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  1. Are we getting into a paradox here? A ship that strong needs to be high in points to represent its worth. However, the more points it has, the more points it can deny the opponent. If we were talking about a 20 hit point ship with 0 agility, but tons of other cool stuff, then more points are just fine. With Vader in a ship that can move this well, has this much beef, gets a free evade, and can double reposition at I 6 with two force tokens left in the bank, this has to be considered a superior points fortress. I don't think Vader in this ship makes for a game worth playing.
  2. My argument is mostly based on context and the motions that the game devs had to go through to translate abilities to second edition. Vader is a good example here in that JUST having force is a strong advantage. However, the player does have to erode that advantage in order to use his 2E ability. Not that the abilities of Fel and Vader are weak in 2E, but they are not the same level of 'Free' that they were in 1E. The point here is that the Devs had a path they kind of needed to follow to import these guys over. The new to 2E I6 guys like Ani and Vonreg seem to have abilities that are a lot more subdued compared to pilots who have a 1E counterpart.
  3. They DO, but some of the pilots with first eddition counterparts actually have weaker abilities than said counterparts (spend a force on Vader, Soontir has to do work to get the focus...Wedge is still Wedge). I think Ani and Vonreg both have abilities that fall into the "sort of nice sometimes" category. Unlike Soontir, Sun Fac, and Vader, the ability doesn't really dictate how you fly them.
  4. I've finally been playing games after a long time in quarantine. It's good to be playing again. Enjoy some Gifs and stay healthy. 40. Having your Bro call you up for a game after your state opens back up from quarantine 41. Brushing back up on rules and lists after about 3 months of no X-wing at all 42. Remembering where you left all of your stuff and then getting your gear set for the game 43. Remembering just how much information needs to be tracked and processed during a game of X-wing between two players who both hate to lose 44. Getting excited for X-wing again (including the new points update!) and then having FFG remind you of the exact nature of the relationship…
  5. I rated myself low on the patience category when I realized that I skimmed the discription... This was very good reading, thank you.
  6. It has been one heck of a Monday, so… enjoy some X-wing comedy! 33. Trying out a new list using the new ships from the new wave at your FLGS tournament…and then going undefeated 34. What I imagine is going on inside the mind of the poor generic ship pilot that I order to go through a debris cluster so that he can get into a blocking position of a swarm formation 35. When you KNOW you HAVE to wake up at 5 AM on the Saturday of the tournament so that you can hit the road and be at the out of state store in time for dials down 36. Then you Find out that the tournament is using BCP… 37. That sweet sweet feeling of getting behind a swarm formation 38. When all of your range 1 shots roll like garbage 39. When you are slightly behind on points, it’s the last round, you are setting dials, and you need to figure out what enemy ship gives you the best chance to tip the points balance in your favor
  7. Could this be moved to the X-wing Painting and Modifications Folder...for the LOLZ
  8. Been a while. Happy Friday! 27. Marking ships when moving through a pile-up (early in the tournament) 28. Marking SEVERAL ships when moving through a pile-up (late in the tournament) 29. Accepting a judge rule you don’t agree with 30. The feeling at the end of a game against a classy opponent who had just as much fun as you did 31. Defending the use of low initiative ships to your judgmental friends 32. Asking your opponent’s name at the end of a match even though they told it to you like TWICE
  9. I mean...just put him in a defender and call it a list. Because, yeah, it is way scarier than the TIE/(This isn't even my final form)VN.
  10. This looks to be the TIE Whisper main ball that has been upgraded with the Silencer's wing configuration. This thing is kinda nuts. The Silencer's weapon systems were in it's "wings", so this thing just seems to have all of the weapons of both ships. So...5 dice primary with 2 force? Feels good. Lasts 3 rounds before it runs out of power...Feels bad?
  11. Hey, I'm a feral vampire who loves himself a game of X-wing. I'm fine with mine.
  12. Fickle's point #2 does bring in the aspect of slow-play abuse to the range check. If you are doing it EVERY round (even when you know it isn't close) you could run into a situation where your opponent calls you out for slow-play. They have every right to do this (planning out your dial is technically "legal" as well, but it can also be abused). Please make sure you are getting all 7 points out of your upgrade, but PLEASE also remember that we have stricter floor rules that give the judges a lot more power to punish people for being a total D!ck.
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