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  1. I must admit that I am in the same boat as you, as I am still contemplating how to achieve that special color using contrast paints. So this is all theory from my part... I would personally try a mix of 3:1 basilicanum grey and leadbelcher as a base coat over a black primer with greyseer as heavy zenithal highlight. Then I would wash the armour with 4:1 nuln oil and gyphonne sepia to bring out the inherrent purplish tones of the basilicanum grey.
  2. Ok thanks for all your kind help. So fx Barrage is only really worth it on a naked AAT, but a drawback if I have a weapons upgrade, right?
  3. But, I could fire the primary weapon twice with arsenal 2 and either take an aim tokem or move, right?
  4. Hi all, I just can't see how not using Arsenal during your activation and thereby getting to use Barrage instead would be beneficial. Obviously I must have misunderstood one of the rules, but what am I doing wrong, please help me understand 😊 In example: The AAT has arsenal 2 and is epuipped with HE Shells, it can now move and shoot both weapons on either one enemy unit or divide the attack pools shooting each on a different unit, right? If Arsenal is not used, then it can use Barrage to make to attack actions, which still count towards your two action allowance. What are the benefits of passing on arsenal x and instead using Barrage?
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