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  1. So the campaign is going well, and fast. We've decided to meet on Mondays and have had two more sessions since our opening session, playing two maps each. They have stopped both my agenda missions (Means of Production and Infection). They've caught on with the you have 'X' rounds to do 'Y' you can't sit around and clear the board. They also successfully earned Chewbacca. I also realized I was playing slightly wrong, in that I was not return deployment cards to my hand when they were defeated....oops. The group does work very well together in determining who should go first and where to attack/move. We are also a very streaky rolling group. There have been many epic 'massive damage roll!' 'white die rolls a cancel' moments. We are taking a bit of a break as a combination of us aren't available for the next few weeks, but we are probably 2-3 weeks from finishing the campaign at the rate we are going.
  2. These guys are all experienced gamers and most of them think a few moves ahead so there is very little waiting after a round. They just sit there wondering what bad stuff I'm going to throw at them.
  3. We've agreed to meet Monday nights (when we can) one of the guys works a night shift so he needs to leave by 11:00, Gives us an internal timer. I figure we'll likely play one mission a night.
  4. So it went very well. We played 3 missions last night. The rebels went 1-2. I have just the core set with a few villain and ally packs. Rebels are Diala, Gaarkhan, Jyn and Mak. They've used them quite effectively as well. I'm using the military might class. Either way we had a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed it
  5. I'm going to ask the group about that as my wife has volunteered to step in if someone can't make it. She just didn't want to do it for launch for obvious reasons. She enjoys the mechanics of the game, but not the long drawn out campaign aspect of it. So she doesn't mind stepping for a mission or two. Now I have to go get sleeves tomorrow
  6. There seems to be a bunch of these in here but here is my own. I'm finally getting a chance to start my first campaign on Friday! The first thing I've noticed as the hardest? Scheduling. I've had to re-schedule things three times now for my first campaign night, mostly things beyond my control. But excited to start for sure!
  7. Came in today! Much faster than the posted expected time of 10-20 business days.
  8. After hemming and hawing over it I finally place my order for it today. $18.82 CAD!
  9. Any idea on whether or not you have to pay any duty on these? I'd be ordering from Canada.
  10. And now the Grand Inquisitor from her parents.
  11. I thought you did skip reposition instructions if it didn't 'change the game state'. So for example if the stromtooper was adjacent to a hero, then the only options to move 2 left the stromtrooper still adjacent to a hero then it gets skipped and you go to the move 6 to reposition 4.
  12. Got Han Solo and Royal Guard Champion from my wife for my birthday!
  13. My wife and 8-year old son (nearly 9) played with two other friends when we broke the game in, we played a couple of missions. I didn't do the setup of the campaign correctly. She enjoyed, but she's also not one to play long games so I have a feeling it will be played sparingly as a family (especially since my other son is only 4, so his 'playing' is limited to rolling the dice) I do love the app though as it allows my son and I to play together, and he's getting pretty decent with strategy.
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