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  1. Also Brokkoli and some mutated carrots make great Yuuzhan Vong ships. And maybe some potatoes as asteroids.?
  2. I’d rally like a Vong Dreadnought or A WORLDSHIP.... Nahh, that’s too big.
  3. Only a Sith deal in absolutes, I will do what I must... ASK you something. Can you paint SFDP with a brush? Or is an air brush set ultimately the better option?
  4. I really like the look of these ships. Have you any pictures of them? Like the Miid ro`ik or the scout ship? Would you be interested in new yuuzhang vong class ships? Which ones? Do you like the race at all?
  5. I finished my first ship, the WSF separatist dreadnought. I like the result, as I said it is my first, with a brush, painted ship. I will buy the Nebula sd. in the new medium material next. Any advice for the painting? I may buy an airbrush set to paint it. https://kiki1010.imgur.com/all/
  6. Thanks, as I said I will try on the nebula sd. next. I really don't dislike WSF as many do... Can anyone tell me what the new materials look like? Now it isn't WSF an FUD anymore.
  7. Soo, i painted my Dreadnought. At first wanted to make my own variant. But then I thought: I want to have the „real“ one. so I started. It wasn’t of any help that my first, own, painting style didn’t cover the whole ship, so that small glimpses of black would shine through. i tried my best. It turns out pretty ok for my first wsf 3D printed model. I will work on it in the future, because the blue lines aren’t very fleshed out. Next I will buy the Nebula Sd. Way easier Color scheme and structure. so I can use my gaind “experience”. I will buy it in the new medium matirial. The 80 dollar one. https://m.imgur.com/5UIhthI,WhtyS7t,2UDFhtD,Gv9VaWh
  8. Here are more pictures of the ships: https://kiki1010.imgur.com/all/ If you have any suggestions regarding the paint scheme for the models you're welcome to give your ideas....
  9. Here are the models from mel, love them. Detail is more then ok. Going to wash and paint them next week..... If anyone want's to see one of the ships from a different angle just ask me....
  10. Will you upload painting instructions? Because my 25inc. will arrive soon and I`am not really in to painting WSF....
  11. So, the separatist fleet is on its long hyperspace travel to Germany, I really appreciate the many replays, yet Im a little confused. Do i have to wash the models with dish soap or is it fine if I just clean the dust with a brush?
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