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  1. Karanthir

    Completing my WFRP 3e collection

    Yeah, it would definitely be good to have more options for the other Lores and Faiths. Maybe something to work on as a fan project at some point. I don't have much faith (😉) of getting the other PODs now, especially not From the Grave. But I 'd appreciate any tips if any more come to light.
  2. Karanthir

    Completing my WFRP 3e collection

    Well I have ordered it. It's coming by way of a friend in Austria, so I won't actually get my hands on it until July, but I have learnt to be patient. Thanks again.
  3. Karanthir

    Completing my WFRP 3e collection

    Ooo, and with my birthday coming up soon too. Thanks! Shipping to the UK is pretty expensive though (over three times as much as the product itself!). I might see if any of my group want any of the other WFRP3 stuff they have in stock so we can split the delivery cost. Alternatively I have friends across Europe. One of them might be able to take the delivery for me.
  4. Good to hear! Definitely nothing wrong with getting a bit of variety in games - helps keep things fresh. We've mixed it up with Mouse Guard and have loads of games lined up to try once (or if) we finish The Enemy Within.
  5. Hi everyone. I'm not sure how many active users there are still reading this forum, or even still interested in WFRP3 (obviously the best edition of the game, despite a new pretender to the throne 😉). I just wanted to let whoever is here know that there are some new places to discuss the game. Winds of Chaos, a new forum taking over from the sadly soon to be shutdown Strike to Stun, and with sub-forums for all editions of the game. There isn't much WFRP3 stuff yet, but it would great for that sub-forum to get a bit more activity: http://www.windsofchaos.com/forum/ The WFRP3 Facebook Group: If this is more your sort of thing, please join us to chat all things WFRP3: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2205851869651055/ (Apologies if this breaks any rules. And apologies to those who have already seen these links elsewhere.)