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  1. Thank you all. I think I’m going to try it
  2. Played through once single player and WOW!!! Loved it. I know the rules say to play single player with two characters, but is there any downfall to playing with more than two? I would love to get more characters together to adventure.
  3. I sent them an email asking and have not heard back. I hope they do as I really want one 😭
  4. Thank you Dwaynedauzat. My first game had the AI rocket up fame several turns in a row. Just seemed over powered and when I went back to the rules I wasn't sure about buying versus spending.
  5. Hello. I finally opened my box and started playing single player versus AI. In the single player rules for buying it states , “The AI player can only buy when it is on a planet.” On the AI Player Turn cards, the encounter step tells the AI to spend credits to gain fame. I.e. - “Spend 8000 to gain 1 fame.” Does AI only spend to get fame when on a planet or does that occur on a nag point also? I have not been able to find official clarification.
  6. Hey there. I am in Mount Airy which isn't "too" far away. We have a newer group of players down at Play More Games in Gaithersburg. I don't know if that is too far to travel. It's hard for me to make it out a whole lot with a 4month old at home.
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