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  1. We already know that "one action" opportunities don't extend to include additional action opportunities triggered by that first action (e.g. Sai and coordinate). There is no reason for us to interpret "the ship’s one action during the Perform Action step" as anything other than the single specific action opportunity granted by the standard rules governing a ship's activation. If FFG wants there to be red SLAMs they'll give us red SLAMs, either on a card or by making changes to the rules. We can't change the rules to make things work differently; that's FFG's job.
  2. That isn't how it works, though. Pattern Analyzer does not create a Pattern Analyzer step before the Perform Action step; rather it simply specifies its timing as after the movement step and before the Check Stress step. When you use Pattern Analyzer to perform an action, any ability or effect that happens "after you perform an action" is also triggered, and because you have not yet reached the Check Stress step, such actions also happen before the Check Stress step. As it stands, it's quite clear that you cannot use any ability or effect to perform a SLAM action except for a) the one opportunity you get from the Perform Action step and b) the opportunity provided by Coaxium Hyperfuel, which specifically bypasses the rule.
  3. According to setup rules (p17) setup abilities are resolved "during the appropriate step of setup." Ships are placed during Step 5 (Place Forces); the damage deck itself is shuffled and placed during step 6 (Prepare Other Components). Therefore the appropriate step to resolve Explosion with Wings is in step 6, after all forces have been placed and the damage deck has entered play. As long as Chewie crew is placed at range 0-3 of any Fireball, resolving the Explosion with Wings ability should recover Chewie's charge. *EDIT* wow nitro beat me to my own answer
  4. New Poe should be a few points cheaper than old Poe, but then again old Poe should be a few points cheaper than old Poe
  5. Wait, you actually want triple upsilons back?
  6. The Ring looks like cancer for standardized play and excellent fun for casual/narrative play. I'm glad to have it and also relieved that I won't be seeing it in tournaments.
  7. i like the idea of Arvel and Green Squadron A-wings with intimidation and Starbird. Block on the first turn, then k/sloop on through. Add Leia for some extra spice. Not super easy to pull off, but it could be a great tool for RZ-1s, even if they can't actually kturn that round.
  8. YASB is not official and doesn't have any actual bearing on how to interpret rules (though the dev does an excellent job of ensuring everything is accurate). In the official FFG squad builder, however, Kallus [VCX] does in fact have the Tail Gun ship ability. Because of this, I find it somewhat difficult to imagine a TO ruling that Kallus can't use the tail gun, but as previously mentioned if you intend to use the ability you should absolutely clear it with the judges first.
  9. Maui.

    Ideas on Juke

    It's slightly less problematic, but it's also now even more unusable on anything except defenders and naboos, and it still suffers from the "super gross if you can spam it effectively" problem. I'd rather see a limited (or possibly even fully unique) talent that places restrictions on how the defender can mod defense dice--e.g. defender can only spend 1 green token to modify defense dice, and if defender is (in bullseye/outmaneuvered?) their defense dice (cannot otherwise be modified / can only mod 1 die) Green dice are already bad and anything that messes with your opponent's green dice needs to be approached with extreme caution. Turning juke into something that specifically counters token stacks and passive mods seems like a good niche it could fill
  10. Maui.

    Wedge in a Z-95

    Yub yub, Commander.
  11. Alternate theory: experienced X-wing players know what makes Juke problematic and the issue is very much general and not specific to phantoms Granulating pricing can't 'fix' juke without becoming extraordinarily complicated. Making Juke unplayable and replacing it with a similar but healthier card is far simpler and easier
  12. Please stop trying to make Juke good. We've seen what happens when Juke is good, and it's not good. As much as I want to be able to run Juke to make my n-1s viable, I'm willing to accept that hit if it keeps Juke away from the likes of defenders and phantoms. If you need something to fill that niche, nuke Juke to 10+ points and replace it with a similar but less oppressive talent, a la Supernatural Reflexes -> Precognitive Reflexes
  13. Vonreg is great as the #3 ace in a FO trip ace list now if only they had a #2 ace...
  14. Given that the biggest issue with the current RZ-1 is its lack of pilots, the fix would be including a bunch of new A-wing pilots, preferably including options at i5 or i6 (or both. don't be shy now FFG! give us aces!) I don't think it really needs anything else. It's a solid little ship that just lacks a diversity of options right now
  15. Either; you can use them in whichever order you want. You can change the dial first with Saesee and then increase the speed of the new maneuver with R2-A6, or you can increase the speed with R2-A6 then change the dial with Saesee.
  16. You can field a cavern angels zealot with stealth device for 45 points. A knave squadron pilot has better offense, defense, dial, action bar, and ship ability with a bonus initiative point. Knaves at 48 would probably be all right. I'd prefer they stay at 50 (as part of my view that they should be intentionally inefficient) and you bring Rogues down to 52, Gavin to 56, Corran to 63, and you see if that makes any difference in how viable these pilots are perceived.
  17. The E-wing is a toolbox fighter that can adjust to almost any circumstance. It sacrifices overall action efficiency in favor of terrific flexibility. This seems reasonable to me. It's an extreme generalist superiority fighter. I'm hesitant to "fix" the e-wing with anything other than points reductions, especially considering the myriad support abilities prevalent within the faction. (Edit: I didn't mean to gloss over your fix ideas, which are interesting and thoughtful! I just wanted to express that I like the way the E-wing is built--including the wonky linked action--and that I think they shouldn't really be efficiency options; my opinion is that Knaves should be inefficient as generics go, and Rogues/Gavin/Corran should come down a bit to be realistic but not auto-include options)
  18. This combo works fine. Essentially, these abilities have the same trigger, so as long as Anakin is within range 0-2 of Saesee, you can add both abilities to the queue in whichever order you like; they then resolve in that order.
  19. Ships are indeed friendly to themselves.
  20. Maui.

    What's coming next?

    i imagine they will probably have some new pilots in those dusty old ships
  21. Maui.

    What's coming next?

    The devs compared these to ace packs from first edition rather than the Republic/CiS squad packs, so I'm expecting two ships per
  22. Any Fireball will recover Chewie's charge if it is placed within range 3 of Chewie's ship, regardless of initiative. Explosion with Wings cannot be resolved until Step 6 of setup (after the damage deck is shuffled and placed) and this is after all ships have been placed (Step 5).
  23. There is a definition in the RRG: Base rotations do not fulfill this definition and should therefore not be considered "moves;" a base rotation by itself should not trigger the effects of overlapping an obstacle while moving.
  24. The case is much stronger for f&c to be scum, imo Not only does it come alongside the other OG factions, the Phoenix Cell and Skystrike Academy are both references to Rebels cartoon era (pre-New Hope) and 'Fugitives and Collaborators' is a natural reference to scum characters from this material--many of them are either fugitives from or collaborating with the Empire--so it's a strong fit there. Also, i know things could have been rearranged in the meantime, but we were specifically told in the announcement that the Resistance ace pack is coming first which makes me think it will be out before the Phoenix/Skystrike/F&C packs are released
  25. Because you control both abilities and both abilities share the same timing trigger, you choose the order in which the abilities are placed into the queue (and therefore the order in which they resolve). Once queued, each ability fully resolves before the next ability can be resolved, so if you queue Fine-Tuned Controls first, you would indeed reposition before you would measure for C1-10P.
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