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  1. Why not give ground buzzer firing out of each side, not just to rear? Model allows for this!
  2. When are specialists arriving in UK? Still showing as pre-order. Cheers
  3. Further to my original question, would suggest convert to crits?
  4. Probably on the site here somewhere, but I cannot find answers. Does Leias Keyword Sharpshooter have any effect on the two red dice used in the bombardment to negate cover? Cheers
  5. Quick update. Undercoated. Been very busy. Hard working with Green Stuff in such small quantities. Photos really show what I have missed.
  6. I think a hover action would be good. Oh and revising points.
  7. Hi Decided to modify Han Solos hair. Still needing cleaned up, but I think it looks better already. All constructive criticism welcome. Cheers
  8. craigden


    T47 can hover. How would they fuel and arm it. Also shows them hovering in movie.
  9. craigden


    I think the repulsor vehicles should have hover. They would then lose cover. This could be easily implemented with a new upgrade card and points cost.
  10. Why would line of sight be required? I would have thought they were advanced enough to have some kind of drone in the air.
  11. Thanks for that, played first two games on Sunday.
  12. Can you pivot before compulsory move?
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