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  1. Oh, I see. Thank you. That's a relief.
  2. The app is down again... is there any way to get a downloadable version? We have loved not having to shuffle the cards.
  3. Ian and I absolutely love EH. We have it set up so that each of us always play 4 investigators each. Our play style with the game is to work on improving and getting as much as we can to "buff" our characters first before jumping into the mystery. So, often times we find ourselves running out of improvement tokens by the end. We are asking if anyone would be willing to give (or even sell) any spare improvement tokens they have to us. We need two of each skill. Can anyone help us out?
  4. Nicole: Ian and I were inspired by ShiningAquas to try making our own investigators for EH. Here is just one of the 7 we created so far. It has been a lot of fun working on them. Ian: Pretty cool, eh? Would you believe that for a game set in the roaring twenties, they didn't have a single supermodel? Quite the travesty. So we made one. She's an intelligent supermodel, which enables her to actually use the Glamours. We think she looks awesome and are excited to try her out. What do you think? I tried to upload the back but the forum only allowed for a limited amount of MB and it is not allowing me to upload the back of the sheet now. Does anyone know how I can get around this? We tried lowering the size through making it a jpeg, but since we are now only allowed to upload "0.49" mb (nothing), even after deleting this upload in an edit, we still couldn't upload anything else (we then undid our deletion). Does it refresh every day? If so, how would you upload multiple pictures as many other members have done when showcasing their work? Why is there even a limit?
  5. Hey y'all. We're creating some investigators, and we'd like some templates for personal stories so we could make our own of that too. I realize this is just for aesthetic purposes, as we could print them on white paper and have the same effect. But is there any chance someone could get those templates out for paint.net 4.0.21? Thanks, Nicolian
  6. That is brilliant!! This would save so much time on shuffling. ?
  7. I am curious what purpose this site serves? Why don't you draw the cards from the game itself? Excuse my ignorance if the answer is obvious. ^_^
  8. Why did they only give us 6 improvement tokens for each skill!? Out of all the expansions we kept waiting for more but they never came. For those of us who regularly play 8 players this would be really helpful....
  9. Here's the Nicolian Expansion Guide: General All Big Boxes • 8 investigators • 2 Ancient Ones • Sideboard (except Masks, which has backstories instead) • Twice the overall content of small boxes, twice the overall cost All Small Boxes • 4 investigators • 1 Ancient One • Half the overall content of small boxes, half the overall cost Specific Forsaken Lore • Fixes the base game; don't even play the game until you have this expansion. • Mandatory. All other expansions expand the game; this one fixes it. • Makes the game much harder Mountains of Madness • Adds focus • Antarctica sideboard ~ More like an expedition or a treasure hunt turned into a side-board. Fun to play, but I like the other boards better. • Adds the base for all the other expansions ~ unique assets, tasks, preludes, etc. Future expansions will not add any new mechanics (except disasters and resources), but will expand upon these. • Very organic way to expand your game—but if you're only looking for one or two other expansions, the other big boxes are better. Flavor: a lot of content adds a great deal of depth to the game. But so will other expansions. Get this one if you're planning to get them all—and make it one of the first so the game organically develops for you. But if you're only planning to get a few, don't get this one at all. • Makes the game easier Strange Remnants • Focus • Relics (One of the best things they've ever added to this game) • Glamours • Mystic ruins (control the omen) Flavor: Allows you to control the omen and makes rest actions more impactful. Spells become more difficult to spam, as glamours could kill you. The AO is one of the hardest in the game and super fun to play. • Doesn't change difficulty Under the Pyramids • The best big box. Get this. Now. • Flavor is amazing; the descriptions and atmosphere put you right in the game • Egypt is the best sideboard; amazingly well integrated, feels like part of the board • More Relics! And implemented even better than in Strange Remnants • More glamours (all expansions except masks will have them from here on out) • Impairment tokens (not very well implemented until the next expansion, though) • The two coolest AOs ever (Nephren-Ka and Abhoth) Flavor: Eldritch horror at its finest. Mystery, treasure and danger. This is everything a big box expansion should be. It's just plain good. • Makes the game harder Signs of Carcosa • Impairments (well implemented) • Hardest AO (Hastur) Flavor: Someone in the design room said, "This game isn't hard enough!" And this was the response. It feels like a gut punch followed by a kick in the teeth. If you want the game to be much harder, this expansion is for you. Otherwise, you will be frustrated. It's a tough one (but I like it a lot). • Makes the game much harder Dreamlands • Focus • Dreamlands Sideboard ~ Very creative, and interacts with the board in amazingly diverse ways. Brilliant. Love Dreamquests too. • Two of the most fun AOs ever (Hypnos and Atlach-Nacha) • Introduces the concept of gate-stacking (major strategy!) Flavor: Next to Cities in Ruin and Under the Pyramids, this is the best one. It has all the imagination and creativity you could ask for, plus some fun challenges and opportunities to really strategize. If you're only getting three expansions after Forsaken Lore, this is the third. • Makes the game slightly harder Cities in Ruin • The best expansion. Period. • DISASTERS! YES! WATCH THE WORLD BURN! BUURRRN • Shudde M'ell is so much fun Flavor: This is everything an Eldritch Horror expansion should be. It adds to the game without creating any bloat, it brings just the right amount of challenge and chaos to keep you interested without frustrating you—and most of all, it's actually fun to lose with this expansion. You get to watch the world end. • Makes the game harder Masks of Nyarlathotep • Capstone Expansion • Focus • Introduces Resources • Introduces backstories (these are awesome) • No sideboard • Nyarlathotep is a blast, and Antediluvium has a suprise flip effect Flavor: Good as a capstone. Fleshes out previous expansions a bit more. If you want a good final expansion, this is it. Not worth your money if you don't have the other expansions, as a lot of the content is reliant upon previous expansions. Pretty cool if you have the others though. Love those backstories. • Doesn't change difficulty
  10. Yes, please include it in your batch of questions. We tend to agree that it is permissible, but it just seems way too powerful. So, even if we could do it, we probably will house rule against it.
  11. Nicole: That is a good question. I think you are correct that they would need the spell in order to cast it. But since Ian and I have been using Marie we have had her give more generic actions to other investigators such as travel and rest actions. Ian: I would suggest you send an official rule query. Off the top of my head, however, it seems to me that "component actions" is a title for a group of actions rather than one specific action in this game (ex: "each component action counts separately"). Thus, the specific component action being performed would need to be duplicated, not just a "component action." So my answers to your question would be N,Y,N. Just my two cents.
  12. Hello fellow EH lovers, Ian and I were playing using Father Mateo and we got to a point where everyone had a blessed condition. All the other boon conditions have been passed out as well, such as Living Link. At this point, we only have two blessed conditions left in our "boon condition" pile. We play eight investigators all the time. Anyway, there does not seem to be a stipulation with Father Mateo passing out boon conditions if an investigator already has one. So, in this case would it be possible for Father Mateo to pass out his Blessed condition to another investigator who is already blessed and consequently cause that investigator to flip their blessed condition? I know it is probably too good to be true--but there seems no reason, according to the wording in his investigator sheet, that he would not be able to to do this. Thanks! Nicole
  13. We use the apocalypse nigh and fall of man preludes together every time for a brutal combination. Both of them cause disasters in non-Shudde'mell games. Shudde'mell is one of our favorite ancient ones. Disasters may be one of the best things they have added to the game. It's crazy having a disaster kill one of your investigators on round 2. It's the best small box expansion IMO.
  14. Ian: Under the Pyramids is the best big box expansion, followed closely by The Dreamlands. Nicole: Yes, I concur. UtP is IMO the best big box expansion. The side board is well incorporated into the base board. It is easy to get investigators in a out of the Egypt side board and it even helps with travel getting from one side of the board to another sometimes. The city effects added are fun and helpful too. Oh, and the addition of relic unique assets is another favorite part of the expansion.
  15. Ian: Thanks for asking! Here they are in order: Mountains of Madness Finn Edwards, Daisy Walker, Agnes Baker, George Barnaby, Tommy Muldoon, Wilson Richards, Patrice Hathaway and Ursula Downs Strange Remnants Marie Lambeau, Skids O'Toole, Zoey Samaras, and Tony Morgan Under the Pyramids Rex Murphy, Hank Samson, Joe Diamond, Mandy Thompson, Sister Mary, Minh Ti Phan, Harvey Walters, and Monterey Jack Signs of Carcosa Michael McGlenn, Jenny Barnes, Wendy Adams, and Dexter Drake The Dreamlands Vincent Lee, Carolyn Fern, Luke Robinson, Kate Winthrop, Darrell Simmons, William Yorick, Gloria Goldberg, and Amanda Sharpe Cities in Ruin Roland Banks, Bob Jenkins, "Ashcan" Pete, and Rita Young Masks of Nyarlathotep Calvin Wright, Daniella Reyes, Agatha Crane, Sefina Rosseau, Preston Fairmont, Carson Sinclair, and Father Mateo
  16. Nicole: I love the idea of customizing your own investigators. I have wished before that I had the talent and tools to do just that. Your work is creative Shining Aquas. The anime style seems out of place for EH, but there is nothing wrong with it since you are the one making the content, you should be able to make something you like.
