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  1. Haha
    Casualsith reacted to ForceSensitive in Episode 9 expected viewership: A Poll   
    So now that the final trailers are dropping, I'm just so morbidly curious, who's going to see it in let's say the first week?
    Vote by reacting to this post, comment and discuss POLITELY if you'd like below.
    Laughing face = Going for SURE.
    Confused face = Definitely NOT going.
    Sad face = Don't make me choose.
    Like Heart = You have no opinion but are curious about the poll results.
    Thanks Trophy = Instructions unclear, crashed Space ship in swamp.
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    Casualsith reacted to ScummyRebel in New Official App In Development!   
    FFG organized play shared a message on their Facebook that they are working on redoing the entire app.
    ”Hello Star Wars™: X-Wing players!
    Many of you have noticed that the huge ships have not been added to the X-Wing Squad Builder app. We are actually in the process of completely reworking our X-Wing Squad Builder app, including developing a much more user-friendly interface, offline mode, and support for huge ships and epic play. For now, all tournament-legal ships are still supported by the current Squad Builder app. For huge ships and epic play, we recommend that you use the points lists provided on the FFG website for now.
    We'll have much more information to share about the reworked Squad Builder app as it comes closer to release!”
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    Casualsith reacted to heychadwick in Epic points pdf is up   
    Is just point changes the best way to view them?  A lot is changing in this edition.   Best not to think of the old.
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    Casualsith reacted to Hinnyboy in Heroes of the Aturi Cluster Second Edition   
    I have converted Heroes of the Aturi Cluster to X-wing Second Edition.
    Please take a look here and tell me what you think: https://github.com/Hinny/HotAC-2nd-edition
  5. Haha
    Casualsith reacted to apoapsis in Aces High Ground is the best X-Wing format   
    I ran this at Worlds:
    0-66 (52)
    Jamming Beam (0)
    Chancellor Palpatine (14)
    Count Dooku (10)
    Scimitar (4)
    Total: 80
    Modding dice with Dooku in a combat I wasn't even involved in and then stealing the kill afterwards was absolutely the best feeling.
  6. Haha
    Casualsith reacted to LUZ_TAK in Xwing 2.0 and the...children   
    So, if you do most of the homework, and choose easy ships and upgrades, what is earliest age to introduce a kid to the game?
    My girls are 32 months and 2 months old, so I'm not exactly in a hurry... 
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    Casualsith reacted to Boom Owl in Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast   
    Also if we are looking at the bright side today, at least they didnt give us a force ace with bendy barrel rolls?
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    Casualsith reacted to Kieransi in Ship of the Day: Starfortress   
    So the Starfortress. Yes this is my usual image-heavy content-lite post to get conversation started. 

    Also known as the MG-100 starfortress or the B/SF-17, it kinda looks like a B-17 bomber in space I guess

    Its only movie appearance is quickly exploding in a giant inferno and destroying an entire star destroyer with it, but it's a pretty cool looking ship and does a lot in the extended universe. So what does it do in this game?

    Being able to attack in all directions is good. It's the only ship to date with three arcs. It can also do some crazy double-tap shenanigans with two gunner slots.

    Trajectorizing bombs is good (and there's also some pilots who can do insane bomb shenanigans, which I'm unsure why they haven't been flown much so far)

    Reinforce is good. Vennie can double-reinforce (sort of). This thing is harder to burn down than you'd think, and has a ton of hitpoints.
    Things it's not good at:


    Not exploding
    I think I've seen some games with starfortresses go poorly because of this, but then again....

    On paper and from my limited exposure on the mat, it seems like a good ship. I know Vennie gets flown a bit, and is quite a tank.... but have you tried the others? Lots of ships are just bad but are you sure you can write this one off or does it just so happen that this is good, and just a thing nobody has tried yet?

