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  1. So I have an idea for a one-shot and I would love to hear people's feedback. The idea is to come up with a one shot adventure that is fun and light hearted (i.e. slasher crashes a rave, zombies attack a high school, etc). Instead of the players making a starting PC, they each make a minion group. I am thinking a group with 5 minions, but as long as you have to set creation rules its probably flexible. The fun part is that the player's minion group would start off pretty strong but they reduce in power as the night progresses and their minions get picked off. Personally, I would probably have my players give a 1 or 2 sentence description for each of their minions, and maybe a side quest for each one (i.e. high schooler must find his kid brother), just to add to the roleplay side of it. Any comments or feedback would be appreciated.
  2. I have an idea for and interesting Dungeon Crawl and I would love people's opinions. It would be a mini campaign that was probably last 8 sessions for so. Players would make seasoned characters who get extra starting XP and would have to answer the following question 1. What was your childhood like? 2. Who do you call family? ‎3. Where do you call home? 4. What is your greatest fear? 5. What is your most joyous moment? ‎6. Please detail one moment of victimization your charcter has experienced. 7. Please explain two moments of villainy and regret caused by your character. 8. Your character just recently experience a near death experience, what was it? The catch will be that the characters all died during their near death experience and they are now making their way through the 9 circles of ****, one level at a time. The information from their backgrounds would constantly be used throughout the dungeon crawl as they face their mistakes. For example, if someone's background said they deeply regretted killing a innocent old man, one of the rooms they would encounter would have the old man in it. Many of the rooms would also put them in a different location temporarily. If someone said that a two-bedroom Cottage in the woods is what they call home, then the players name enter a room within the dungeon to find themselves in that same Cottage while it starts to burn down. ‎ I think that many of the combat encounters would also be against their loved ones or other people from their backgrounds. In addition, I would also like to connect there backgrounds when ever possible. For example maybe one characters victimization was caused by another's villainy. ‎ I would love to know what you would do differently or add to it. Also would love to know what kind of encounters you would add. I definitely would like an encounter where they have to pay the ferryman to carry them across. I would also love to have a few good old dungeon style traps and maybe a riddle or two. ‎
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