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  1. The quote I referenced does not refer to a 'given initiative.' It makes it clear that ships are not removed until all ships have engaged at that initiative. I would say that Corran gets to shoot before being removed, because his ability has already been queued and occurs during the appropriate initiative step before ships are removed.
  2. Yes, the rigged cargo ruling is the best thing we have to go on, so if you launch the buzz droid swarm such that it overlaps a ship, the buzz droid swarm is placed underneath that ship and the ship overlaps it. So if you launch a buzz droid swarm directly onto an enemy ship, it will trigger immediately.
  3. It's pretty clear that Null gets to shoot in the above scenario. Engagement Phase, p10: Corran fires his bonus attack at initiative 0, so any ship he destroys with this attack is not removed until after all initiative 0 ships have engaged.
  4. That rule refers to abilities for which the trigger is a ship being destroyed, e.g. Admiral Sloane, Deathfire, Resistance Chewbacca, Tel Trevura. The ability queue means that, in a mirror match, both Vader crew abilities have an opportunity to trigger before either Vader crew ability resolves. Once in the queue, the ability is set to be resolved, even if the ship carrying Vader is destroyed before the ability is resolved.
  5. For the record, I don't have a particular side in the Holdo/M9 argument. I think that what you're saying here is a good argument: that the lock rules weren't written with token-passing in mind, and that ships were never intended to be able to have a lock on themselves, and that Holdo should not be able to violate that principle unless FFG comes out and specifically says she does. I don't have a problem with that reasoning at all. I do have a problem with the argument that Holdo taking her own lock token is a lock is being acquired on herself, while Holdo taking another lock token is not a lock being acquired on her. That's not logically consistent, so it's a far weaker argument in my opinion.
  6. But the point is that they *clearly* grant locks beyond normal range. Remember, rules have to be specifically excepted. Holdo doesn't exempt you from the lock range restriction, so logically speaking, if you argue that taking your own lock token means that you are acquiring a lock on yourself, then it must follow that taking someone else's lock token means they are acquiring a lock on you, which they can't do from beyond range 3, which means that Holdo can break locks by stealing a lock token when the enemy ship is beyond range 3 of her.
  7. I've heard of sports teams intentionally throwing matches, or intentionally hampering their chances to win an officially sanctioned game, to gain some advantage or another. That happens all the time in sports. I've never heard of anyone getting arrested for it, nor have I heard of someone being criminally charged with violating the integrity of a gaming bracket. Regardless of how distasteful you may find unethical behavior, the sanctity of an X-wing tournament bracket is not worth sending someone to jail over. Kick someone from a tournament? Sure. For serious and repeated offenses, a lifetime ban from competitive X-wing? Also reasonable! Arrest someone for a questionable concession in a tabletop miniatures game? Not reasonable. Take a deep breath, center yourself. It's not a criminal matter.
  8. You can fail a SLAM by attempting to execute a maneuver that takes you off the board.
  9. 40 points is too much for Finn, in my opinion. I get that you can kick his offense into overdrive, but frankly his offense is Good Enough as long as he has a token, and the chassis is just not flexible enough to carry a list. Heroic + one upgrade. Pattern Analyzer makes him a knife fighter and helps him attract shots in an attempt to strip his one and only token; Threepio gives him flexibility and makes him a reasonable support piece; PerCop is for Maximum Effort. Keep him skinny so no one wants to shoot at him, run him alongside something scarier, and he punches *way* above his weight. Going up above 40 doesn't give you enough return for taking up more of your list, and you make him a juicier target for being focused down. Finn's good but he's not tanking an entire enemy list by himself, and he's very vulnerable to being blocked or dodged. I wouldn't go up above that unless I really didn't have anywhere better to spend the points.
  10. You can already fit 5 alongside Sinker, and people choose 4 golds to make the fifth one an ARC instead.
  11. I agree with all of you that the i3 talent slot tax is weird, but it's a separate issue. In a perfect world, all the talented generics would be a little cheaper, but they're not. So let's put that aside for the moment and assume, for the sake of argument, that the inexplicable i3 tax doesn't go away. Do you still think Dedicated seems fairly priced at 1 point? Or, put another way: imagine that tomorrow, Dedicated gets reduced to 0 points, with no other price changes in X-wing. Do you think Dedicated starts seeing a lot of play? Or will people still prefer to bring the cheap guys?
  12. You're either paying for Dedicated, or for a better EPT, of which there are most of them.
  13. Hello! I'm bored on a Sunday morning and was just talking about this with someone so I thought I'd bring it up. Dedicated should be a 0 point upgrade. 0 point upgrades are normally not a great idea, because they're always auto-include if you have the slot. So, they have to be either truly near-useless (like Jamming Beam) or already priced into the ship chassis (configs). Dedicated is a slightly different case. My thinking is that, because Dedicated can be equipped by such a limited roster of pilots (only two at the moment, presumably a third when the Y-wing drops), you're still having to pay to upgrade from a generic init 1/2 pilot to an init 3 pilot with a talent slot. Generally speaking, across the entire game, the generics with talent slots are probably among the least-used pilots in X-wing. I3 Torrents and ARCs are almost never seen on the table. Since you have to pay just to get access to the talent slot, even a 0 point Dedicated would never truly be free of cost. Next, there are tons of hoops to jump through to make Dedicated work. A fairly specific relative position to your teammates must be maintained in order to protect them. You cannot use Dedicated on the cheapest filler ships--only limited pilots and other Dedicated clones can make use of it, and those points add up fast. You pay a price in-game for the benefit of using Dedicated, in the name of a strain token. And lastly, and perhaps more importantly, Dedicated's benefit is just not that good. Even if the ship in question has a way to convert the eyeball, there's still a 3/8 chance that you jumped through all those hoops for nothing. I suspect that, if Dedicated were dropped to 0 points tomorrow, you'd see a few people trying it out, but mostly they would stick to their generics. Even at 0, the cost for bringing Dedicated might still be too high for the return. With all the restrictions and limitations already in place, and the benefit gained being unreliable, I think Dedicated should be a free upgrade.
  14. Finch's ability doesn't work with mines, only bombs. Same with Paige Tico.
  15. Theoretically, if it works, you could use M9-G8 and Holdo on two ships with the same initiative and have them pass the lock token back and forth on alternating rounds so that two ships gain the benefit of M9-G8. Probably still not broken powerful, but... you could do it
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