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    Casualsith reacted to Biff in Shuttle Tydirium Podcast - The Mothership of Casual X-Wing   
    Episode 111: Laying some Mines
    This time, we're diving deep into Biff's contribution to the Ord Gorim campaign, a minelaying mission!
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    Casualsith got a reaction from JaxonEvans in Highground: X-Wing Scorekeeping App   
    This seems really cool. Thank you for making this.
  11. Haha
    Casualsith reacted to PhantomFO in No more sections for huge ships?   
    There's room to clean it up. In first edition epic, a crippled Fore would just end up as this invulnerable battering ram. It could just ram everything to death without consequence. Getting rid of that actually makes sense.
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    Casualsith reacted to svelok in Supernatural Reflexes   
    I don't want supernatural reflexes to be good
  13. Haha
    Casualsith reacted to Darth Meanie in Nothing actually matters   
    Not true.
    Ever had one of those "Am I in arc" arguments??
    Sometimes you have to be dynamite with a laser beam.
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    Casualsith reacted to Crabbok in Up coming Wave   
    The Trade Federation has a blockade... and to be honest I'm not even sure it's entirely legal.  
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    Casualsith reacted to Killerardvark in Community Rules Supplement   
    For people involved or interested in competitive X-Wing, It has become apparent that X-Wing has a lot of vague rules, weird corner cases, and assumed floor rules that judges and tournament organizers have to research and decide. These rule issues range from small things to list breaking and knowing a particular ruling ahead of time can be critical. Every System Open, hyperspace event, or local tournament rules differently on even the most basic questions that are not covered by current FAQ and FFG documents.
    We’ve put together a group of dedicated community members, both players and judges, from around the world that are diligently working through everything we can think of to create an X-Wing Community Rules Supplement. This will fill the gap between FFG official rulings and the peculiar issues that might arise during any organized play or other tournament setting. If you play at a System Open, it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll be using these rules. Our hope is that Hyperspace Trials and even your local events will adopt these rules so we can all attend tournaments knowing exactly what to expect.. It’s time to take control of our game. Where the FFG juggernaut takes time to release rules updates, we’ll be quick and agile to address issues not covered perfectly by official documentation.
    Our current goal is to have our first document available mid March. Do you have a weird ruling that nobody can agree on? Send it to us using our Super High Tech Google Form https://goo.gl/forms/5xLmWqRWMO7FcqX02
    On behalf of your X-Wing Community Rules Committee:
    Iain Hamp
    Chris Brown
    Brent Wong
    Dee Yun
    Michael Jures
    Vince Kingston
    Kyle Kemble
    Kris Sheriff
    Zach Bart
    Tim Horsburgh
    Joel Killingsworth
    Chris Allen
    Mark Ventham
    Nick Wear
    Kris Mitchell
    Thank you all for being part of this great community. I hope we’re able to come together and create something truly beneficial for this game and this community.
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    Casualsith reacted to SirWillibald in SirWilli's Workshop: X-Wing 2.0 stuff   
    First BETA already deleted, check out my Release Candidate with the first Second Edition MicroHangars!
    Inside you'll find the following hangars:
    - T-65 X-wing and TIE/ln Fighter from SWZ01 (CoreSet). The X-wing hangar has two options, one like before, the other for closed wings. Had no chance yet to actually build it.
    - TIE Reaper from SWX74 (don't know if it ever gets a SWZ release), previously unreleased!
    - Saw's Renegades from SWX74 (same about the SWZ release), previously unreleased!
    The differences to the v1.0 MicroHangars are not really significant:
    - Changed the X-Wing logo to the new one (not much difference, tbh).
    - Changed the placement of some logos.
    - No more lame specs graphics from the net, selfmade specs for all(!) ships. Took some time, but I like it better that way.
    Next on my list are the corresponding 2.0 GearBoxes and then I'll start adding further ships, hopefully on a regular time frame.
