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  1. I had to buy online, I heard about it from a friend back in the states via Facebook and dove right in.
  2. I'm extremely interested in this game, but being stationed overseas in Japan is making it hard to find other players. I'm hoping by chance that maybe someone else is in the same boat and maybe I can find other local players here. I've bought a box of decks and sold some to a couple of people, but there aren't many of us playing yet and I want to make that number grow.
  3. I too would love to see an official response to this question. I feel like the rules that supersede what is found in the Learn to Play guide would make the game move faster.
  4. While I didn't call it sexism, I was disappointed at first glance with only one female character. My wife played the first game with me and she immediately chose the wastelander as it was the only female. She commented that she wished there were more female miniatures and by the end of the game, her biggest complaint was that there were no other female miniatures. She said that that deters her from playing the other classes, which I can understand. She suggested maybe taking female miniatures from other games to use as replacement figures for this one. It would be nice if there were official alternatives that people who care about could purchase, because obviously, this isn't for everyone, as made obvious by the comments, but for those of us that do care and would like to spend money on it, why not?
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