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  1. Color Match Assistance - Rebel Troopers

    Red blended with a bit of green will produce a desaturated red like that. A little blue would pull it towards burgundy.
  2. Everyones preorder thread

    1 core for me. I'll buy more after I get it painted.
  3. Solo trailer. What did you think?

    At least the characters appear to have emotions, so that's a good thing.
  4. Really Close to Buying but....

    Ewoks are like Snakes on a Plane. Everyone says they want them, but nobody will buy them.
  5. Preorder posters

    Pre-order bonuses are a terrible idea, but it should have been better!
  6. Article up

  7. Differentiating Troops --What's your plan?

    I'll put the heads on backward for one unit.
  8. FFG has a lot of catching up to do...

    I guess it varies by location. My flgs is gonna have some release day events hosted by the x-wing club. My local 40k group on Facebook has people posting updates on legion.
  9. FFG has a lot of catching up to do...

    FFG would be wise to distribute some early copies to wargame channels to have some tutorials and battle reports ready to go. Probably even mainstream video game sites like polygon will report on it.
  10. Will we see the Solo Trailer at the Super Bowl

    Sounds like a ploy to entice people to watch the superbowl.
  11. FFG has a lot of catching up to do...

    I don't think a late Q1 release is going to hurt Legion. It's arguably better to release later and have waves in quick succession than to release earlier and have a drought.
  12. It's inevitable: Star Wars Legion Podcasts

    I listen to Hairy Nick on Youtube on the way home from work.
  13. Prediction for "Wave 2"

  14. Prediction for "Wave 2"

    Han Solo ??????? Tarkin Scout Troopers
  15. 22MAR is a loooong ways away...

    That's what I did. Now I even have time to play it! /acceptance