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  1. I don't know if Yepesnopes is still active on these forums, but you can find the Book of the Asur here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B78tEyor-_2DMjFCTTFlWG9sLU0 As you will see, there isn't much activity on this forum since it got archived, but there are forums for all editions of WFRP at the Winds of Chaos site and there is also a Facebook group for 3rd Edition if you are on social media.
  2. Plus, if you are asking for copyrighted material (I'm not sure if this is something from an official publication), people might be a bit wary about sharing it on a form where they might get banned for doing so.
  3. Yeah, it would definitely be good to have more options for the other Lores and Faiths. Maybe something to work on as a fan project at some point. I don't have much faith (😉) of getting the other PODs now, especially not From the Grave. But I 'd appreciate any tips if any more come to light.
  4. Well I have ordered it. It's coming by way of a friend in Austria, so I won't actually get my hands on it until July, but I have learnt to be patient. Thanks again.
  5. Ooo, and with my birthday coming up soon too. Thanks! Shipping to the UK is pretty expensive though (over three times as much as the product itself!). I might see if any of my group want any of the other WFRP3 stuff they have in stock so we can split the delivery cost. Alternatively I have friends across Europe. One of them might be able to take the delivery for me.
  6. Good to hear! Definitely nothing wrong with getting a bit of variety in games - helps keep things fresh. We've mixed it up with Mouse Guard and have loads of games lined up to try once (or if) we finish The Enemy Within.
  7. Hi everyone. I'm not sure how many active users there are still reading this forum, or even still interested in WFRP3 (obviously the best edition of the game, despite a new pretender to the throne 😉). I just wanted to let whoever is here know that there are some new places to discuss the game. Winds of Chaos, a new forum taking over from the sadly soon to be shutdown Strike to Stun, and with sub-forums for all editions of the game. There isn't much WFRP3 stuff yet, but it would great for that sub-forum to get a bit more activity: http://www.windsofchaos.com/forum/ The WFRP3 Facebook Group: If this is more your sort of thing, please join us to chat all things WFRP3: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2205851869651055/ (Apologies if this breaks any rules. And apologies to those who have already seen these links elsewhere.)
  8. To elaborate even further. If the Opposing (i.e. Target of the action's) characteristic is: Less than half of the acting characteristic: add 0 Challenge dice Less than the acting characteristic: +1 Challenge die Equal to the acting characteristic: +2 Challenge dice Greater than the acting characteristic: +3 Challenge dice Twice as great as the acting characteristic: +4 Challenge dice In addition, the Target's skills and specialisations may add misfortune dice.
  9. 1. I can't find an answer to this anywhere, but I assume the talent would continue to recharge even when it's not "active". That's what I'd rule as a GM anyway, but I suppose you could argue it either way. 2. As per page 2 of the Errata and FAQ, "Unless indicated otherwise, the default challenge level for Melee Attack and Ranged Attack actions is Easy (1d). Unless indicated otherwise, the default difficulty for other actions, such as casting a spell or invoking a blessing, is Simple (0d)." So your example actions would have no challenge dice (unless the GM decides to add some). Hope that helps! (Btw, things are a bit dead around here these days, as you may have noticed. The Strike to Stun forums are the go-to place for WFRP now. There still aren't many of us discussing 3e, but probably more than here.)
