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  1. I already have a mat. But the dice / card track is actually really cool. Thinking of making that based on your design! Thanks for the inspiration.
  2. You do know that the fluff police will not approve the alien storm trooper. Edit: woops, I confused clone troopers with storm troopers.
  3. For potential Dutchies roaming around here. I spoke a store owner who said it wouldn't arrive before the 4th week of 2018. So January 29 at the earliest...
  4. I actually don’t mind playing smaller games in the beginning so not very inclined in straight up getting expansions (plus I have enough unpainted WH40K models). But what I want to prevent is making the game more difficult (e.g I need 5 white die for a shooting action but the core set only includes 4).
  5. So I'm having difficulty finding the answer to my question. Is to core set sufficient? Based on another forum and the demo on youtube it seems the amount of dice are not sufficient for plus an extra ruler / measure stick is needed easy / comfortable play. I don't mind buying it, but I would like to know if I should buy or not. What do you guys think?
  6. Thank you for this, I have been struggling with white for a long time and this seems a very easy way to shade white. Thanks!
  7. @RogueLeader0234 - I think that colour scheme would look awesome on models too.
  8. Thanks @werdnaegni, I still need to learn a lot so maybe I'll also start from scratch so I can understand the end2end process of building a webapp. Thanks for your openmindness tho!
  9. @RogueLeader0234 - cool! You can be the background expert! From my, limited, experience painting WH40K. I believe that simple colour scheme's will look the very best. Did some googling (sorry not that good into the SW background), and the simplicity of the colour scheme of the uniforms in the picture is something I will follow. Just not yet very convinced of the colours.
  10. May I ask what scripting language you have used to make this? I am currently learning JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Once I get the theory down I wanted to make an armylist builder (both for 40K as SW:L) for practice. Not trying to compete, more hoping to learn from you if you are open for it Thinking about it, if possible, could I help you with the coding (assuming JavaScript, HTML and CSS will be sufficient)?
  11. The citadel paint app has a colour scanner. If you have any better pictures / art perhaps you can scan the picture and it will tell you what colours you need. I like the rebel colour scheme btw. I might steal it if you don't mind.
  12. Thank you for this! I see they are overall a lot cheaper than Waylandgames. Edit: Woops, not everything is cheaper tho. But a lot is
  13. There are a few things I try to do and help me keep a good tip: Try to store the brush flat (i.e. horizontal); Don't get too much paint on the brush (i.e. it may not reach the metal part); Use brush cleaner once every week or so (when painting on a daily base). Hope this helps. Note that the quality of the brush also extends brush life + brush tip.
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