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  1. Why do people think R2-d2 can heal a total of 4 wounds? If he has capacity of 2 then he can only have 2 wounds on his card Yes he has repair 2 which means he can lift 2 wounds in a turn But he does not have capacity 4. Insights please.
  2. Hej, Blue player draws and reveals 3 cards of each type. How many cards of each have to be in their hand to start with? Can you just have 3 of each?
  3. Deddog

    R2-D2 repair action

    "That same turn" - where is the reference to that? Thought it was a thing but couldn't find it
  4. We play 2 in total where x = 2 This keeps with X Formula Having Leia remove 2 suppression from every squad within range 2 feels very OP and discourteous to Krenic after he delivers the Deathstar
  5. Deddog

    Cant do cohesion

    What happens to troops that cant be placed in cohesion? Let's say the other player repositions your unit leader into a tight spot Would the need to keep cohesion limit the other player from schenangins?
  6. Deddog

    Panicked hero

    They are gapping it off the table in a panicked state Yet, they can still issue commands, give buffs like strict orders and have squads benefit from their leadership?
  7. Deddog


    So... Displacement is Range 1 and not a move 1? Squad leaders are displaced any point during the vehicle/creatures movement?
  8. Deddog

    Scariff mk2

    far out. Screw war, I want a holiday there
  9. go 1/48 - still slightly too small but close enough
  10. Deddog

    FAQ - Rules update

    Yep, feel a bit stupid but it wasn't actually intuitive to find. Pin to top of the RULES section might help us slower types ;-? Where's a Bothan when you need one
  11. Deddog

    FAQ - Rules update

    got it: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/86/db/86dbf9d4-fb20-4f6a-bf5a-5297a62f60aa/swl_rules_reference_11_eng.pdf
  12. Deddog

    FAQ - Rules update

    hmmm... ok what about the "online rules reference" mentioned in the rule book (page 24)? Said to contain rules specific to terrain and buildings. I don't want to be pedantic but it seems that a lot of assumptions are being made (youtube) , probably based on other systems. A lot of people think that a least 50% needs to be hidden before an individual model is obscured (in cover). Yet the rules only reference 50% of a squad being obscured means the whole squad claims cover. So what equates to obscured? Watching this video in the background whilst painting made me think there must have been a rules update: just found this as well
  13. Deddog

    FAQ - Rules update

    Hej, I heard there was a rules update - where is it? Rule book download has no obvious version number Cant find an FAQ. What's the go?
  14. Deddog


    Disco Veers - love it. Please do squad of disco ball stormies
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