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  1. Hi, just a simple question about Orkell's ability. The text says "Each time you are attacked by a monster and suffer at least 1 dmg, you may move 1 space after the attack". So, can Orkell move 1 space after an attack that would knock him down? The suffering damages and knock down phases are separated, or they occur at the same time?
  2. Hi guys, i have a question about the card Channeling. The card text says "You may spend 1 movement point during your turn to move 1 image token 1 space." My doubt is, can i spend 1 fatigue to gain 1 movement point, and use it to trigger the ability, since the card doesn't say it must be a movement point gained by a Move action? And can i do it multiple times during a turn?
  3. Hi guys, i have a question about the card Shadow Step. The card says: Exhaust this card to place your hero figure in a space that contains only a Shadow Soul. Than you may discard that Shadow Soul to perform an attack. If you do, add 1⚡ to the results. Now, if i discard the Shadow Soul to perform the attack, and it doesn't results in a miss, can i use the ability Soul Bound to place again the Shadow Soul near the monster before the damage is dealt?
  4. Hi guys, we had a problem in the 2A encounter of the finale in Heirs of blood. In this game, Tyrus is not considered a monster, and is treated as a frendly figure by others, but he can attack heroes, so our question is: can Leoric use his ability to block 1 damage from Tyrus attacks, or this is applied only on attacks performed by monsters?
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