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  1. Anyone else think rotation will happen once the new starter decks hit stores? I hope it’s soon my regional is February and I don’t want to play standard as it is as I’ve really only be playing trilogy.
  2. Can I use Kodi’s special if I already control the battlefield to use the claim ability or power action?
  3. Why does everyone suddenly love the word premise? 😂
  4. So I played 1.0 and used the ffq’s and errata’s. When I bought into 2.0 I expected a stream lined rulebook that had been well play tested and learnt from mistakes of 1.0. That isn’t at all what has happened instead we now have another faq and updates scattered here there and everywhere. What’s really brought this to light for me is the dash double shot there are so many rules inconsistencies, yes it is possible but it’s clearly not attended. I feel let down that once again I’ve bought an invalid product, a rulebook which has already seen Errata and cards that have been Faq’d. Also the fact that they have aloud such a mind baffling interaction to be official is unbelievable they had a chance to say no that doesn’t work but it’s ok do what you want. I hope I’m not the only person that feels this way after spending hard earned money on what really is an incomplete product.
  5. I personally think dash and outrider do not work together I’ve jut read the cards until there’s an faq or clarification it should be played as it doesn’t work. It’s possible with trick shot and this reduction in the opponents ships agility coupled with a native 4 attack die would have proven to powerful in play testing, and has deliberately been written like this. I guess time will tell. It is strange to have two conflicting abilities on a pilot and his ships titled which is why the argument otherwise can’t be ignored. Fingers crossed ffg get to this swiftly
  6. Can a trained clone trooper re-roll one or two of his die?
  7. I’ve seen people on YouTube using honour guard to remove die showing indirect damage. On the card it says remove a die showing damage, showing the melee and ranged symbols. If this is the case can I claim and resolve indirect with the secret facility battlefield, as that also says damage and shows melee and ranged symbols. What I’m I missing here?
  8. Quick rules query. I have a character in play with 4 shields due to defensive teaching defensive teaching is then removed from play does my character lose a shield? In the rules it says a character can only have 3 shields but the second line says if you again additional beyond 3 they are lost. The shield would already have being gained but the trigger allowing the forth is gone? Help
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