  17. Nicole: Hey Shoshalla, my husband and I play with 8 investigators too. We each play four characters. We play the game over the span of a few days and just leave the board up on our kitchen table and then eat dinner at the coffee table. Sounds like we have similar play styles. 8 investigators is so much fun because, like you said, you can have more diversity and investigators that wouldn't normally be good in a lower investigator game do really well in an 8 player game and there is much more depth in their interaction. It works out well because I love playing the support roles such as Charlie and Jenny Barnes. Ian likes the fighter characters and spell casters (His favorite spellcasters are Daisy and Agnes). Ian: 8 investigators is the only way to play for us. We have played with different numbers, but 8 is the most fun. You really have to think hard about how you will coordinate them or you will fall flat. There is also so much diversity and possibility for each turn. My overall favorite investigators are: Leo, Ashcan, Ursula, Mandy and Rita. After that, I love Hank and McGlen and Daisy and Agnes. Three token rumors are much more challenging when you have to scrounge up 4 to 8 clues. In an 8 investigator game you definitely need to have someone designated to clue hunting, such as Mandy Thompson (IMO, she is THE researcher of choice).
  18. Nicole: I am confused as to why Strange Remnants is so hard to find and why it is sold out and needing reprint. We have every expansion except that one...
  19. Ian: This was my prediction with the campaign mode. As long as you allow investigators to keep anything between games, you allow them to stack advantages. Just play smart and don't blow it against the first AO and you're good. Personally, I would add rules to make campaign mode more difficult, as it is a great concept.
  20. Nicole: We just got the Masks of Nyarlathotep expansion a few days ago. As much as I hate to admit it, Masks does have a sense of finality to it. It feels like Fantasy Flight is wrapping things up and tying loose ends together with this expansion. Ian: It feels like a capstone expansion; It fleshes out and references previous expansions, it appears to finish a system for every character, it has eight encounter cards for each location, it has the number two version of every relic unique assets that only had one version in previous expansions (ie: cursed tablet, wooden puppet, ect), and there is no side board. Then you have the campaign mode which appears to be a complete list....it just seems like a final expansion. Although I agree there are AO's left to explore, the fact that they chose Antediluvium, which is just a rehash of Cthulhu, is telling...sort of a golden anniversary of Chthulhu, HPL's most popular AO. Nyarlathotep, meanwhile, is an anthology of AO's, sort of the guy behind a lot of things. Also, the missing AO are typically not mentioned in the encounter lore of EH. Whereas Nyarlathotep was mentioned all the time (Do you remember a single mention of Tsathoggua?). They really haven't been building up other AO's at all. For the lore they gave us in EH specifically, this feels complete.
  21. I certainly hope it is not! It is my husband, Ian, and my favorite game. The best part about the expansions is that they build on eachother and you can then customize the decks or items as you feel it is needed. Plus, the replayability is never ending. If FF is still making good money on the franchise I don't see why they can't continue as long as they have ideas and source material to draw from.
  22. Wow, I'm impressed by the great responses. Thank you. Yes, my husband and I came to the same conclusions and we rescinded the double rest action. Ironically, this investigator (Gloria Goldberg) later went insane. Lol. Can I just say, that you are all so civil in the way you discuss these things. I appreciate it a lot.
  23. Hey all, I just got the Dreamlands expansion and my husband and I really enjoy it. Yet, we came across a question regarding Vincent Lee and Carolyn Fern actions. They allow investigators to perform a rest action. We had one of our investigators perform a rest action to get to the dreamlands while playing against Hypnos and then that investigator met up on Carolyn Ferns space and she used her action to let the investigator rest to recover sanity and get rid of a madness condition. Do you think this is incorrect since you are only allowed to use one action per investigator or does Carolyn and Vincents action still allow it? what are your thoughts? thanks :-)
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