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  1. Just an FYI. A Phantom failing a decloak may cause the game to not move to the next step. For example, I choose to "Right Straight 2" when decloaking but I overlap an asteroid. The maneuver template disappears (just like on a failed barrel roll), the red message appears saying it failed, but then nothing happens. The Phantom is still selected, but it won't do anything. The game should move to the next step in the Systems phase or finish out the System phase. Instead, it just does nothing, and stays in that state indefinitely. I've attached a screenshot of the log that is displayed when I press Esc to exit the game (which also causes things to become unresponsive. Must Force Quit to completely exit).
  2. That looks WHOLE lot like a Harbor Freight item. https://www.harborfreight.com/toolbox-organizer-with-4-drawers-68238.html I have one, and it works great. The top compartment holds maneuver templates, range rulers, debris and other larger, misshapen items. The top tray I use for tokens and dice, and it works perfectly. The other trays I use for small base ship/pilot tokens, one faction per tray. I keep my ships on a shelf for all the world to see. EDIT: I just looked, and the Harbor Freight box is about $10USD cheaper than the Amazon item. Other than that, they look almost identical. Also, Harbor Freight is in-store only for that item, so that might matter for you.
  3. I don’t like it. I don’t think there is as much of a swing for Force recharge versus (most of) the other adjustable cards and their logarithmic value increase as other stats are considered. Plus, with Hate, you have to absorb a negative event to trigger. Shield Upgrade, for example, is there every time.
  4. Well I feel dumb. Sorry, it’s been a long day. Thank you!
  5. So when Olie or Ellberger compare their revealed dial to another ship’s, what if the other ship hasn’t revealed their dial yet? Surely you don’t get a free “Sense” do you?
  6. thomedwards

    Snap Shot

    Don’t forget IG-88B
  7. I always thought the differentiation between a stock YT-1300 and the Falcon was a cool concept in 1e. I wonder if they removed the differences to avoid confusion and/or people forgetting which one they were playing. I gotta be honest, I wish they would have kept them different.
  8. Niceguy Thom B-wing I1 During the Setup phase, you cannot make it because of family and/or work. Gain 5 stress tokens if you cannot make it to the Setup phase.
  9. So with Ahsoka, do both her pilot ability and ship ability kick in after one maneuver? I wonder about “once per opportunity” possibly not allowing both.
  10. Not according to YASB 2.0. All pilots show 3 crew.
  11. Some people's favorite coke is Sprite, other's coke preference is Dr. Pepper. My favorite coke is Coke.
  12. I’d like to see a crew or mod that requires the jam action (white or red), turns the action white, and allows for one more ship to be jammed. You have to pay for it, but for ships that can jam it makes it a more worthwhile action.
  13. thomedwards

    Miranda attack

    Bistan says after a primary attack. Torpedoes are not a primary weapon, so no.
  14. Who is more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows him? 😄
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