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  1. I know this thread is crazy old, but just wondering of the “useful” cards, how many of those would actually see play in 3 or 4 player?
  2. This app shouldn't be CPU intensive. There's no real time AI model that is running on my machine. Yet, before I even launch a mission my CPU ramps up and my fan kicks in. Can someone from FFG at least acknowledge this problem and give me an indication one way or other if you're going to fix it? Currently running a Macbook Pro 2.4GHz i5; 8gb ram ....
  3. Is anyone having problems w the new campaign on a mac? Everything I'm seeing in the thread seems to be related to mobile os or windows. About to start a campaign tmw and just want to know if I should expect any problems.
  4. is there an update on status of heavy cpu load when playing on a mac? has the team even acknowledged it?
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