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  1. "...Better still than the master of one." I would rather a multirole item that can be outfitted multiple ways than a single purpose cruiser that everyone knows does one thing. I know what to expect if I see a gladiator... I dont know what to expect fron AFs.
  2. Other than appearance, is there a reason the AF is hated?
  3. I like the Pelta more than the Nebulon both visually, and gameplay wise. A lot of people have issues with a lack of speed 3 on something, but I hardly ever go over speed 2 anyway, so I dont mind slow ships. I want the enemy to move into range of my guns, not me move into range of theirs. Its a very key difference in a game where you shoot then move...
  4. Oh no, I agree. You shouldnt ever actually do it. Its rubbish. But if a lightsaber doesnt weigh much, then deflecting bolts of energy away from you wouldnt be too bad. Also, the force. You could just use the force to keep it in your hand.
  5. I mean, lets be honest. Force Unleashed made it cool. But also, realistically, it would make it easier to block with and make yourself a smaller target than the traditional, German Broadsword standard stance that 50% of Jedi stand with. Smaller Target = good. But also its likely easier to walk around with it like that on set and not hit every single thing laying around. I larp all the time and let me tell you what, walking around with a sword unsheathed and not in combat, is super inconvienent. Even sheathed, I regularly hit people while turning around. Still, that poster looks photoshopped to ****. I could make that poster in like, an hour.
  6. Okay cool, so yeah you could run Ambush Gunner 2, Ready Defender, and Repair Expert to play a defensive style fleet. I like it.
  7. Honestly, going to aim at getting Ambush Gunner and Rapid Deployment. Just a good, interesting combo as I plan on running some fighters for either faction. Though at some point I would like to aim for a Swarm heavy squad build using the Command Staff and Master Cordinator... But you only get 5 command points right?
  8. I like Reeces Icecream... but sometimes they make the chocolate part too **** rich. I want my bitter chocolate **** it!
  9. I want the Onager to only have a speed 1 with no clicks, and a support crew slot.
  10. Im planning on getting a couple for Sector Fleet games... "Ling, my forces need help over here." "MAIN BATTERY, PREPARE TO FIRE!" Queue TIE fighter assault (the musical peice)
  11. To me, it always seemed like Torpedos were energy weapons, while missles were ballistic. I might be wrong.
  12. Of the upgrades I would want more of, its Reserve Hanger Deck and Proximity Mines, so I am glad those are the two that are getting 1 extra of each. I could see a case of buying a second campaign in the future, but not really more than a second.
  13. So in all honesty, the LAAT gunship was the workhorse of the GAR. Will we see the LAAT, and what do you think it will have keyword wise?
  14. Do as the russians did... Throw your bodies at the enemy.
  15. Its true, and if you use a type 3.5 fueling line you can use it in the PC type systems. Regardless, I think the best wing is 24 fighters... which I plan on building for XWING. I do plan on building a full 4 ship squadron of each ship in Armada eventually.
  16. The word alphabet comes from the first two characters... Alpha, Beta... Thus only the Greek character set is an Alphabet, all others should be called Character Sets. IE: The English Character Set... /Arguement Also, we all know the Z-95 type fighter was the best.. it went through 95 iterations... or was made in a 95 year... or... something.
  17. Oh yeah, they will. Just one of those things where time & money comes into play as well sometimes. Being an adult with responsibilities sucks sometimes.
  18. If I can get a ship expansion from somewhere other than Amazon right now, I would. my local store doesnt sell Armada because me and one other person are playing it.
  19. Thats what I am saying. I would pay for acrylic ship cardboard.
  20. I was recently thinking of getting some damage decks printed for our new-player friendly RitR campaign we'll be running locally. Why isnt this a thing?
  21. Anyone else looking at going to Capacup over in PA, October 24thish? I plan on trying to go over to it for Armada, just want to know if anyone else is looking at it.
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