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  1. Yeah I agree that does change the game state. I suppose if 2 movement points isn't enough to get anywhere (i.e. surrounded by rebels two spaces deep in every direction) it would get skipped? This was my initial confusion as you'd go to the move 6 command then what was the point of the move 2 command. But as discussed above the result is if the trooper is waaayyy out of combat this gives him 8 movement points to get in there for the next round.
  2. Great thanks everyone! I think my main misunderstanding was that you do a Move x to reposition y instruction regardless of if you can actually reposition to y. It all makes sense to me now.
  3. Can someone explain to me why stormtroopers would have a double "move to reposition" instruction? i.e. *>Move 3 to attack Jyn >Move 2 to reposition 4 >Move 6 to reposition 4 I'm unclear on when to skip ">Move 2 to reposition 4". Is it just when the trooper can't get 4 away from rebels? In which case, wouldn't the Move 6 have done the job in the first place since you stop when you are 4 away?
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