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  1. Ok, first of all: WonderWAAAGH....Sorry I have to dox you but we all know you are Mark Rosewater. You're in these forums trying to drive a wedge up in here. Talking about how great Magic is and how much you hate FFG. Come on, man, this in not the place. Second of all: Why has no one brought up Archie Comics and Free Willy trading cards? I remember seeing those booster boxes side by side with Magic booster boxes at the game store counter back in the day.
  2. Ok, nobody has responded, but just in case anyone finds this thread in the future and is curious of the same question --I did some further research and seem to have found my answer on a reddit subforum: 1.) Strange Flesh and Free Fall are standalone novels that can be read whenever (they don't seem to mention anything about chronology within the universe and the characters contained in both of these books are not found in any other piece of Android fiction) 2.) The following three books SHOULD be read in this order Golem >>Mimic >>Rebel (but when you decide to read this trilogy does not matter --the story contained within these three books does not affect the stories contained in either Strange Flesh or Free Fall) 3.)The Android Novellas seem to be the most recent publications and should most likely be read in the order in which they were released, which would be: Monster Slayer >> Monitor >> Exodus.... So if you wanted to put everything together, one potential timeline could be: The Worlds of Android >>Strange Flesh >> Free Fall >>Golem >> Mimic >>Rebel >> Monster Slayer >> Monitor >> Exodus As always, let me know if anyone comes up with a different interpretation...
  3. I started listening to your podcast a few weeks ago. Thanks for providing content and opinions that someone new to the game (like me) can learn from.
  4. I would like to learn all there is to know about the Android Universe, but I'd like to do it in chronological order if possible. I am currently reading "The Worlds of Android" which I figure is a good reference to flesh out certain aspects of the setting. If I wanted to read the novellas/novels, how many of them are there? And in what order should they be (ideally) read? Are there any other sources of Android story info out there? I'm already aware of the small blurbs that can be found inside Netrunner rulebooks and inserts found in Data Packs....
  5. Hi All, I'm new to Android Netrunner. I've played a few games and am really enjoying it. I have a few beginner questions. 1.) How do recurring credits work? I understand the nomenclature of "two recurring credits" or "three recurring credits" etc. but my question concerns how the cards behave over multiple turns. If for example I have a card that gives me "three recurring credits" and I do not use it for two turns in a row, at the beginning of my next turn will it then have 9 credits on it? Or is it more like it "always resets itself to three credits at the beginning of your turn"? Example: I have a card that gives me three recurring credits and I use 2 of those credits on my following turn (now it has 1 credit on it until the start of my next turn, at which point the card will "refill" itself and there will again be 3 credits on the card) 2.) If I play an Event card that lets me access the top 3 cards of R&D --how would I play this? What if I look at the top card and decide not to trash it? Can I then look at the next card down as that first card I looked at sits there hovering in the air? or am I stuck because I cannot access the next card down until the top card has been "dealt with" so to speak? 3.) What are the stipulations for installing Upgrades on servers? I understand that "unique" cards like Bernice Mai and ASH 2X3Z... can only exist one at a time on the table. However, can I install 3 Bernice Mai's facedown onto a Server, keeping in mind that only one of them can be rezzed at a time? So if the Runner trashes my first Bernice Mai, I could just rez the next one in line? 4.) Additionally, could someone explain how the Runner accesses a Server after passing by all of the ICE? I understand that if there is and Upgrade installed in the root of a server as well as an Agenda/Asset installed facedown the Runner has the option of deciding in which order he wants to access them....What is the purpose of this? Why would the order of the cards being accessed matter? That being said, during this process, is the Runner supposed to know which card is the upgrade and which card is the Asset/Agenda? or are the cards randomized before he accesses them? Furthermore, if I install an Upgrade facedown as a root on R&D, and the Runner successfully accesses R&D, he then gets to choose the order in which he accesses both the top card of R&D and the Upgrade? 5.) Finally, what are the stipulations for being able to install Upgrades on Servers? Is it true that Factions don't matter (ie I could install an NBN and a Weyland and a Jinteki Upgrade all on the same server)? The only limiting factor is the "Region" subtype, in which you are only allowed to have one of these kinds of Upgrades --So I couldn't have a Hokusai Grid AND a NeoTokyo Grid on the same Server? (even though both of these Upgrades are from the Jinteki faction?) Thanks for putting up with my noob questions :-? I look forward to any and all replies...
  6. I am just getting into Android Netrunner after sitting on the fence for a couple of years (I had the Core Set about 4 years ago, tried to lean how to play, but couldn't ever figure it out. I eventually sold my Core Set on eBay for about what I had initially paid). Back in 2014 the best "learn to play" video I could find was the official one put out by Fantasy Flight, and although I think the animations and narration are top-notch, I simply couldn't piece together the rules of the game off of this video. Flash forward to today, and when I heard that a Revised Core Set was being released --one that promised to be more finely tuned and an overall improvement on the original Core Set --I became intrigued. I went online to see if I could finally learn how to play this mysterious game. When I searched for a "learn to play" video in 2017 I was pleased to find the video series put out by Team Covenant. Those videos did an excellent job of easing me into the rules of Netrunner (at least the beginner version of the rules...enough to at least play a couple of games). So I decided to give the game another try and purchased a Revised Core Set. My friend came over one night and we played a couple of games. After that I am hooked. Android Netrunner is a great game. Although it is not my favorite fictional setting, I still like dystopian cyberpunk and as far as the brilliance of this game goes, I finally see the light! So now that I'm a novice who is getting into the game I have a few questions for the Android Netrunner Community (one other thing I should mention is that I've been playing Magic the Gathering on and off since 1996. I spent many years playing constructed Magic, before finally discovering various draft formats --Winston, Solomon, Booster, and Cube....and most recently Commander.) 1.) Is this (Fantasy Flight Forums) the best (most active) forum regarding Android Netrunner on the web? (I only ask because in Magic, the forums on the official Wizards of the Coast Website pale in comparison to the activity of the MTG Salvation forums --which are unofficial) 2.) When you attend an official Netrunner Tournament, do you have to bring both a Runner and a Corp deck? Do you get to choose? How do you decide who plays what faction (Runner vs. Corp) in a matchup? 3.) Does anyone maintain a list of an Android Netrunner cube? Is there a lively cube community in Netrunner? 4.) I'm aware that Fantasy Flight has released Draft packs for Netrunner. I'm wondering how to players select Runners and/or Corp Identities when drafting....Do you first draft the identities and Runners and THEN draft all of the cards that go into your deck? Or do you draft the Runners and Corp. IDs along with all of the "regular" cards? 5.) I noticed in the cardlist for the big box expansion Data and Destiny there are three weird gray factions --Apex, Sunny, and Adam.... Can someone explain these runners to me? What are they? Are they considered "colorless" and can go in any "normal" runner deck? Or are they just brand new runner factions that behave just like the main three Criminal, Anarch, and Shaper? Thanks for indulging a noob. I look forward to any and all responses/answers :-)
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