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  1. Any Fireball will recover Chewie's charge if it is placed within range 3 of Chewie's ship, regardless of initiative. Explosion with Wings cannot be resolved until Step 6 of setup (after the damage deck is shuffled and placed) and this is after all ships have been placed (Step 5).
  2. There is a definition in the RRG: Base rotations do not fulfill this definition and should therefore not be considered "moves;" a base rotation by itself should not trigger the effects of overlapping an obstacle while moving.
  3. The case is much stronger for f&c to be scum, imo Not only does it come alongside the other OG factions, the Phoenix Cell and Skystrike Academy are both references to Rebels cartoon era (pre-New Hope) and 'Fugitives and Collaborators' is a natural reference to scum characters from this material--many of them are either fugitives from or collaborating with the Empire--so it's a strong fit there. Also, i know things could have been rearranged in the meantime, but we were specifically told in the announcement that the Resistance ace pack is coming first which makes me think it will be out before the Phoenix/Skystrike/F&C packs are released
  4. Because you control both abilities and both abilities share the same timing trigger, you choose the order in which the abilities are placed into the queue (and therefore the order in which they resolve). Once queued, each ability fully resolves before the next ability can be resolved, so if you queue Fine-Tuned Controls first, you would indeed reposition before you would measure for C1-10P.
  5. You're arguing that there is no dice pool to add dice to because dice have not been rolled, but this interpretation is not supported by the rules. Fifth Brother does not require you to have rolled dice, he only requires the attack to hit, so in this case there is no reason why he cannot add his result.
  6. 0 + 1 = 1 (e.g. Norra Wexley can use her ability to an an evade result, even if she did not roll any green dice due to strain/outmaneuver/etc.)
  7. more importantly, when do we get the Lust and Gluttony squadron packs?
  8. The Heavy Weapons Turret special ability says to treat the missile's front arc requirement as a turret arc, which does indeed change the attack from a front arc attack into a turret arc attack. Contrast with Krassis, whose ability does not treat anything like anything else, but rather simply says that you may perform front arc special attacks from your rear arc. To make the distinction even clearer: a TIE/sf could not use Outmaneuver with a missile attack, even if the target was in the attacker's front arc, because the missile is no longer treated as being a front arc attack.
  9. I have always been of the opinion that the aftermath step does not occur "during" the attack, because you can't have abilities that trigger after an attack happen during the attack; that's simply not possible. However, you can refer to the ship that was attacking/defending as 'the attacker' or 'the defender' even though that ship is no longer actively attacking/defending at that precise moment. This is a contextually accurate application of language. I can see why it might be confusing at first blush, but if you accept that the attack's duration ends before the aftermath step, it remains 100% clear which ships are being referred to by the "attacker" and "defender" labels in the aftermath rules. Conversely, if one attempts to include the aftermath as "during" the attack, it creates confusion and ambiguity, as bonus attacks become nested within other attacks and it becomes possible to have multiple attackers/defenders at the same time. This is far, far messier and more complicated than the attack simply ending before the aftermath step.
  10. As someone who absolutely loves A-wings and wants to see them do well: RZ-1s seem fine and their only major problem is that there aren't enough of them. RZ-1 A-wings and TIE Interceptors remain the most criminally underserved ship chassis in the game. I would like to see at least 3 more pilots get added to the RZ-1 roster, preferably two at i5-6 and another at middle initiative with a support ability. I'd love to see them get more tools to be fun and effective because I love the ship, but I don't really think it's in a bad place to begin with, much less someplace so bad that it requires new cards to fix. But then I also don't think that every ship needs to be effective when spammed, and even though the RZ-1 a personal favorite, I'm fine with the Rebels having more efficient and effective spam options than A-wings.
  11. The only other way I know of is in Epic games using wing leader mechanics. When you fly a wing, only the wing leader sets a dial; the wingmates do not set dials, which is normally fine because wingmates get placed in formation with the wing leader when they activate... unless the wing is forced to split before the wingmates activate, in which case they activate without a set dial and become very very sad (a white 2 straight + stress, if I recall correctly)
  12. Equip Afterburners instead of Advanced Slam. Afterburners a bank boost after the SLAM maneuver, then Poe a barrel roll.
  13. Han is not the only card that works like this. Lando (scum crew) and Dooku (crew) are both examples of similar abilities. Like Han, these abilities resolve during the appropriate dice modification step when they are used to modify combat dice.
  14. So first, Han's ability is a weird rules mess, but at least we do have an understanding of how it works. As of right now, the Han ruling is part of the Rules Reference, so there's not much debate about when it happens; it resolves during his Modify Dice step like any other dice modification ability. With any dice modifying ability like Han's that can be used outside of combat, when that ability is used during combat to modify dice, it is resolved during the appropriate Modify Dice step. There are abilities that can modify dice during combat and outside of the Modify Dice steps. These abilities always say "while you [defend/attack]" and specify the alternate timing.
  15. Homing Missiles instructs you to skip the dice rolling steps. It does not instruct you to skip the Neutralize Results step; therefore you do not skip this step, the attack is treated as hitting, and Fifth Brother can do his thing.
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