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  1. Thank you all so much for your feedback. The community is making it a lot easier on a fairly new (2ish years) rpg gamer and very new (6 months) GM to adapt and I really appreciate the help! -- I definitely messed up the odds, honest mistake. I'll explain my mishap below. So long story short, when my PC decided to race (which I encouraged by means of an NPC willing to sponsor) it was roughly time to wrap up the session and technically I had not developed the odds for the race when the others decided to throw down some credits. I admittedly put a little too much on my plate for this session and just threw all of it together in the few hours my job had allowed and let's be honest, I did bad. I was pretty salty for screwing it up, and since he decided to showboat and purposely crash through the finish line I on the fly created a nemesis NPC who was the leader of a local swoop gang. After three rounds of combat he had not succeeded with a single shot and I flipped a DP and brought a squadron of law enforcement officers to intervene. This prompted the NPC, who had just been hit with a vibroknife, to cower and play damsel which resulted in the officers taking aim at the PCs. They decided to execute the gang leader and run; so 4 of my 5 PCs are wanted criminals at the moment, the other was the racer who ran off at the initial sight of trouble. Outside of the game I did explain how bad I messed it all up, then we shared a good laugh, then I told them that it should have been 50:1 and they were cool with it. They do, however, have to try and find a way to get their winnings, if at all, as the arena was evacuated at the sign of a potential terrorist threat.
  2. @kaosoe - They are all my good friends. They are laughing in my face as I tell them this is a collection of boneheaded moves on my part. But, I've told them from the beginning I was to avoid changing the narrative if at all possible so we are rolling with it. IF they get their money they are planning on establishing a Base. The racer explained to me he wants to retire on top and open a diner as a front for their paramilitary operation.
  3. @nameless ronin - The racer collected his purse (a modest 5k which he was quite pleased with) and the rest of the group picked a fight with an unhappy leader of a local swoop gang and after dealing with that conflict (which was a part of the small terrorist attack I mentioned above) the bookie had closed his booth and ran off. They attempted and succeeded on breaking in, only to find pocket change left in his safe.
  4. @Randy G - I think it was my punishment for not putting enough time into the prep work. It didn't feel right running the race after all. And yeah, next time I'll know better for odds! @Desslok - I am hoping they use it for a large scale purchase so it will fizzle out. Also, there was a small scale terrorist attack at the ring afterwards and the local law enforcement believe it was the groups intention (the racer is not claiming them) as they were there to support the racer. It should prove entertaining nonetheless.
  5. So I thought I was making a fun little game for my PC's by presenting a Swoop Race and, naturally, one of them decided to enter. Using the chase rules as well as some house rules I've found on the forum, somehow, one of my PC's (using 2 Yellow and 2 Green die) beat another driver (using 5 Yellow die) and ultimately won. Following some advice I read here on the forums, I had to just watch as the race got out of hand without intervention but here's my problem: I developed odds to win for each of the racers taking part and naturally, one of my PC's decided to bet on their companion. Its worth mentioning that not only am I a new GM, but I have never done any work with odds (both setting or betting for that matter) and on 500:1 odds with a 2,000 credit bet, if my math serves me correctly I owe this PC 100,000 credits. Did i break the game? Worth noting, we recently played Hintaro using the rules from Fly Casual and my players (ages 19-29) had a blast with it if anyone was curious.
  6. I really appreciate the thoughts. After I posted, i took a peek at the Adversary section of the EotE Rulebook and I definitely can see the merits of what everyone is saying. This group disbanded once before due to lack of interest, and I hope that psuedo-knight level play would encourage a bit more pride; that along with a story that I am really invested in (for some strange reason). I'll give these a shot. Hopefully it will give me enough insight to provide my own feedback to other newbies. Note: Also, after posting, as an experiment, I took a PC and copied him characteristic/skill/talent/equipment etc. and created him as a nemesis in Oggdudes Generator and it provided a power level of roughly 30 higher than the PCs total XP. So I am going to keep an eye on those numbers as well while I am digitizing all of my resources for anyone interested (other than me).
  7. Greetings Community, I am a fairly new tabletop player (<2 years) and an even newer GM. I am about to go into my second system with my players and I hoped to get some feedback from some folks. What is the process that you (as other GMs) go through when creating NPCs? I have a fairly substantial narrative backbone for the characters that my players will interact with but I struggle with where to start and how to create the minions/rivals/nemesis characters. I have been using OggDudes character generator and am I am investigating a link between the Power Level of NPCS to the amount of XP a PC has. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts!
  8. Thanks @RoyalRainbow, @SilindeT and @OggDude. I'll give it a shot. I really appreciate the quick responses.
  9. Maybe someone here has some experience in the portability of the application, or can give me some advice on my issue: A buddy of mine and I collectively are over time buying all of the source material, but heavily use the character generator to create custom content/NPC's and maintain our PC's alike. I was wondering if there was an easy way to set the storage directory of the program to be a shared folder - I was considering using a Google Drive folder with sync enabled on my PC. This was we can split the leg work in writing in the description of some skills as well as share our content. Is anyone familiar with this? And also, is this even possible? Thanks in advance!
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