying to Manage Attachments, but can't find how to delete other stuff. When a bump should happen, the ships just overlap each other. So far I've seen it with AI ships.)
  3. A disclaimer that the dice aren't fair in this game. JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Right-clicking a potential target to show the range, bullseye, etc is a good tip.
  5. Just got my flush letter. I may very well be the least lucky person on the planet when it comes to random drawings. And rolling dice.
  6. When reading about strategy, I often hear how important obstacle placement is. For some things like Rebel Han, it makes sense to scatter them so there is more area for him to be within range 1. There are other pilot and upgrade specific instances like Trick Shot, and others I can't think of off hand. But I can't seem to get my head around why *generally* it is so important. I hardly ever get to play against people, so my experience and skill is very low. I'm trying to learn, though, so please give me some thoughts, reasons, and examples as to why I need to think about where the rocks are.
  7. 1st edition X-wings (65 or 70) don’t have movable S-foils. Edit: Saw’s Renegades has the Partisan paint job T-65 with movable wings. That pack is part 1st edition.
  8. Points and slots change. To avoid confusion, that stuff is “out of sight, out of mind” so to speak—you can’t look at the card and say “that’s 4 points, see?” It all lives in the app(s) and pdfs. 1sr edition had it printed on the cards, btw.
  9. Take a look at the MetaWing section of List Fortress to see what lists people are playing right now: https://meta.listfortress.com/ships? Click a ship you like and see what squadrons people are playing and what pilots/upgrades they are choosing. Or, go the Archetypes section. A lot of good stuff in List Fortress. Also, take a look at Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 (YASB 2.0) for building lists at https://raithos.github.io/. There are other apps/sites, but YASB is my (and seemingly most others') favorite. It defaults to Extended (instead of Hyperspace) and 200 points (the standard points for a list), but you can choose other settings. Finally, the X-wing 2.0 Fandom page is a pretty good spot to see what upgrades, pilots, etc come in each expansion. https://xwing-miniatures-second-edition.fandom.com/wiki/X-Wing_Miniatures:_Second_Edition_Wiki. Useful resource to see what all you are getting when choosing a ship. After looking at different lists/ships/upgrades on List Fortress, go to YASB and start tinkering.
  10. thomedwards

    Obi wan ability

    Yes, as long as he has the focus token to pay for it.
  11. I’d do it just for Poe’s X~wing.
  12. If you are on GitHub, it’s probably a better idea to put it there. It at least saves them the step of moving the issue from here to there. It also helps to see if the issue is already reported, and you can see the status of the progress. But if you’re on GitHub, you already know this.... https://github.com/Sandrem/FlyCasual/issues
  13. What part is skewed? Are you talking about dice, or something else?
  14. I love this part on both sides of the card: "Before you activate, If you are not critically damaged you may flip this card" So if you get critically damaged, your S-foils are stuck. Completely thematic and "real." Also makes you think about if you should flip them in certain spots and adds a little downside to the upgrade. Most people won't go closed except in a hairy situation to get the Evade, but you might not want to do it because if you take a crit you can't go back to the double-tap cannons. A decision must be made, which is good. There is almost no way this will be free. I hope the card is where the cost is. Don't mess with the base ship--add cost only when you add the upgrade. I give this card a 10/10.
  15. Just an FYI. A Phantom failing a decloak may cause the game to not move to the next step. For example, I choose to "Right Straight 2" when decloaking but I overlap an asteroid. The maneuver template disappears (just like on a failed barrel roll), the red message appears saying it failed, but then nothing happens. The Phantom is still selected, but it won't do anything. The game should move to the next step in the Systems phase or finish out the System phase. Instead, it just does nothing, and stays in that state indefinitely. I've attached a screenshot of the log that is displayed when I press Esc to exit the game (which also causes things to become unresponsive. Must Force Quit to completely exit).
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