  10. Yes, again that's correct (more or less). Just to break it down a bit more: In addition to the 10 advances on the front of the career sheet, you could also choose to spend open advances on improving your career primary characteristics. So for your Barber-Surgeon you could improve Int or Fel. However, as with character creation, this costs a number of XP equal to what the characteristic is being increased to, e.g. raising from 3 to 4 costs 4 XP, and it also counts as that many open advances. So it can be a bit expensive, and you'll miss out on other advances, but it does still count to completing your career (as long as it's one of those primary characteristics). Non-career advances cost additional XP, and do not counting towards career completion. So that third Talent in your example would cost 2XP and wouldn't be an open career advance. Now, technically you can stay in a career until you have completed it, or you can leave it at any time even if you have taken fewer than 10 advances. Obviously if you do the latter you don't get the dedication bonus. But the former means that you could get that extra Talent and still work towards getting your dedication bonus. This is why the character sheet has separate sections for career advances and non-career advances. Basically, the advance system is a bit odd compared to other RPGs. Rank is tied directly to how much XP you've spent, but careers are independent of that. So you reach Rank 2 when you've spend 10XP, but you could enter a second career before that if you want. Bear in mind too, that it costs XP to enter a new career anyway, so even if you complete your first career you wouldn't be entering the second one until you've spent 10-14XP anyway (depending on career and race). Advancing is one of the more complicated parts of the system, but it makes sense once you get the hang of it.
  11. Correct, nothing you purchase at character creation counts towards fulfilling your career path. So say if you purchased 3 Actions at creation and your career allows for 2 actions to be bought as career advances, you could then buy those on top of the original 3. It's also worth pointing out (because it took my group a while to figure it out) that you spend 10 advances for a career, but only 6 of those will be from the Career sheet choices - the other 4 are the fixed advances Action, Talent, Skill and Wound that you have to take. So in the above example you could actually purchase 3 actions as career advances - 1 as a fixed advance and up to 2 more from the Career sheet.
  12. Welcome to the wonderful world of WFRP 3e! Some things about this system do seem odd at first, but hopefully it will all start to make sense once you've played a few sessions. To answer your questions: 1. Yes, you can take any selection of Talents you want, not just the types that appear on your Career sheet. Taking one that everyone can benefit from and slotting it to the Party sheet may well make you very popular with the rest of the group! 2. Apart from exceptions like the ones you mentioned, and Blessings and Spells (which can only be purchased by Priests and Wizards respectively) there are no restrictions on what Action cards you can purchase and use. So a character can purchase any combination of Melee, Ranged and Support Actions. Although of course some characters will benefit more from certain Actions than others.
  13. Since PadreBoniface has already given the in-character justification, I'll focus on the rules. Necromancy talent card: I think the assumption is you acquire it when you enter the Necromancer career. It would take a pretty harsh GM not to allow this! It might be at the expense of your old order card though. From Apprentice Wizard: the Necromancer career has a built-in stance meter, so I'd say that becomes the character's new default stance meter (as per rules for entering a new career). From Witch: a generous GM might let you learn lvl 2+ Necromancy spells since you're a Necromancer now rather than a Witch - the trade off being that you can't learn spells from other orders (or new Hedge Magic spells) anymore. I'm not sure, but based on the wording of the rules Warlocks might not have the restriction on only learning lvl 1 spells. If so, you could go Witch -> Warlock -> Necromancer. Hope that helps.
  14. Thank you! I actually managed to find a copy of the Game Master's Guide in the US that works out slightly cheaper than that even with shipping (which surprised me!). But I appreciate you checking for me.
  15. Hi everyone. I know this is probably a bit of a long shot but I am trying to fill in the few remaining gaps in my WFRP collection. I'm willing to pay reasonable prices (happy to negotiate what that means) for any of the following: Game Master's Guide Hero's Call (thanks dertarr!) All of the PODs except Dreadfleet Captains, Faith of Sigmar and Celestial Order Magic (thanks again dertarr and k7e9!) These are all very difficult to find now, so I'm reaching out to the community to see if anyone can help an obsessive completionist. Should also mention for shipping purposes that I'm in the UK.
  16. We're all fairly new too. I've run Eye for an Eye and Gathering Storm for a different group a couple of years ago, and I've just starting running The Enemy Within for this group. The other guy who shares GMing responsibilities has run Edge of Night and Witches Song for this group. We have one completely new player who has joined us for TEW, and it's currently five players including me. TEW will probably keep us busy for a while as we're only playing once a month. A new face would certainly be welcome, especially if you're interested in GMing!
  17. It might be a bit far for you to travel, but we have an active group in Leeds. We meet on Thursday evenings at the Headingley Games Club.
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