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  1. Edrio two tubes will like it, as he so rarely needs 2xfocus +tl
  2. I feel like deathrain fits in the category as well, a movement advantage that you can really take advantage of given the right circumstances.
  3. Could a ship have the same dial, same ship name, and same statline, but a new ship ability? Perhaps all damage cards are delt facedown, but make them a bit overpriced.
  4. So you are saying nothing written so far prevents me from using Huge ships in a standard 200 point game?
  5. Does seevor counteract the extra dice from ATP. We played as if he does, but I am less confidant, as the x1 is declaring an attack against a locked ship, he simply loses the lock before dice are rolled.
  6. I think the decimator is where you look for a hopeful path. The imperail conversion kit didn't contain 0-0-0, or BT-1, but the decimator does. Lets see if some of the generics get slipped in over time. What I really which FFG would/could do is issue a semi-annual season back for like $20 with all the generics and a couple of ship updates, cardboard only for all factions, but I doubt they will.
  7. but what TL token does it give? I would assume the default answer would be another TL for the ship that took the initial TL, which is kinda pointless, as you can't maintain 2.
  8. But it would only matter if it was an enemy black squadron ace, which would almost certainly have the same talent.
  9. Why does it need to be friendly? Like a more flexible elusive, only for black squadron aces, I'd pick that for 3 points.
  10. Create an upgrade that would best fit the requirement "black squadron ace" What do both these ships need that would be OP if given to any other platform? particularly if it is non-unique I think they would be well served by a mod that "if you would perform a barrel roll action perform a boost instead, and if your would perform a boost perform a barrel roll instead." wouldn't be wildly OP but would make them slightly different variants and acknowledge what FFG did.
  11. OP supports YASB 2.0 for submitting your list though Best Coast Pairings, I can't see it getting s C&D unless it became a commercial enterprise.
  12. my Redline face to face with Chris Allen's Redline, but I had 1st player, so he had the target lock. His redline did 1 damage with the top, and mine did 1 damage with a primary, only to have my other skips kill his Redline with munitions. Redline proton torps should do more damage than a primary... Sorry Chris.
  13. Sure, but how AS vader that functionally different than AS rexlar with a 30+ point bid? Sure he has some improvements, but without supernatural, I don't think vader can solo the whole meta, some lists (2 ship low PS builds) maybe, but rexlar could likely do 98% of what a 189 pt vader TIE/D could do.
  14. you can already put advanced sensors on rexler and with a big bid it's only different against like 6 pilots. Vader couldn't chain actions off of it. And at this price point he would only have a couple point bid.
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