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  1. Before Christmas. In all seriousness, the four cards we saw are very interesting to me and I think about Clone Wars Armada at least once a week right now. I know a few people in my area will be getting into it at that point.
  2. Ling27

    Und Panzer

    [The world is based on Girls Und Panzer, but as no history or lore is actually provided, I have created some.] Following the Second Great War, the nations knew that further conflict would be completely unsustainable on all levels. As such, provisions were made to limit future warfare to armored conflict, with no infantry and minimal aircraft used in battle. Soon, the creation of SemiHard Simulation rounds and the Reactive Self Shutdown Armor created a safe environment for training. This quickly made its way through military academies and then into the general population, leading to the creation of the World Tankery Federation. Countries and Corporations began building teams to use in organized, safe, simulated combat, turning the sport into a modern gladiator game. So the idea is a Alternate History Modern concept using WW2 tanks to do combat in organized games that resolve conflict between two parties at various levels. It is seen as the International Super Sport of its world. Things to do: - Figure out if the players are at that High School/Collegiate level seen in the Anime or playing as like, a sponsored team at a higher level. - Design various WW2-Modern tanks for the genesys system. Any thoughts or ideas? I would love to hear what people think.
  3. It was easier and cheaper for me to get my hands on miniatures for a out of print game (Halo Fleet Battles, 2 ships, 6 flotillas) then get conversion material to make them work for Armada... than it is to get the newest expansions for an active game. The local area I am in has few players, but I cant even get people to really get into it because there isnt enough to get and our store owner cant even get product to sell.
  4. Thats fine. I'm not saying you have to like or enjoy it. Just dont tell me I am wrong for enjoying something.
  5. Hot Take: Don't care, it was a fun movie to watch. I'm not going to scrutinize it and lose my ability to enjoy it.
  6. @BiggsIRL Unfortunately, I am currently at military training that has me going from 7am to 10pm every day, and we are scheduled to keep that up for the next two weeks, without break (I havent had a day off work since Dec29th)... So I believe I can not schedule or play matches at this time. I apologize for the inconvienence, please allow someone else to take my slot if they are able.
  7. Yes... yes I did. Apparently, I need to rewatch that video again.
  8. My Raddus concept for a Starhawk was: Drop out of hyperspace, Skilled First Officer to have the opponent move first, activate SH, Nav Command down to 0, do mega tractors. But cant do that now. So its chill.
  9. Im actually not suprised. Means people cant drop a SFO Starhawk at speed 0 and make enemy ships go Speed 0 before absolutely murdering them.
  10. I really liked watching/listening to this while at work. It was pretty interesting to see the take on the Droids and Republic.
  11. Honestly, if the issue is 45-85 points of squadrons. I would attempt to get more anti-squadron upgrades, I have a dedicated VIC1 anti-squadron design: Victory I (73)• Ordnance Experts (4)• Quad Laser Turrets (5)• Linked Turbolaser Towers (7)• Ordnance Pods (3)= 92 Points for Rebels I could see the following, but it does cost a lot. Assault Frigate Mk2 A (81)• Weapons Battery Techs (5)• Quad Laser Turrets (5)• Cluster Bombs (5)• Linked Turbolaser Towers (7)= 103 Points it lets you nuke 1 squadron. But otherwise, ugh. Dealing with that many EXTRA squadrons is rough. I mean, to me the best way would feel like just trying to table the ships to deal with the squadrons, unless that doesnt work in RitR...
  12. Well, its not Rebel... its New Republic. I am building a New Republic themed fleet around a Starhawk.
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