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  1. I might just run double AT RT. It was miserable to watch my AT RT kill some storm troopers and then have Vader saber throw to end the round and then open up with another saber throw to completely remove the unit. I just have a hard time justifying Luke's point cost to that of Vader. Vader just appears to be the complete package.
  2. That's what I should have done last game is just got him behind some terrain and caused everyone else to flee. I was happy to have some fleet troopers with their standby action and the scatter gun. Most disappointed I have been in the game in a long time. I have been staying away from Luke, especially now that Leia is out. Her range attack isn't nearly as help as Luke, but she does come with some nice abilities.
  3. Could someone please educate me on the proper way to kill Vader? I have played 8 games against vader and have yet to kill him. The past five games I have tried different tactics and none of them prevailed. Tonight I figured some ready and waiting fleet troopers with a scatter gun would surprise him, but seven hits later only one went through. I flanked my AT-RT and he died to two saber throws. I ended the night with two damage I inflicted and one damage inflicted by his command card. The only solutions opponent has given me was to either A) not play near vader because he is so slow or B) Two Airspeeders. Maybe my opponents just roll extremely hot red dice on defense. Luke has done nothing positive for me as a direct counter to Vader. I was hoping having him without a dodge token would help because he wouldn't have a deflect. And I am not going to sink half a list just to remove Vader from the game because you cannot claim objectives with tokens. As they said, the opponent cannot claim objectives if they are all dead.
  4. This was the entire reason why I went with Rebels. At least they have the nice colors of brown and green opposed to white with black details. I learned my lesson from painting stormtroopers in imperial assault.
  5. I was going through a lot of the post and everyone was looking at buying impact grenades from another source, which is fine. I was looking at getting the rebel portions from the cores and of course Leia and the other troopers are still being manufactured, so it might be a little bit before the Hoth stuff is released.
  6. Splitting two cores with a buddy of mine. I was curious if you were to only able to right now buy a single expansion for rebels or imperials which one would it be? My gut instinct is to go for the the AT-ST and T-47 because you wouldn't be receiving either one of those in the core and would add depth to the game play. I know the FF way is to get all the expansions as I have learned with X-Wing and Imperial Assault to get some better upgrade cards or even pilots for that matter, but I do not really see that with this game other than a couple of cards.
  7. Was hoping for him in my box so he could be used with Aphra but only ended up with one BT-1.
  8. I have been seeing some odd boxes being broken into. I have a hard time believing everything I see on the Internet (go figure) but i saw someone post four Kallus Bo-Rifles and two Force Waves. Along with some people post seven legendaries and others with six. I do not know if they decided change up distribution and make all legendaries worth the same probabilities and have chances at duplicates in a box. At least we do not have to worry about infinite of BB-8 or Rey's Staff.
  9. Ended up driving an hour and 15 minutes because my local store never received a confirmation on their orders....So I got one gravity feed and two Luke starters. Legendaries: Obi Wan's Saber Yoda Tarkin Aphra Finn Grand Moff
  10. I would look at introducing red to the deck by including the veteran stormtrooper and the battlefield of Secret Facility. The Destiny Council put out a mini-article a few weeks ago that broke down this type of deck. Plus you have options like Training to make the deck that much better for a two drop.
  11. What deck are you looking at putting the doc in? She was on my list of lower tier legendaries to get, but I can't find her sweet spot in a build.
  12. I was just looking at the prices online and they seem pretty reasonable opposed to buying a box. Might just be the bubble with so many people opening boxes.
  13. With Legacies being released tomorrow, what is everyone buying? My shop is receiving very little in stock, but was able to get 6 copies of rivals a couple of weeks ago to get a few people interested. Might end up just doing one of each starter and a box. Boba starter really doesn't appear to have much going on with it, card wise.
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