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  1. That’s only a problem if you forget the story element in the game. Running a fight with the dragon should make ample use of stagger and immobilize to freeze players dead in their tracks. Send the players into close quarters, a cave or canyon. These are fierce predators that don’t leave themselves open for frontal attacks with vehicles. Don’t forget fear checks and use environmental features to make the fight interesting and challenging. I ran a battle with one in a crystal cavern and the players had to continually dodge falling razor sharp crystals.
  2. The Krayt Dragon is listed as adult size, Silhouette 4. Wound threshold is 43, soak is 15. When attacked, they can spend a despair or 3 threat to inflict instant poison damage. They have a special Fearsome Roar ability to immobilize and stagger. Teeth and claws do 12 damage plus several ranks of vicious, ensnare, and pierce. They can spend one advantage to do the same damage as a successful attack to another target in range. Overall, extremely ferocious.
  3. Wound threshold or combat skill dice pool?
  4. Let me share this little piece of advice - holding a grudge is like swallowing poison and waiting for the other person to die. Feel free to be angry, but you're only hurting your own experience. The rest of us will continue enjoying the amazing content that FFG has continued to produce and have great adventures in a universe we all love. Even if it takes a little longer than we expect, we still have hope it will arrive and will have been worth waiting for. Isn't that what Star Wars is about anyway?
  5. Sure enough. Fully statted and truly frightening.
  6. Book arrived today. I can confirm there are over 20 creatures in the book, some of which have never appeared in any book. Most excitingly, a Krayt Dragon.
  7. So let's show the company that we, as fans and customers, are worth communicating with. Instead of complaining, accusing, and arguing, let's provide polite feedback on how they can improve and how they can avoid escalation in the future. And let's thank them for what we do appreciate, like finally responding to our questions. I'm sure they well know how we feel about the delay.
  8. Let's think of it this way; they only had a limited amount to sell at the Celebration Convention (IIRC, they sold out quickly), so they must have had only a limited amount in their warehouse. If they were to ship pre-orders, how would they decide who gets their pre-order and who doesn't? Obviously, they have information about when orders were placed through Asmodee, but not for every LFGS out there. I imagine pre-order numbers were far higher than the stock they actually had that had passed QC, and they had no way to fulfill them all or even the ones in order of placement. Therefore, what they did was in fact the most reasonable and fair course of action. Unless of course, you'd rather no one have the book unless you can. In that case, I see no need to continue this discussion. Edit: For the record, I am still awaiting my book along with most everyone else. I placed my order the day pre-orders began.
  9. Yeah, I'm sure they are receiving a lot of angry or disgruntled messages. I decided to instead provide helpful feedback thanking them for the reply (which is fairly unusual) and politely suggesting updates like that be made available to the public. I know everyone is upset, but that's not going to change what happened.
  10. Hey everyone, just thought I'd leave this here. FFG (Asmodee NA) actually responded to my inquiry. To quote their response: "Unfortunately we ran into issues with Rise of the Separatists. We are working hard to get it out as soon as possible, but we want to make sure we deliver a product that is up to FFG’s high standards. I apologize for this lengthy delay in delivering the book, but know everyone here is trying to get it into our player’s hands ASAP." It's really nice to get a response like this, even if it doesn't really solve anything. A simple post on the site would have meant so much, even if this was all they said.
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