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  1. So I see a ships missing. Are they simply doing away with a few? I don't see T-70 x-wing or the tie silencer (plus the few other R1, tfa and tlj ships). So are those now just trash or do we have to wait months more for those for those conversions before we can play them? What will they cost since we are not talking about a lot of ships.
  2. Here is one. Can Imp play against Imp? If so, who gets to field Vader? Can both have Vader? Same with rebels and Skywalker?
  3. Considering the AT-ST ignores regular hits, it could indeed be a pain. The HH-12 will help but with only 2 I don't know how effective they would be. You'll have to let us all know how well it works out.
  4. Question. Can Imp play against Imp? And if so who gets to play Vader? Or can two Vaders be on the field? Just curious.
  5. This 800pnt limit seems to be a suggestion. Even in organized play this can change as has been suggested here. Take X-Wing. Many stores hold tourneys with higher points than 300. I could definitely see this happening with Legion. It would be longer play but more fun. This has happened with other games as well. When it comes down to it the points are up to the store holding the tourney to some degree unless its a FFG sanctioned event. Even then I think FFG will come to realize 800pnts is just not enough for effective army options. How boring would it be if everyone played the same things? Even from a marketing standpoint it would make sense to up the points. The more points you can play the more options you have. The more options you have the more $ you spend. Otherwise why spend the $ on expansions you cant play?
  6. Ok, so i'm picking up the core set and an AT-ST. To do the Endor Rebel Camo, what colors from Vallejo or P3 do y'all suggest? Or Reaper, they seem to have a good selection.
  7. there is only 1 tie/x1 and adv. targeting computer now instead of 2 of each. still have everything else.
  8. Ok here is my updated trade list. If your interested in anything just drop me a line with your trade offer. Cluster Bombs (x2) Construction Droid (x2) AA Ketsu Onyo AA Crack Shot Juno Eclipse Zertik Strom Commander Alozen Lieutenant Colzet Storm Squadron Pilot Tempest Squadron Pilot Wampa Black Squadron (x2) Obsidian Squadron Pilot (x4) Academy Pilot (x4) tie/x1 (x2) adv. targeting computer (x2) 1 Raider damage deck 1 Gazanti Cruiser damage
  9. So this is what I have for trade. I don't have any particular wants. So if you have an offer let me know. Impetuous Assailer Instigator Backup Shield Generator Comms Booster Engine Booster Tibanna Gas Supplies Ion Cannon Battery (x3) Quad Laser Cannons (x2) Single Turbolasers (x2) Engineering Team Gunnery Team Admiral Ozzel Grand Moff Tarkin Captain Needa Rear Admiral Chiraneau Sheild Technician (x2) Requiem Suppressor Vector Ordnance Experts (x1) Automated Protocols (x2) Optimized Generators (x1) Ordnance Tubes (x1) Dual Laser Turret Broadcast Array Docking Clamps Cluster Bombs (x2) Construction Droid (x2) AA Ketsu Onyo AA Crack Shot
  10. Sienar-Jaemus Analyst + Autothrusters Soontir Fel + Push the Limit Kylo Ren(TIE Silencer) + Marksmanship + Autothrusters + First Order Vanguard
  11. Your talking about specific current in game play. I'm asking in general why cant rebels and imperials hire a scum pilot/ship since that reflects the movies and would be more accurate. as in the below picture that I'm sure you'll recognize. It just makes sense and personally I think it would be a lot more fun. And yes even in the movies Han Solo ended up a rebel for a while but went back to smuggling in the end.
  12. Since X-wing is based off of Star Wars, why can't imperial and rebels Hire Scum? The Rebels Hired Han Solo and Vader Hired bounty hunters. It would be awesome to have a hire rule for Scum.
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