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  1. BDrafty

    Snap Shot

    I think the cost of snap shot needs to be pretty steep in order to keep it out of the hands of the dreaded 4 phantoms. Even just to keep it out of the hands of Whisper... Typically, snap shot is most powerful on a low initiative ship, however these ships typically don't have a talent slot. A ship like the phantom can flip the script on how snap shot operates and give tons of opportunity to fire because the phantom can reposition during the system phase.
  2. BDrafty


    Very true, but this is just going to get them out of range 1 (at best). However, ion is way more punishing for the 7b than for the standard frame. In fact, an ionization move will still let Obi get his never-ending focus. I don't think a kill is certain at all, but (to Ryfterek's point) it's as good as you are going to get.
  3. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your thoughts on the TIE/SF. I like the Swiss-Army-Knife style of the ship and have always loved flying them on the board and seeing them in action in the movie.
  4. The current form of Hyperspace is based on wave releases of previously released 1.0 stuff. As more and more 1.0 stuff is re-released, the number of ships in the Hyperspace format will grow. Hyperspace, as it is now, is on borrowed time. The future for it looks bright, however. FFG COULD do fun stuff each season of Hyperspace. They could limit the number of aces you can have, limit the amount of munitions that can be used, or really do anything they want on a season-by-season basis. I think this makes for a fun competitive format. However, the lack of consistency in this format means that it cannot be the primary competitive format for the game.
  5. By this point, I have a play style and will select ships that will reflect that style. However, I've never felt the need to have all names pilots. I mostly fly Imperial because of my list building doctrine with them : Select the ships you use based on the role you want them to perform. Upgrade to a named pilot if it further helps enhance that ship's ability to perform its role. Other factions will try to get a pilot into a list for the ability. You throw Drea into a list for what her ability is, not necessarily because you need a Y-Wing. That's just now how I do things.
  6. BDrafty


    In the game of X-wing Vs. TIE fighter, you had the option of taking heavy rockets to kill larger ships. I had an idea similar to this. Requires 2 missile slots Attack: Lock 2 dice Range: 2-3 1 charge If this attack hits, cancel all dice results. The defender suffers 5 damage.
  7. Passive sensors does a bit more for a missile equiped TIE/SF. The ability to lock (and it has to be the lock and NOT the calculate) allows you to rotate your arc forward or back at I ∞. This can even be useful even if you are OUT of missiles.
  8. The only time I have enjoyed flying her around is when I have Barrage rockets on her AND Captain Jonus. With Jonus next to her, she often doesn't have to spend the fous she has for the rockets (she gets 2 re-rolls for free). Even then, it's just a meh ship... The TIE Aggressor needs some better gunner options, better pilots, and possibly a special modification or title for it to have a chance at seeing play in the top tables.
  9. A Rho Boat with this cannon, advanced SLAM, and trick shot is 44 points. You have 3 different ways of getting 3 dice out the cannon: Range 1, Bullseye, and Obstructed. Advanced SLAM caps you at 3 dice anyway, so it's not a huge loss. Your ability to SLAM also makes you a fantastic flanker with some moves that even aces can't touch. I think this cannon may be pretty strong on the gunboat platform. It feels like you would still want to add munitions of some sort, but I really don't think you would HAVE to.
  10. Just in case you ever wished that they had a face you could punch...
  11. Who has one thumb (handy) and is the biggest $!#!##$%@#$!#!^&^#** to fly against?
  12. BDrafty

    What's coming next?

    Has anyone suggested the Skipray Blastboat for the Empire? https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/GAT-12_Skipray_Blastboat Seems like a medium base powerhouse for the Empire faction.
  13. Ok...Lots of cannons were used in 1.0. Ion cannon has been straight nurfed due to its cost and the way it applies its effect now, but tractor has actually gotten better due to the fact that you can apply more than one token in a given attack for a relativly low cost. HLC is...balanced. That's all I'll say. What we're missing is this: They are trying to do SOMETHING similar with the autoblaster: They have made a 2.0 version of the previous autoblaster, but what FFG have really done is set down a moderate damange doing cannon and are going to wait and see what it does to the meta. I think that the autoblaster MAY be a good add on gunboats, but...we'll see. I still say that the game lacks a good bread-and-butter cannon like the the manger, but that may be for the best.
  14. BDrafty

    Aphra's Ship

    Looks WAAAAY better from the front. Holy crap.
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