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  1. This is loosely based on one of the skins from Battlefront 2. It was my son’s idea.
  2. Hi Everyone! It’s been a while but it turns out you can generally manage taking miniature photos in a light box while listening to someone drone on in a conference call. So I’ve taken the below this morning. A few of these miniatures I may have posted on this forum before, but it’s been a while and I thought it would be worthwhile to post them all together. Hope everyone is safe and comfortable. Clone tank Galactic Republic Leadership clone army Clone squads Break for Terrain. Seemed like separating the forces was a good idea, and I have just painted this thing. Very simple but I think it looks really nice. Destroyer Droids Grievous Dooku: in my opinion the best sculpt for Legion and a very simple model to paint and make look nice because the sculpt is both beautiful and easy to block out. Droid army - it pains me to pose these guys in such a disorganized way, but in ranks the individual minis don’t show up. I bought the clone wars starter to put together skirmish forces to play with my son. I haven’t finished the BARC speeder but it’s a pretty fun pair of armies to paint. Again, hope everyone is safe and comfortable.
  3. BigBadAndy

    New Painter

    The paint sets are definitely not useless, especially if you are new. I don’t have them myself but it’s a nice selection of colors and at the very least will help you avoid “paralysis of analysis” staring at a huge wall of paint colors and trying to figure out what you should get. YouTube is a tremendous resource for new painters. There are lots that address what you need to get started so I won’t try to replicate them here. But really you need miniature paint, brushes and water. If I could give you one piece of advice it would be use specialized miniature paints, thin them, and then make sure you don’t overload your brush.
  4. The clones being able to “pass” a standby token to other units in a chain is a broken mechanic, period. When you can take one standby token that can’t be knocked off and make your whole army unapproachable it completely destroys the game. Even if your not losing you can’t approach them and it’s just no fun.
  5. I love the Wookiee. I ran a two Wookiee list in a tournament a couple of weeks ago, and didn’t do all that well. They don’t fare well against clones because they don’t have much offense outside of standby range. So approaching a gun line or “clone/droid blob” is difficult. They also don’t have the power to stand toe to toe with any lightsaber hero so you have to be a bit protective of them that way. But they are lots of fun.
  6. Whoops. Yup, I’m thinking of Hunter.
  7. Tenacity wouldn’t trigger against stormtroopers though, because they never have a wound token. And the dewback does have a suppressive melee attack. So that seems worth something.
  8. I actually did this, but it popped off the hardened green stuff. So I just dropped a blob of superglue on it and sprayed it with an accelerator. It’s stuck in a blob but it’s firmly attached to the base. It may well not be worth it to build these for the game. But it’s not in my constitution to leave two models sitting unbuilt out of the package.
  9. I’ve been a bit AWOL from this site, but I have to say, your Dewbacks are incredible. I especially love the blue one. When you produce an alternate color you run the risk of having it both diverge from the Star Wars look and not come off as a well executed paint scheme, so it’s doubly risky. But this absolutely nails both. It’s fantastic.
  10. I love this attitude. I think people look at a unit and evaluate “can I stick this into my existing tournament list and replace something” instead of “could I build a competitive list that Incorporates this.” I’m not a competetive player, so I’m not really qualified to say what’s going to take too place in a tournament. But I’m certain if the “field” of participants was less eager to chase the meta list and instead try to come up with different strategies it would greatly impact the more competetive players’ list building because they would need to prepare at least a little for uncertainty. I’m curious about your thought process in tossing the ATST (a damage dealing powerhouse) in favor of Iden Versio. I’m also interested in your thoughts in the dewback. It’s clearly a less efficient unit that the tauntaun, but as it’s an absolute murder machine in melee it seems like a very reasonable counter to include in Imperial lists. But no one seems interested in it. Any thoughts on why that is?
  11. I believe it. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess this is a response to tauntauns? How did they do with the ATST?
  12. I’m not 100% sure on the emplacement trooper rules but I’m pretty sure you can’t have two Mark II troopers without two units of rebel veterans. You can swap one out for a naked rebel trooper unit but you need to find a point somewhere. HQ uplink is an expensive upgrade to run on so many units. You might consider a 5 pt com link instead for a few of them.
  13. It’s true that Jynn isn’t going to survive in melee against lightsaber wielding opponents. But she is versatile with decent ranged and melee attacks, high ranged defense and good command cards. I think she’s underrated overall as a rebel commander. Both lists look playable to me. I’m not sure what the competetive “meta” is for Skirmish but I have a feeling it will be prone to more bad matchups just because you can’t have the counter to everything in a 500 pt. list. But for what it’s worth, I would be happy to run either one of these lists.
  14. There’s a couple of things to consider. First, out of four factions, one is going to be the weakest (or perceived weakest) no matter what. So that’s unavoidable. But, assuming the Republic is the weakest faction (which is debatable) there are some things which mitigate this. First, although you are currently missing heavy support units, I was literally (no exaggeration) the only person at the last tournament I went to running a heavy support unit in my list. The X-34 is terrible, the airspeeder is hard to use, and while both Imperial heavies I think are playable, people don’t use them. So it’s not like clones and CIS are suffering there. CIS and GAR will both benefit substantially from the trooper upgrade kits coming out in the next wave. Those will plug some of the holes in the list options - including providing some variety to your forces. The Rebels and Imperials will like those too, but I don’t see the force structure changing greatly for them. Activations are great. But if you can get to 9, you are in the ballpark. Your opponent having an extra activation isn’t as big a deal as people make it out to be. I run 9 activation rebel forces with a mediocre operator (me) and I went 50/50 in the last tournament running the landspeeder. So there’s room for GAR even if they aren’t favored to win the whole tournament. Finally, the thing I hate most about tournaments is that they soak up all of a games energy like a black hole. Everyone is always min/maxing their tournament list. There’s HUGE amounts of unexplored or underexplored space in this game. Skirmish battles, operations, the terrain pack scenarios. All offer really fun ways to play and people largely ignore it because they are agonizing over whether to waste their last 45 points on stormtroopers with targeting scopes or naked snow troopers. Find a friend. Play some games. Try some different cards/forces/strategies/play scenarios. There’s a lot of fun to be had.
  15. I haven’t played Skirmish, so my ideas here are not worth much. I think Han and Chewie together is a lot of fun, but they are expensive to run together - more expensive than running Luke, even though he’s the costliest rebel commander. So if you are planning to run expensive rebel units I would take Luke (Rebel Veterans, Wookiee’s, Tauntauns), and cheaper units (Troopers) then I would go with Han and Chewie.
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