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  1. My wife watched that today. I would like to see those wacky ships that Thanos' forces use. And the Colossus.
  2. Sunday I stomped in 2 Xwings and 1 Ywing in a 200 pt match rebel fleet using 3TIE fighters and 1Advanced. The third Xwing survived. Dont know how that would have ended if we were using aces.
  3. CIS Commander Rose stood her post on her RcB crusier, looking out into the passing lights of hyperspace. She hated the anxiety it caused her before a combat drop but she needed to look strong. Her hands behind her back squeezed a small icon. "Ma'am, thirty seconds until drop from hyperspace." The helmsman shouted. Her bridge was still crewed by organic beings, along side trade federation droids she had been given. Her hanger bays were filled with countless droids. "Thank you Ensign," she toggled the ship pa system, "This is Commander Rose. All gun teams stand ready. Prepare for combat..." The feeling of reality crashing back on itself overwhelmed her as she finished her statement... [To be finished later]
  4. My permissions for comms were changed to view only. Was this intentional?
  5. Also, No I am not gobsmacked... I play Middle Earth SBG... the most pricy of the GW games.
  6. I personally would rather have to plan and do more. I know myself, and I like to tank/turtle. If we allowed me to pass troops, I would sit in a system like a gate keeper.
  7. @GhostofNobodyInParticular I have sent my clarifications.
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