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  1. I tend to play 400 point games on a 3x3 its super quick and not to much for newer players to get the hang of
  2. I design MDF terrain and have a deep love of legion so i spent all month designing this . It is only the front part of the raider as a full size one would be too long to fit on just one 6' x 4' table . what do you guys think ? also a link to my face book page to see all the other stuff i have done https://www.facebook.com/Tyr-Terrain-1035424219873097/
  3. Yes it is the same size as the AT-ST. The reason the supports run front to back is that the model is quite long it is not really apparent in the photos but the fins at the back touch the base making it very stable when assembled . Originally I just wanted to use one support but it tipped forwards too easy . This is kinda what i had in mind but there is some really good suggestions I am tempted to cut some more and play a game with them each way .
  4. They are for sale but I am more interested what stats you guys think would suite it . If i am aloud to share the link to my website on these forums i will but if not its still good to get feed back from other legion enthusiasts.
  5. Hi guys i design MDF terrain and as I am totally hooked on legion all i have been making recently is stuff for legion .I designed these sand skiffs as static terrain but when it came to the perspex base it made sense to put a movement notch in it. I thought it would be cool to open it up to you guys as to what kind of in game rules or profiles they should have . .
  6. Supper hyped to get my hands on bobba he looks leathal . but reading the artical begs the question what other oppratives can we expect to see mainly for the rebel’s as they currently don’t have any my guess is chewbacca but It would also be cool to hear what you guys think
  7. I think it would be cool / likely that they would release a general leia moddle soon seen as she is such a key member or the rebellion and one of the main original cast . Also I can't see them doing rebel hoth miniatures but I think that ewoks would add nicely to the starter set
  8. So two questions 1) will there be officially FF terrain for legion or will it be for 3rd parties to make it ? 2) if you could have any battle field from star wars what would you have ? (I think hoth is probably going to be cool to do a board for )
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