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  1. In a super hero setting, it would seem the 10 magic actions would work very well as individual skills, to represent powers. So a character could have ranks in Mask, Attack and Augment, for example. Perhaps the characteristic used is based on your origin, so Arcana (Intellect), Technology (Intellect), Primal (Cunning), Divine (Willpower), Training (Willpower), Psychic (Willpower), Natural (Presence), Mutation (Brawn) etc I would suggest reducing the Strain cost to 1.
  2. Good idea. 1 Strain would be after the spell, in keeping with the rules.
  3. 1 Strain instead of 2. Essentially you get to use these abilities more, as you can only use one magical action. As to Knowledge, you could use Discipline instead.
  4. My point was that if you start as say a say soldier, but as the campaign shifts, you are employed as a scholar, you would shift your emphasis as to what skills are easier for you to develop. But you wouldn’t find it as easy to use those combat skills as your character has grown a little rusty. Of course you could stay as a Soldier and just learn a few knowledge skills if that’s what you want. It’s more about the narrative of being in a career. For certain games, your career is more than than just starting skills.
  5. Hi all. I am looking at creating some setting specific psychic powers that are like individual uses of magic action. So the ability to Heal, or Mask etc. I was thinking this could be achieved with a talent that enables a character to use Discipline, to use one of the magical actions. Something like: Psychic Blast Tier: 2 Activation: Active (Action) You may suffer 1 Strain to make a Discipline check in order to perform the Curse spell action against a foe. You may augment this action just like using magic. Sound reasonable?
  6. Here is an idea for changing careers. This is suitable for games with a large number of careers (like the core rulebook), rather than something like Realms of Terrinoth or Shadow of the Beanstalk, in which careers operate more like classes to which a player is considered locked into. Changing Career You may change into a new career at a cost of 10 XP plus 10 XP for each previous career you trained in. You gain access to all the new career skills, but must lose your existing career skills, as they become obsolete. So for example, a Soldier (Athletics, Brawl, Coercion, Melee, Perception, Ranged, Survival, and Vigilance) wishes to transition into a Wizard career (Arcana, Coercion, Discipline, Knowledge, Leadership, Skulduggery, Stealth, and Vigilance). This costs him 20 XP and is somewhat of a departure from the Soldier, so he only retains Vigilance and Coercion as career skills, losing access to the other skills. On the plus side, he is now able to harness the powers of magic! This transition should normally require some degree of downtime, as the character seeks the appropriate training. Changing careers is about moving into new positions or roles. Staying within your own career but moving up the ladder can just be represented by talent and skill acquisitions, and Career specializations.
  7. This could work. I guess playable races would be the seven types of Gelflings, and Firelings and Podlings. Hmmmm
  8. Cheers everyone. Cool resources!
  9. This maybe worth looking at, when it eventually comes out. I could see this being easily adaptable to Genesys, using ROT and SOTB. https://www.arkelonchronicles.com https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/270405/Arkelon-Chronicles--Playtest
  10. WFRP3e has some great innovations, such as the narrative dice, and range bands etc but is hideously expensive and extemely fiddly and cumbersome to play. There is a reason Edge of the Empire and Geneysys evolved, ditching the boardgame elements, but keeping the best narrative bits. Using your analogy, WFRP3e is like ordering the worlds most expensive pizza, which takes up your entire dinning room table, and has multiple dips and sides. Using Genesys takes a few choice slices and dips which are delicious but dont bloat the gm or the players!
  11. I have a love of city- based games but cities in terrinoth seem a little vague. Are any maps featured in any of the previous sourcebooks? I would love to run a Tamalir based game, for example but may have to adapt other city-based suppliments.
  12. Looking fantastic! Is their a reason for this being called a Beastary instead of a Bestiary?
  13. Very cool. The one thing I would say though is that you appear to be trying to replicate the system, rather than just the setting. My personal take would be to reskin a lot of Genesys. So Karma is really just another name for Story points, Legend points are really just XP. Disciplines are just Careers, although you can of course create Discipline themed talents. I would probably do something like this: Skills General Skills Air Sailing (Will) Alchemy (Int) Athletics (Br) Cool (Pr) Coordination (Ag) Crafting (Int) Discipline (Will) Medicine (Int) Perception (Cun) Piloting (Int) Resilience (Br) Riding (Ag) Sailing (Int) Skulduggery (Ag) Stealth (Ag) Streetwise (Cun) Survival (Cun) Vigilance (Will) Magical Skills Elementalism (Cun) Attack, Augment, Barrier, Conjure, Utility Illusionism (Cun) Attack, Conjure, Curse, Dispel, Utility Nethermancy (Will) Attack, Augment, Conjure, Curse, Utility Wizardry (Int) Attack, Barrier, Conjure, Curse, Dispel, Utility Combat Skills Brawl (Br) Gunnery (Ag) Melee (Heavy) (Br) Melee (Light) (Br) Ranged (Ag) Social Skills Charm (Pr) Coercion (Will) Deception (Cun) Leadership (Pr) Negotiation (Pr) Knowledge Skills Adventuring (Int) - creatures, riddles, underground navigation Barsaive (Int) - mapmaking, navigation, cultures of Barsaive Forbidden (Int) - scourge history, mad passions, horrors, blood magic Legends (Int) - folklore, legends, history, magical lore, passions Disciplines Air Sailor (Air Sailing, Athletics, Charm, Coordination, Negotiation, Melee (Light), Perception ,Ranged) Archer (Athletics, Cool, Discipline, Perception, Ranged, Stealth, Survival, Vigilance) Beastmaster (Athletics, Brawl, Coercion, Discipline, Knowledge (Adventuring), Perception, Resilience, Survival) Cavalryman (Cool, Leadership, Melee (Heavy), Melee (Light), Perception, Riding, Resilience, Survival)
  14. Well it gives a reason to invest in Cool. I think Stealth does come into play, but more about avoiding combat than setting up an Ambush. So an opposed Stealth vs Vigilance check for someone to sneak past someone. If that fails, then it's Cool tests all round as everyone gets ready for battle.
  15. So are you changing the magic system to have preset spells or are these just suggestions for signature spells? I am working on an adaption (largely based on 3rd ed and 4th ed), but fully embracing the open-ended genesys magic system. As colouful as spell names can be, I prefer players shaping spell effects on the fly. However talents such as Arcana Lore will provide bonuses and cost reductions for certain effects (essentially reskinning Flame of Kellos as Arcane Lore (Fire))
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