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  1. I primarily talk about everything Star Wars on the channel. Trailer reactions, comic reviews, novel reviews etc. I also do product reviews for Legion such as Imperial Terrain pieces and whatnot. I'm currently working on doing reviews and unboxings for the Legion expansions, as well. youtube.com/starrapter
  2. Or should I spray something like a white primer on first before spraying with Zandri Dust?
  3. If so, for how long? I heard you don't have to do this with plastic miniatures, but aren't these a combination of plastic and resin?
  4. I've been very impressed with what I've received from Imperial Terrain. What about you guys?
  5. I'm not a fan of the 2-D terrain on the map. I was hoping for just plain sand, grass, or snow.
  6. @OldSchoolEmpire Sweet! This is the final stretch, less than a month to go. I'm just putting the finishing touches on my terrain and I'll be good to go!
  7. @OldSchoolEmpire They had it ready to ship the day after I ordered it. It took about 12 days to get delivered.
  8. @darks0uls Wow this is awesome. Thanks so much!
  9. @darks0uls Awesome job on that building. I also have some Imperial Terrain, it's great. Marking the colors on a sheet beforehand is a great idea. Thanks a lot!
  10. @darks0uls Awesome terrain! I'm also working on a Tatooine board, but I am stuck trying to figure out what color acrylic paint that I should use. Your colors look exactly what I was thinking. I know it is in Spanish, but do you know what the colors are called in English?
  11. @OldSchoolEmpire Awesome! On average about how long does it take to print out something like a small desert home?
  12. I got my hands on my first pieces from Imperial Terrain and I'm very impressed! Who has gotten terrain from them?
  13. The latest article on the Stormtrooper unit says this: The Stormtroopers Unit Expansion will be released at the same time as the Star Wars: Legion Core Set and seven other expansions Counting the Rebels Expansions and Imperial Expansions we have a total of only 6 expansions. Could this mean that we may get Special Forces Units in time for launch?
  14. @OldSchoolEmpire Unfortunately, they don't carry this specific Wasteland map in 6x3 so i had to put out the extra cash to make it custom. I'm from New Jersey so the shipping costed me an arm and a leg, but I can't wait to play it! Also, it seems that mousepad has the best surface from other vids I watched about it.
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