    Hope you like it, let me know if something's not correct.
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    Casualsith reacted to gamblertuba in Dormitz to 70 points, Hyperspace to 10   
    First the points update which did nearly everything I was hoping for and waaaaaay more than I expected.  Now a timely swing of the nerf-hammer to destroy a gross NPE/troll list.  I'm pretty excited about the future of 2nd Ed.  Has room to improve obviously but they're making some good moves.
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    Casualsith reacted to Magnus Grendel in What ships have been surprising you?   
    Valen Rudor with Squad Leader. For less than 30 points, the ability to give a friendly that's just been shot at a free action to evade, boost or roll before anyone else shoots them is surprisingly good.
  19. Haha
    Casualsith reacted to Hawkstrike in Points! Not today - January 28!   
    Let's skip the waiting and just start the threat now.
    I can't believe [upgrade] is still [X] points! That's stupid! And putting [pilot] up to [Y] points? Totally unreasonable!
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    Casualsith reacted to Biff in Happy first Friday 2019   
    Foam storage
    Improper pronunciation of ship names
    Providing 2 answers to almost every thought provoking question
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    Casualsith reacted to gamblertuba in "My dad is wrong" or, "Help Lack get rules across to their family."   
    Are memes the 21st century's contribution to art?
  22. Haha
  23. Haha
    Casualsith reacted to Stoneface in Packing up my Resistance/First Order.   
    Inside voice, please. No need to shout.
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    Casualsith reacted to FTS Gecko in TO THE MODERATORS!   
    First off, I know you probably can't reply, that"s OK.
    Secondly, I can't believe you're active on New Year's Eve / Day.  That's nuts.  I know WE'RE nuts, but working these holidays is nuts.
    But most importantly, thank you guys so much for your hard work, hope you're well and all the best for 2019.
    Love y'all.
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    Casualsith reacted to Biophysical in If you feel like the Empire stinks in Hyperspace format, remember that it's not going up against other Empire stuff, or broken Scum or Rebel stuff   
    This is a friendly reminder for the Empire loving player.  Even though your best stuff is gone, all that other OP stuff is gone, too.  
    You still get:
    -A powerful I6 ace voiced by James Earl Jones.
    -high efficiency swarms
    -3-dice gunships that are extremely maneuverable compared to the rest of the field and awfully cheap for their damage output.  They can also carry bombs.
    -Hybrid support/combat ships that might actually be good against this field, but almost no one has played them to have a better idea.
    What are they facing?
    Rebels have X-wings, Y-wings, U-wings, and the Falcon.  Nothing there is crushing it, but there is solid stuff for sure.  Not above the Empire's Hyperspace power level. 
    Scum has Boba/Fenn and Scum Falcon stuff.  It's awfully good, no doubt.  Its,probably the best Hyperspace stuff.  There's likely a points rebalancing on the way, though, and Strikers do have some game against those ships, especially when they're not also part of a squad that has to deal with Redline and that garbage.
    First Order looks super strong, but their super ace Kylo can get trumped by I6 Vader, and their obvious I6 supporting ships don't really love the massed firepower that Imperials can bring to the table.  I think there's a game there.  
    Resistance gets a mid grade Falcon, a ton of X-wings, big, expensive Bombers, and some A-wings.  X-wings are X-wings.  They are moderately efficient but can be outplayed.  Bombers can do all kinds of stuff, but AGI 1 doesn't love massed firepower, and they're not cheap.  I'm not sire abpu t the Falcon yet. NuRey hits super hard like 1.0 Rey, but that ship is a lot less tough than it used to be, as is Poe.  
    I'm not saying that the Empire hasn't lost something in Hyperspace compared to Extended.  I'm not even saying they haven't lost the most good stuff.  The thing is, they had the most to lose, and the place they land isn't necessarily that bad.  On top of that, a lot of the ships they have left haven't even been extensively explored.  Strikers are really flexible in their upgrades, and Reapers have barely been played at all.
    It's a brand new world out there!
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