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  1. Hey guys. Is the topic still available? I'm looking for a group but never actually played trough Skype. I usually play face to face. If you are interested in a psyker (rogue or sanctioned doesn't matter) let me know. My Skype is anmelinte but please send me an email before cause I don't use Skype so often. The email is anmelinte@yahoo.com
  2. Hey guys. My name is Andreea and I'm a 25yo that is looking for a new game master and buddies to play with. I have been playing Dark Heresy the first edition for about 4 years now as a sanctioned psyker (and I didn't have to reroll my character even once and I'm proud of not killing my team mates either except one by mistake). If you know someone or are someone from Valencia and would like to have a cheery jolly girl that curses like a sailor and loves having conversations with the NPC in the game and it's extremely dedicated to the character that she is playing let me know. I really need my drug back. Emperor protects!
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